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How global warming socialism threatens your food supply

By now, I expect that everyone will have heard about how climate change policies in Sri Lanka resulted in the food supply being disrupted. But the climate change alarmists haven’t learned a thing from that, and they doubled down in the Netherlands. You might think that America will avoid global warming famines, but now even Canada is making the same mistake.

Townhall reported on what happened in Sri Lanka:

Last weekend, the Sri Lanka president and prime minister resigned in wake of protesters storming their residences, and the president has since fled the country. It was an instance of so-called “green” policies gone terribly wrong, as Bob Barr laid out in a column for Townhall, which involved a catastrophic fertilizer ban.

Sri Lanka banned the importing and usage of chemical fertilizers as part of a green policy initiative. This initiative caused their economy to fail so badly that their President had to resign. They are experiencing energy shortages, shortages of basic consumer goods, and extremely high prices.


With such an embarrassing failure that Sri Lanka turned out to be, it looks like the World Economic Forum (WEF) is trying to cover its tracks. Tucker Carlson, who discussed the turmoil on his Monday night episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” shared that the WEF appears to have deleted an article dated August 29, 2018 from Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, “This is how I will make my country rich by 2025.”

As of Wednesday morning, the link is still broken, but archives show the link was working as recently as Monday morning.

Netherlands is experiencing similar problems because of their green policies.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Thousands of farmers in the Netherlands protesting proposed emissions reduction rules targeting their fertilizer and livestock were joined this weekend by groups in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Poland amid fears that the so-called “anti-farming” policies could soon spread to their countries as well.

Similar rules have caused unrest in other countries, notably Sri Lanka, which was forced to repeal its ban on all chemical fertilizers after less than a year and now faces massive political upheaval.

[…]The wave of Dutch demonstrations is a response to proposed climate change policies introduced last month by the Dutch parliament, which seek to curb farmers’ use of fertilizer and reduce the amount of livestock they can own in an effort to reduce their emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia dramatically by the year 2030.

Since those emissions are produced by livestock, the Dutch plans call for a 30% reduction in livestock, an amount lawmakers say is necessary to meet the country’s climate goals.

[…]But in some areas, the government’s cuts could reach as high as 70% — which Dutch farmers argue would force many to either scale back production massively or shut down their operations completely.

Gee, I wonder how people will survive if the Dutch farmers shut down their operations completely? Good thing Canada and America aren’t doing anything to hurt their farming operations, right?

Wrong. The Federalist explains:

In his latest bid to amass greater control of Canadian society, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to move forward with his government’s plan to reduce nitrogen emissions by limiting fertilizer use among Canadian farmers.

The revelation came following a Friday meeting between Trudeau and Canadian provincial ministers, where the prime minister unexpectedly announced his decision to cap fertilizer emissions by unilaterally targeting the country’s agricultural sector.

[…]As referenced in the press release, the targets set by the federal government include a bid “to reduce absolute levels of [greenhouse gas] emissions arising from fertilizer application by 30% below 2020 levels by 2030,”…

Will this shut down farming operations?

According to a 2021 analysis by Fertilizer Canada, Trudeau’s “short-sighted approach to reducing emissions will result in the need to reduce nitrogen fertilizer use and will have considerable impact on Canadian farmers’ incomes” and livelihoods.

We have elections in 2022. Make sure that the food supply is one of your issues, and vote the global warming socialists out office.

6 thoughts on “How global warming socialism threatens your food supply”

  1. The administration at the moment are not that stupid, recently stated they didn’t ban the use of Russian fertilizer, we are getting an big cargo of liquid fertilizer from Russia. Many people underestimate Democrats and Liberals ability to be clever. They know what their doing and constantly making adjustments to meet their goals.

    In my opinion America will be better off at the end of the recent conflicts compared to majority of European countries and Canada since America has half the country fighting against these policies while Europe and Canada went full liberal.


  2. I don’t think any of this is a “mistake”—on the contrary, it’s all about as intentional as anything can be.


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