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Woman regrets transforming after only 2 hours of counseling

I really want conservative lawmakers to make a law to allow young people who regret transforming to sue all of the people (teachers, social workers, LGBT activists, ped0philes, gr00mers, Democrats, atheists, Big Tech, etc.) who pressured them to transform. I want the young people to take every penny that the gr00mers own, and then garnish their salaries by 90% for eternity.

Here is the latest case of transformer regret reported in the UK Daily Mail:

A woman who says she was allowed to transition to male after just two and a half hours of counselling is speaking out after she decided to ‘detransition’ to female.

Sam, 26, decided to pay for private therapy sessions when she began to question her gender identity when she was just 21, after she was told she would have to wait two and a half years for an NHS appointment.

She “self-diagnosed” herself after doing “research” online:

She was initially thrilled when she was given a private appointment, and after self-diagnosing herself as a trans man after doing research online, was given the go ahead to begin hormone therapy and undergo a double mastectomy after just two hour-long appointments with a doctor.

Just two years after she began the hormone treatment and after a double mastectomy, she began suffering health complications, and realised she did not want to go ahead with full gender reassignment surgery.

By the time her initial NHS appointment came through, she began to realise she had made a mistake – and told doctors she was now seeking help transitioning back to a woman.

It’s interesting to hear her explain what she found in her research:

‘I saw a community full of so many people who had transitioned and it had finally made them happy; and with hindsight, I looked at them and thought that would be what made me happy too.

[…]’The industry is under huge pressure from the trans community to move things along quickly because of statistics around suicide. This frightened me into feeling I had to do everything as quickly as possible to avoid feeling that way.’

[…]’Throughout my teenage years, I fluctuated around identities until I discovered videos online about people who were transitioning for the first time and discovering who they were,’ Sam explained.

‘I identified with it a lot as I struggled to pinpoint who I was. I wasn’t masculine and I wasn’t hugely feminine and I wanted to feel this happiness and freeness I was seeing in others.

She wasn’t informed about the side-effects:

But just two years after her surgery, by mid-2020, Sam began to suffer from vaginal atrophy – where the female sex organ tissue begins to die off because of the lack of female hormones to keep it functioning and healthy – which left Sam in crippling pain, as well as with an increased risk of developing cancer.

She was horrified when NHS doctors told her the only treatment available to her was to have a hysterectomy – an operation which she did not feel ready for and made her realised that she never wanted to have full gender reassignment surgery.

She explained: ‘I wasn’t prepared to have a hysterectomy at the age of 24.

‘I felt distressed as didn’t feel properly informed about the side effects that came with taking testosterone.

I thought that the part where the gr00mers were rushing her along to prevent her suicide was interesting. That’s how they break down resistance to paying the Big Pharma companies for drugs and Big Health Care for surgeries. They tell the people “if you don’t buy our drugs and surgeries, then you’ll commit suicide”. Something to think about when you’re deciding who will influence your children.

3 thoughts on “Woman regrets transforming after only 2 hours of counseling”

  1. This is a prime example of why women shouldn’t be in government of positions of power. I feel bad for this woman, but all it took was a group of people talking about how great they felt for her to get on board and make a massive change to her life and body with little to no consideration of the long term effects. I hope she is able to recover, and I hope others will hear her story and take it to heart, but we all know how that goes…


  2. I really think you should have a little more Christianity in your anti-gender self determination posts. Why not start them off with God didn’t screw up when He made us and concluding with surrendering our lives to not only Jesus but to how God created us, surrendering to our DNA? We know what you’re against, how about including something about what you’re for?


    1. It’s a fair point, but I am guessing that WK assumes that this is an in-house conversation and everyone here is Christian, or at least claims to be. (Where ARE those “Evangelicals” for Biden that we saw pre-election 2020??? Oh, I see one famous one died off a few days ago – thank God he got to see Roe overturned before heading to…! He had a month to repent anyway.)

      But, your point about how to counsel prospective trandsgenders is spot on. Jesus is Lord, and He made us XX or XY, all of the way down to every single chromosome in our cells. Nothing we can do can change that reality, and fighting against God’s design is a sure way to guarantee regret and probably suicide.

      BTW, I have had post-abortive women who have come up to me on the streets and tell me that my signs make people like them commit suicide. My reply: “The fact that you murdered your child makes you want to commit suicde. Only Jesus can set you free from that guilt.” The same concept is true for transgenders I suppose. In a sense, they “murdered” their body, or at least mutilated it beyong recognition.

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