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“Inclusive” Canadian bank terminates client’s account after he disagrees with LGBT activism

Canada always seems to be 10-20 years ahead of the US in terms of letting the Sexual Revolution trample basic human rights like freedom or speech and freedom of religion. All the things that you saw happening in SOGI states in the 2010s happened in Canada first in the mid-to-late 1990s. Now, the banks are just shutting down accounts of people who disagree with LGBT activism.

Story from Protestia:

The third largest bank in Canada, Scotiabank, has shut down a customers account and told him to take his business elsewhere after he inquired* how he could remove the company’s rainbow-themed banking app.

As reported by Rebel News, Gary Duke of Grand Prairie banked with Scotiabank for over a decade and was otherwise happy with the service, even having his mortgage at one point with the multinational company. When Scotiabank updated their app for PRIDE month to reflect their love of all things gay, Duke spoke to assistant Branch Manager Mitchell Tofte via email to complain and request information on how to uninstall the app.

The customer said “I just tried to get online with and do some banking online and there was a rainbow app. So I said ‘is there any way to get this rainbow app off my phone?'” and he got this e-mail back from the bank:

Scotiabank LGBT

News report from Rebel News:

And this happened in Alberta, which used to be the most conservative province. (I think Saskatchewan is the best province now). This is what “diversity” and “inclusion” means to Canadians. This is how Canadians tolerate differences of opinion. This is the rainbow of pluralism in Canada. The sad part is, these secular leftists can’t think rationally enough to understand how their actions falsify their own secular leftist ideology. They are fascists now.

I just think it’s interesting. Canada is obviously ahead of us on the road to secular leftist fascism. What would happen if this happened in the USA? If you lived in a blue state, then maybe you would get a judge who cared more about the feelings of LGBT people than about the Constitution or the law or basic human rights. Most secular leftists just do what they want based on feelings. Who cares about legal reasoning? The important thing is for the bigots to be punished.

In Canada, they even have special “hate crimes” police to investigate people who disagree with LGBT for “hate speech”. Just saying “I decline to participate in activities that are opposed to Jesus” will get your bank account terminated.

Canada LGBT Police Hate Crime Rainbow Fascism
Canada LGBT Police Hate Crime Rainbow Fascism

One of my friends in Canada has been with the same employer for two decades, and he recently wrote this to me when I asked how he was doing:

Other than that, being harassed by my company for standing up to their Diversity & Inclusion push.

I don’t have the full story on that yet, I gather he is pretty busy. But I don’t see where he would go for help in Canada. The lawyers are anti-Christian bigots. The judges are anti-Christian bigots. The Prime Minister is an anti-Christian bigot. The news papers take government subsidies and can’t report anything critical of the government.

The correct solution, it seems to me, is for Christians in Canada to get their degree(s) and get out of Canada. You can’t pay taxes to a secular left fascist regime that denies basic human rights. You can’t give money to people who hate your beliefs and your way of life. Canadian secular leftists are the most intolerant, exclusive, bigoted people on the face of the planet. It’s not a good place to live. This is not a good place for Americans to visit. It’s turned in1930s Germany, except now Christians are the hated minority.

3 thoughts on ““Inclusive” Canadian bank terminates client’s account after he disagrees with LGBT activism”

  1. Canadian banks are all a horrible. We pay high fees to cover for losses in other countries as they expand and they even target people for just being conservative.

    The owner of rebel news had the Royal Bank of Canada refuse a loan to the surprise of the manager because they have good credit and always pay.

    But there is an anti conservative list

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  2. Sadly as you know, our “friendly” Northern neighbors (or neighbours in their spelling) are not friendly when against The Agenda.

    You already covered Trinity Western University’s 2018 incident where two law societies (and the Supreme Court of Canada) refused to grant TWU law school accreditation and even refused to allow TWU grads to sit for the bar examination (“not fit for record”). All because TWU — a private Christian higher education school — had a covenant, a code of conduct, for students, upholding Christian values.

    Unfortunately the loudest people on social media (and in my social media, especially teachers and lawyers) very much applauded this decision. Any dissenters were shouted down / silenced — effectively it appeared as if there was nobody who disagreed with the decision.

    I consider myself a classical liberal — “open-minded to consider multiple points of view, including looking for truth, science / scientific bases, etc.” I really don’t mind it when people can cogently argue even controversial viewpoints or viewpoints different than mine (like “we should have zero government” or “we should have as minimal government as possible” or “we need to have more third-party organizations who will keep hospitals and HMOs honest”).

    However, the environment above is not about classical liberalism. It’s brainwashing. It’s The Agenda.

    As I have said before, I’m going to take my business elsewhere. It may even cost me a little more now but in the long run, it will be better for me / us Christians.

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