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Woman who regrets her sex-change surgery sues everyone involved in transing her

What animates people on the secular left? Why are they so weak in the face of evil that harms children? Part of the answer is that harming children is necessary for selfish adults to pursue their pleasure without boundaries. But part of it is that people on the secular left don’t want to be judged, and so they attack people who judge any kind of evil.

So what happens when the people who set moral boundaries and make moral judgements get silenced? Answer: the weak suffer.

Here is an article from  The Post Millennial, that I think really shows what is at stake when we who set moral boundaries and make moral judgements capitulate to those who don’t want to be judged, and who want to be “nice” and “tolerant”.

It says:

A detransitioned Ontario woman who was prescribed testosterone and underwent both a bilateral mastectomy and a hysterectomy during a mental health crisis in which she believed herself to be a man is suing the healthcare providers who allegedly facilitated her medical transition.

Michelle Zacchigna, 34, of Orillia has filed legal action against a total of eight doctors and mental health professionals who treated her during the years that she identified as transgender. Zacchigna alleges that each failed to address her complex mental health needs and instead allowed her to self-diagnose as transgender and undergo irreversible procedures that she now deeply regrets.

“I will live the rest of my life without breasts, with a deepened voice and male-pattern balding, and without the ability to get pregnant. Removing my completely healthy uterus is my greatest regret,” wrote Zacchigna.

The rest of the article names all the people involved in transing this kid, and what they specifically did. The general idea is that they did almost no investigation. They certainly made no moral judgements. They certainly didn’t consult the Bible. These are people who care about making money for themselves. They have no rational foundation for morality. They don’t believe that truth bounds reasoning. They don’t believe that moral boundaries are objective. They think the universe is an accident. They don’t believe in consciousness or free will. They don’t think they’re going to Hell when they die. They’re atheists, and they do what’s best for themselves, no matter what happens to anyone else.

This 11-minute video of Matt Walsh has been making the rounds. I think it’s worth watching. I definitely stand with Matt on not capitulating to people who want to harm children.

I was watching a video of a panel of men and women discussing dating on Wednesday night. The host asked the man if he would be willing to go to bed with a transgender woman (biological man). And the man explained that he was a Christian, and he would not do that. Then two of the women on the other side of the table – scantily dressed, and covered in tattoos – called him a bigot, and walked off the set. It’s getting to the point now where men of character have to choose between their principles, and having relationships with the compassion crowd. The don’t judge crowd.

I actually had to make that choice all through high school and college, when church girls complained about my belief in an inerrant Bible, and a literal Hell, and the wrongness of no-fault divorce, etc. I’ve been making that choice for character, and against “tolerance” and “compassion”, my entire life. It’s sad when you have to see your plans of marriage and children slip away, because so many young, unmarried women – even the ones raised in the church – have been brainwashed to value moral relativism above spiritual truths and moral truths.

When people are doing things that harm themselves and harm children, the right move is not to do what is nice to them so they will like you and then you can be popular. That’s emotional garbage. The right move is to stand up and disagree, with evidence. And if people don’t like your disagreement, then too bad. And if I had kids like Matt Walsh, I would never let those kids near the “compassionate” moral relativists who run the public schools.

6 thoughts on “Woman who regrets her sex-change surgery sues everyone involved in transing her”

  1. I consider the momentary hurt in the examples or women judging a man for being moral a blessing in the end.

    It exposes the women that a man should flee and never be involved with. Many men should have hard moral issues with their partner in agreement.

    I made sure my future wife agreed on issues like abortion, value in family, sacredness of a vow and how it does mean for life, etc.

    You can work on and discuss other issues over time. But basic family and life related ones you need to be close on.

    Treat anyone that is different in these issues as unbeliever as relationships go and don’t be yoked to them.

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  2. Need lots of law suits like this because we are dealing with moral monsters who only care about what is legal. As Dennis Prager says, “truth is not a leftist value.”
    Unfortunately, I think the suit is doomed to lose. The justice system only punishes conservatives now, with a painful and interminable process.. Yes, Oberlin happened, but that is an extreme outlier in today’s times.
    It’s about power now, the wicked have it, won’t give it up, and not enough of our side has come to that realization yet. I pray for the scales of my brethren to fall. We aren’t going to have a just justice system again without terrible sacrifice on our part. Yet, leaders at my church have Super Bowl parties and this weekend have a conference on the Solas.

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