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Federal court strikes down Democrat plan to force Christian doctors to mutilate children

One of the concerns I had about having a Democrat take over the government was that Christian doctors and nurses would be forced to perform abortions against their will. You might remember that many Christians had previously voted for Obama, and he had pushed through Obamacare – legislation that forced Christian companies like Hobby Lobby to cover abortion-causing drugs.

Although Hobby Lobby was able to win at the Supreme Court, and escape the abortion drug mandate, there was more in Obamacare to fear.

Here’s the latest from The Federalist:

A federal court on Friday struck down Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services’ attempt to force doctors to perform mutilative transgender surgeries against their religious beliefs and conscience objections.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in the lawsuit Franciscan Alliance v. Becerra that “a Catholic healthcare network and a group of nearly 19,000 healthcare professionals cannot be required to carry out these procedures in violation of their deeply held beliefs and professional medical judgment,” according to the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a nonprofit law firm that seeks to protect religious freedom.

HHS originally mandated that physicians perform wrongly named “sex-reassignment” surgeries as part of Obamacare in May 2016. “The requirement would have forced doctors to perform these procedures on any patient, including on children, even if the procedures went against their conscience and professional medical judgment,” Becket said following Friday’s ruling.

The law was originally put in by Obama, but the Biden administration has picked up on defending it:

Since the 2016 Obamacare mandate and subsequent Supreme Court decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, President Joe Biden’s HHS has continued to shoehorn so-called “gender identity” into the definition of sex discrimination in health care. In March, HHS issued a notice saying that “[a]ttempts to restrict” transgender surgeries are “dangerous,” and earlier this month, the department filed a “Notice of Proposed Rulemaking,” which, if enacted, would require hospitals to perform both mutilative transgender surgeries and abortions.

So, I remember talking to black people in my office when Obama was up for election. Men and women. And I was explaining to them how Obama had voted against legislation that protected infants who were born alive during abortions. And what they said to me was “we’ve never had a black president. Besides, what do presidents have to do with abortion?” I guess they thought that having a president with the same skin color as theirs was more important than having a president who respected the conscience rights and religious liberty of Christians.

After the first two elections of Obama, we had a pretty good understanding of what Democrats believed about abortion, same-sex marriage, infanticide, etc. Nevertheless, many church attending Christians turned out to vote for Joe Biden. So now Christians have to have legal battles in order to get out of being forced to mutilate children. How could religious liberty be brought so low in America?

Christians really could do better at voting in elections.

One thought on “Federal court strikes down Democrat plan to force Christian doctors to mutilate children”

  1. Christians also need to remember evil and lying exists.

    Just because they personally may not lie all the time doesn’t mean activists and career politicians won’t lie, or sell people out to gain profit


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