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Democrats schedule Senate vote to abolish all state-level restrictions on abortion

Back in 2020, there were two kinds of Christians talking about policy. On the one hand, we had people like David French, Tim Keller, Russell Moore, John Piper, Beth Moore, etc. They were focused on Trump’s mean tweets. On the other hand, there were policy-oriented conservatives, who were looking at legislation that the Biden administration was likely to pass.

I was one of the latter. I talked about the Equality Act, which makes it illegal for Christians to state and defend traditional Christian moral teachings about sex and sexuality. And I talked about the Women’s Health Protection Act, which rolls back every single restriction on abortion from conception to birth, in all 50 states. Legislation should have been the priority for the “Evangelicals for Biden”. But it wasn’t. Because they thought that the election was an opportunity for them to virtue signal to their liberal friends. Who card about laws and policies?

The Wall Street Journal reports: (archive)

Protesters marched on the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices over the weekend, an ugly attempt to scare them into saving Roe v. Wade. This week the drama moves to the Senate, where Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer plans a vote on a sweeping bill to override state laws and set a national abortion policy.

[…]The WHPA would guarantee abortion access “at any point or points in time prior to fetal viability,” about 23 weeks. Women seeking such services could not be asked to “disclose the patient’s reason.” Some states have tried to prohibit sex-selective abortion, the practice usually of terminating a girl merely because a boy is desired. The WHPA appears to protect that choice.

After fetal viability, the WHPA would assure a right to an abortion whenever the physician’s “good-faith medical judgment” is that “the pregnancy would pose a risk to the pregnant patient’s life or health.” What counts as “health”? This is sometimes defined to include mental, emotional or familial factors, a loophole that permits elective abortions, more or less, through all nine months of pregnancy.

As long as a single health care provider agrees that the pregnancy is a risk to the mother’s health or life, then the abortion is legal, in any state, through all 9 months of pregnancy.

Conscience protections would be gone:

The legislation also exempts itself from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which is why Ms. Collins says it would undercut “basic conscience protections” for religious healthcare providers. In its findings, the bill says abortion access “has been obstructed” by state “parental involvement laws (notification and consent).”

Can you imagine being a doctor or a nurse and being forced to perform an abortion, or lose your job? Would you like to live in a world where the only people who can provide health care are people who think that it’s OK to kill a 9-month-old baby a few minutes before the baby is born? That’s what the Democrat party wants. And Evangelicals for Biden agrees with them on abortion. This is my worst nightmare. Imagine choosing between feeding your family or performing abortions!

I can just imagine that it will become illegal to speak out against abortion overnight. The Democrats would love that. Look how they are using threats and violence already against crisis pregnancy centers and churches.

The bill has already passed in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. Biden will sign the bill, if it passed the Senate. Please pray about this, because this vote is happening this week.

7 thoughts on “Democrats schedule Senate vote to abolish all state-level restrictions on abortion”

  1. This bill will also let the GOP off of the hook on having to enforce the abortion bans in their red states. Then they can point to a “law” as an excuse for not enforcing anti-abortion laws, when they no longer have Roe v Wade as an excuse for not enforcing their state laws “protecting” the unborn.

    Then they can continue to use abortion as a wedge issue for votes and donations like they have for the past 49 years, while tossing crumbs to the unborn. Rescinding Roe would presumably make this federal law obsolete, but it would have to go before SCOTUS, I imagine, allowing the GOP to get past the mid-terms. I’d be surprised if McConnell wasn’t pushing for this law to be voted on too. (I hope that I am wrong about all of this.)

    How many sermons did you hear last Sunday on behalf of the unborn?

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    1. “How many sermons did you hear last Sunday on behalf of the unborn?” Didn’t hear one at my church- the pastor spoke about Jesus’s mother, and mentioned fundraising for Ukraine.

      Also, WGC, how do I connect with you outside of this blog? I’ve heard bits of your testimony but would like to talk to you more.


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