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Biden administration retaliated against woman who accused Biden of sexual assault

Lately, we’ve been talking about how Twitter censored critics of the Biden administration, and how Twitter censored news stories that were critical of Hunter Biden, in order to influence the elections to help the Democrat party. Today, I’m blogging about the latest: how the Biden administration retaliated against a woman who accused Biden of sexual assault.

Here’s the story from Ashe Schow, writing for the Daily Wire:

Several months after former Senate staffer Tara Reade accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a subpoena to Twitter demanding personal information on her accounts, including credit card or bank account numbers.

The subpoena was only recently revealed by the Daily Caller, which obtained emails and documents relating to the incident showing the DOJ asked Twitter to testify in front of a grand jury on December 16, 2020, to provide “all subscriber information” for Reade’s accounts. The information was requested of two accounts belonging to Reade, including @ReadeAlexandra and @TaraMcCabe.

The DOJ requested the following information from the accounts, according to the Caller:

  1. Subscriber name;

  2. Address;

  3. Records of session times and durations, to include attempted/failed/unauthenticated logins;

  4. Length of service (including start date) and types of service utilized;

  5. Telephone or instrument number or other subscriber number or identity, including any temporarily assigned network address; and

  6. Means and source of payment for such service (including any credit card or bank account number)

You might remember how the corporate news media, which is allied with the Democrat party, handled the story at the time:

Democrats in the news media are covering up the Biden scandal
Democrats in the news media are covering up the Biden scandal

At the time, it was reported that the accuser had talked about the allegations to other people:

The far-left Business Insider reported:

In March, when a former aide to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden accused the candidate of sexually assaulting her in 1993, two people came forward to say that the woman, Tara Reade, had told them of the incident shortly after it allegedly occurred — her brother, Collin Moulton, and a friend who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution.

Now two more sources have come forward to corroborate certain details about Reade’s claims. One of them — a former neighbor of Reade’s — has told Insider for the first time, on the record, that Reade disclosed details about the alleged assault to her in the mid-1990s.

“This happened, and I know it did because I remember talking about it,” Lynda LaCasse, who lived next door to Reade in the mid-’90s, told Insider.

The other source, Lorraine Sanchez, who worked with Reade in the office of a California state senator in the mid-’90s, told Insider that she recalls Reade complaining at the time that her former boss in Washington, DC, had sexually harassed her, and that she had been fired after raising concerns.

Believe all women? Well, the corporate news media wasn’t interested in believing this woman.

Daily Wire explains:

Tara Reade, the woman accusing former Vice President Joe Biden of  sexual assault, told Fox News Sunday that she’s “disappointed” in the media — and especially CNN anchor Anderson Cooper — for avoiding asking Biden about her allegations in at least two interviews, calling anchors’ behavior “shocking” and partisan.

Reade made her claims more than a month ago, on a podcast with progressive political commentator Katie Halper. She says Biden sexually assaulted her back in the mid-1990s, when she worked as an aide in his Senate office, and alleges that she was fired when she considered going to authorities to report Biden’s behavior.

Since Reade first went public with her story, “Biden has done nearly a dozen TV interviews with news anchors including NBC News’ Chuck Todd, ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, and twice with Cooper,” Fox News reports, and all of them “failed to ask Biden about [Reade’s] public claim.”

Do Democrat feminists really care about rape and sexual assault? It’s complicated. Do Democrat feminists believe all women? It depends on the political party of the man she’s accusing. That’s how it works at election time.

One thought on “Biden administration retaliated against woman who accused Biden of sexual assault”

  1. Feminists are close to 100% in favor of the DNC, until someone brings up people like the Queen of Norway, who was raped by FDR, and on to all the many other women abused by powerful liberal men.


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