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Judge strips progressive single mother of custody of her transgender child

On this blog, I try to give Christians and conservatives advance warning about what the secular left is doing to parents in other countries. The goal is to look at more progressive countries to find out what progressives would do in our country, if they took power. Unfortunately, the secular left does have power here in certain states, and they are doing exactly what we expected.

I had blogged about a case in far-left Canada, where a female judge stripped a father of custody of his child.

I blogged a case from far-left California, where a female judge stripped a father of custody of his child.

I blogged about another case from far-left California where a mother lost her child, due to progressive schools and Child Protective Services.

There was a recent case from a purple state (Ohio) where a female judge stripped Christian parents of custody of their child.


In a blow to advocates of parental authority, last week a visiting judge in a juvenile court in Hamilton County, Ohio stripped parents of custody of their teenage girl, who wants to identify as male, because they would not allow the 17-year-old to begin hormone replacement therapy.

The judge awarded custody to the teen’s grandparents who were, in the court’s eyes, more accepting of the teen’s wishes and who will now be allowed to make medical decisions for the teen.

[…]Based on their unwillingness to allow their child to go through with the treatments, which was based at least in part on their Christian beliefs, Judge Sylvia Hendon ruled to give the teen’s grandparents full custody, including the ability to make medical decisions and provide insurance (they’re accepting of her desire to identify as a male).

And now in that same purple state (Ohio) we have this story from Independent Women’s Forum:

Jeannette Cooper never imagined she’d lose custody of her child. The 44-year-old lifelong educator always considered herself a loving and responsible mother to her daughter Sophia. But when, at age 12, Sophia suddenly claimed to be transgender, Jeannette was skeptical. Sophia had never exhibited signs of gender dysphoria. In fact, Sophia exhibited many more traditionally feminine behaviors and preferences than Jeannette ever had. To Jeannette, it didn’t make sense.

But Sophia insisted, not only that she was trans, but that she was ‘unsafe’ around Jeannette. What followed was an almost Kafkaesque series of court proceedings and therapy sessions in which Jeannette’s ex-husband, lawyers, therapists and other individuals and institutions supposedly concerned with Sophia’s best interests worked to erode Jeannette’s most basic parenting rights. Nearly three years later, Jeannette can’t even visit with the daughter she loves. She lives less than ten minutes away, but can only communicate with Sophia by U.S. Mail. All because she insists that Sophia is a girl.

And there is a short video to go with the story:

Why is this happening? It’s happening because feelings-oriented people are flocking to taxpayer-funded jobs like teacher, counselor, principal, school board, social worker, judge, etc. In these jobs, the feelings-oriented people can set aside objective morality, and prove to everyone once and for all how compassionate they are, by siding with children against their “oppressive” parents. For a time, we trusted the “don’t judge” crowd with our children. That time should end now. Homeschool your kids.

2 thoughts on “Judge strips progressive single mother of custody of her transgender child”

  1. It is astounding to me that any child can turn on their parent like this. I wonder if any of them ever get some clarity later in life and have regrets about having put their parent(s) through emotional and bureaucratic hell.

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  2. When they are adults, I wonder if these stolen children can sue the State for compensation? Maybe a gigantic class action which includes the wronged parent(s) as well??

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