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Whistleblower explains how children’s hospitals harm children

My friend McKenzie (who is expecting a new baby, please pray) sent me this interesting article below, published in The Free Press. The article is written by a whistleblower who sheds light on the people who funnel children into sex-change surgeries. The very striking thing is that this article isn’t written by a person on the right. The whistleblower is LGBT and self-describes as “left of Bernie Sanders”

Here’s a link to the article.


I am a 42-year-old St. Louis native, a queer woman, and politically to the left of Bernie Sanders. My worldview has deeply shaped my career. I have spent my professional life providing counseling to vulnerable populations: children in foster care, sexual minorities, the poor.

Here’s what she saw:

One of my jobs was to do intake for new patients and their families. When I started there were probably 10 such calls a month. When I left there were 50, and about 70 percent of the new patients were girls. Sometimes clusters of girls arrived from the same high school.

[…]Anyone who raised doubts ran the risk of being called a transphobe.

[…]The girls who came to us had many comorbidities: depression, anxiety, ADHD, eating disorders, obesity. Many were diagnosed with autism, or had autism-like symptoms. A report last year on a British pediatric transgender center found that about one-third of the patients referred there were on the autism spectrum.

Frequently, our patients declared they had disorders that no one believed they had. We had patients who said they had Tourette syndrome (but they didn’t); that they had tic disorders (but they didn’t); that they had multiple personalities (but they didn’t).

The doctors privately recognized these false self-diagnoses as a manifestation of social contagion. They even acknowledged that suicide has an element of social contagion. But when I said the clusters of girls streaming into our service looked as if their gender issues might be a manifestation of social contagion, the doctors said gender identity reflected something innate.

To begin transitioning, the girls needed a letter of support from a therapist—usually one we recommended—who they had to see only once or twice for the green light. To make it more efficient for the therapists, we offered them a template for how to write a letter in support of transition. The next stop was a single visit to the endocrinologist for a testosterone prescription.

That’s all it took.

When a female takes testosterone, the profound and permanent effects of the hormone can be seen in a matter of months. Voices drop, beards sprout, body fat is redistributed. Sexual interest explodes, aggression increases, and mood can be unpredictable. Our patients were told about some side effects, including sterility. But after working at the center, I came to believe that teenagers are simply not capable of fully grasping what it means to make the decision to become infertile while still a minor.

[…]Many encounters with patients emphasized to me how little these young people understood the profound impacts changing gender would have on their bodies and minds. But the center downplayed the negative consequences, and emphasized the need for transition.

This case was particularly horrifying to me:

How little patients understood what they were getting into was illustrated by a call we received at the center in 2020 from a 17-year-old biological female patient who was on testosterone. She said she was bleeding from the vagina. In less than an hour she had soaked through an extra heavy pad, her jeans, and a towel she had wrapped around her waist. The nurse at the center told her to go to the emergency room right away.

We found out later this girl had had intercourse, and because testosterone thins the vaginal tissues, her vaginal canal had ripped open. She had to be sedated and given surgery to repair the damage. She wasn’t the only vaginal laceration case we heard about.

And more:

Other girls were disturbed by the effects of testosterone on their clitoris, which enlarges and grows into what looks like a microphallus, or a tiny penis. I counseled one patient whose enlarged clitoris now extended below her vulva, and it chafed and rubbed painfully in her jeans.

My comment about this is how the secular left is trying to treat the disaster that they caused with their standard approach: compassion and don’t judge. That’s their religion. “I don’t want to be judged for being selfish, so I won’t judge you. And by not judging you, I hope that you will not judge me.” All of these problems with children are new. They were caused by the secular left’s Sexual Revolution.

The secular left likes to smash down the objective moral boundaries in the moment, but they never ask what the consequences will be when those boundaries are gone. They never do any studies, they just say “children are resilient”. We now know that no-fault divorce harmed children, but how many secular leftists want to repeal the law that they lobbied for? None.

They cause the fires and make them worse by pouring gasoline on them. We shouldn’t take them seriously when they claim to be moral — look at how much trouble they’ve caused with their enthusiastic destruction of traditional Judeo-Christian values. They wanted this, and we shouldn’t let them dance away from the consequences of their own actions.

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