Knight and Rose Show – Episode 16: A Case for Life

Welcome to episode 16 of the Knight and Rose podcast! In this episode, Wintery Knight and Desert Rose discuss abortion rights. If you like this episode, please subscribe to the podcast, and subscribe to our Youtube channel. We would appreciate it if you left us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Podcast description:

Christian apologists Wintery Knight and Desert Rose discuss apologetics, policy, culture, relationships, and more. Each episode equips you with evidence you can use to boldly engage anyone, anywhere. We train our listeners to become Christian secret agents. Action and adventure guaranteed. 30-45 minutes per episode. New episode every week.

Episode 16:

Episode  Summary:

Wintery Knight and Desert Rose describe a logical argument for making abortion illegal. We talk about the scientific evidence for the humanity of the unborn. We describe and answer a dozen arguments for abortion rights. We talk about whether unborn children should have human rights from birth or only after they achieve “personhood”. We recommend pro-life resources. We talk about WK’s heroic friend Kevin.

Speaker biographies

Wintery Knight is a black legal immigrant. He is a senior software engineer by day, and an amateur Christian apologist by night. He has been blogging at since January of 2009, covering news, policy and Christian worldview issues.

Desert Rose did her undergraduate degree in public policy, and then worked for a conservative Washington lobbyist organization. She also has a graduate degree from a prestigious evangelical seminary. She is active in Christian apologetics as a speaker, author, and teacher.


Trump names pro-life scientist to National Science Board by Wintery Knight

Embryology textbooks

“Human development begins at fertilization, when a sperm fuses with an oocyte to form a single cell, the zygote. This highly specialized, totipotent cell (capable of giving rise to any cell type) marks the beginning of each of us as a unique individual.”
– “The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology”, 10th edition.

Peter Singer, who supports elective abortion (and the killing of newborns) writes “Whether a being is a member of a given species is something that can be determined scientifically, by an examination of the nature of the chromosomes in the cells of living organisms. In this sense, there is no doubt that from the first moments of its existence an embryo conceived from human sperm and egg is a human being.” (Practical Ethics, 2nd ed., p. 85-86).

Wayne Sumner, who also supports elective abortion, writes, “A human fetus is not a non-human animal; it is a stage of human being.” (Sumner, Abortion and Moral Theory, p. 10.)

If unborn babies don’t have consciousness or don’t feel pain, may we kill them? by Wintery Knight

New study: unborn babies are viable at 22 weeks by Wintery Knight

Can unborn babies feel pain at 20 weeks? by Wintery Knight

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