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Democrat bill to eliminate all state and federal restrictions on abortion blocked by Senate

Previously, I blogged about a piece of legislation called the Women’s Health Protection Act, which passed in the House of Representatives shortly after Joe Biden took office. We’ll see what’s in the bill in a minute. The bill is in the news again because it failed to pass the Senate.

Life News reports:

Senate Republicans, with the help of Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, voted to defeat a Democrat bill that would overturn every pro-life law in America and legalize abortions up to birth.

Lawmakers voted 48-46 against cloture — against ending debate and allowing a vote on the the misnamed Women’s Health Protection Act. As a result the filibuster against the radical pro-abortion legislation was sustained and the bill is defeated, as 60 votes were necessary to move ahead to a vote on the bill.

All Republicans voted pro-life against cloture on the radical pro-abortion bill and all Democrats voted pro-abortion for cloture, except for Manchin.

[…]The bill would:

  • Eliminate all state and federal parental consent laws in relation to abortion
  • Eliminate all state informed consent laws, including those that allow women to view an ultrasound prior to abortion
  • Prevent states from passing laws to protect babies at 20 weeks, thereby joining countries like North Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, and the Netherlands in not protecting unborn children later in development
  • Force doctors and nurses opposed to abortion to lose their jobs, and Catholic hospitals could lose public funds unless they perform abortions
  • Eliminate decades-long limitations on direct taxpayer funding of abortion – including the popular Hyde Amendment, which has saved more than 2 million lives since enacted

In short, the legislation would overturn all federal and state pro-life laws and make it illegal for elected officials to even introduce pro-life legislation.

The bill passed the House in September 2021, by a vote of 218-11. Not one single Republican voted in favor of the bill. Not one. Because this bill is abortion extremism. This bill forces healthcare workers to participate in the killing of unborn babies. And taxpayers would have to pay for the abortions.

Although you might think that most Christian leaders like Beth Moore, Russell Moore, David French, Tim Keller, etc. would oppose an extremist bill like this, I think they wouldn’t. Judging from their support for Joe Biden during the election, who promised to sign the bill if it made it to his desk, I think that their goal would be to make this bill become law.

Even though Evangelicals for Biden failed to get the abortion law they wanted, they’ve still gotten a lot of wins under Joe Biden.

Life News is pretty upset about Biden’s policies so far.

They write:

Joe Biden is rapidly becoming the most pro-abortion president in U.S. history as he takes multiple actions to expand abortions and force taxpayers to subsidize them.

On Wednesday, the Biden administration released a rule that will force taxpayers to fund the abortion industry through the Title X family planning program.

The rule, issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, will end a pro-life regulation that President Donald Trump put in place to ensure Title X grants are not used to subsidize the killing of unborn babies in abortions.

Pro-life groups like Susan B. Anthony List and National Right to Life considered Trump to be the most pro-life president ever. I even wrote about all the specific actions, policies and nominations he did to help the pro-life cause. That’s the kind of article that our pious pastors and conservative leaders should have written, if they were serious about getting results instead of virtue-signaling. When it comes to politics, you have to look at the actions taken by the candidates – what did they achieve? – not their words.

5 thoughts on “Democrat bill to eliminate all state and federal restrictions on abortion blocked by Senate”

  1. It’s obvious from reading the Bible that God abolishes and criminalizes abortion for all who willingly participate in it.

    So while the Left is pure unmitigated evil, the Right is not following God’s Law when it comes to abortion or sodomy for that matter. Consequently, babies are continuing to be shredded in red states, and the souls of murderous “mothers” are raining into Hell as we speak.

    Voting against abortion up to birth is a VERY low bar for the GOP and Manchin. Just like overturning Roe v Wade is a ridiculously low bar for SCOTUS. We’ll soon see if they even have the guts to do that.

    If we can’t even run our own red states in a godly fashion, how can we be expected to do so for the nation? The only solution to this dilemma is for the churches and GOP to repent of their apathy and cowardice and to make Christ first. That means red states shutting down their murder mills by force and putting abortionists and abortion committing women into prison. Until then, and the same treatment of sodomites, America is clearly headed for destruction, per the Bible.


  2. I think you might be reading the article wrong. This is not the type of bill that can avoid the 60-vote filibuster. Usually you need to go through the budget reconciliation process and they can only do so 1 time per year (depending on how you count it, it’s a little complicated). Those bills need to relate to the budget and pretty much only the budget. They are usually tax changes and spending bills. In the quote you inserted, it says they voted 48-46 against cloture. That means they would have needed 12 more votes in the Senate to end the filibuster and pass it.

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  3. Talking to a Christian if they want to argue abortion I just use my biblical view and point out that it is merely a disguised child sacrifice act.

    So if they want to be on the side of sacrificing children to other gods they can argue that point before God on the day of judgement.

    If people want to claim to be Christian and hold views like this I tend to be well you stand alone before God in the day of judgment so you can make your moral case then.

    No christian should back the extremist law as it isn’t a case of the mother dying or not in childbirth. Something that I place in a category of if someone is going to kill many people but if they are removed you save many lives and in those cases many agree it is a necessary evil.

    But they aren’t even debating the rare cases it is about using it as a form of birth control


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