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Global warming activists attacked fracking and nuclear energy, funding Putin’s invasion of Ukraine

I’m seeing a lot of people on the secular left posting Ukraine flags on social media and “feeling sad” about getting the exact result that they voted for. How does Putin have the money for this invasion? He’s been selling oil and gas to Canada, the United States, and especially to Europe. Those countries curtailed their own energy production in response to global warming activists.

This Twitter thread featuring nuclear-advocate Michael Schellenberger explains:

After Russia invaded, a few people demanded that Europe stop buying its natural gas, but European utilities snatched up long-term Russian contracts, and the White House said, “Our sanctions are not designed to cause any disruption to the flow of energy from Russia to the world.”

People who believe that nothing could have been done to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine thus imply that Russia’s chokehold over European energy supplies was inevitable, but it wasn’t. Europe could have easily increased, rather than closed, nuclear plants and natural gas.

Britain, too:

Britain could have increased fracking for natural gas but didn’t. Why? Because Russia pumped $95M into anti-fracking advocacy. Noted the head of NATO, Russia “engaged actively with environmental organizations… to maintain Europe’s dependence on Russian gas”.

Russia was paying global warming alarmists to attack natural gas (fracking) and nuclear power? Yes! That’s how he was able to get the money for his invasion of Ukraine. Western democracies paid him to do it, rather than develop our own energy sources. That’s what the global warming alarmists insisted on.

Do you remember how our mainstream news media made such a big deal out of this no-credential angry child “Greta Thunberg”? Well, she had a huge impact helping Russia to get its army funded:

Europe could have kept operating and expanded its nuclear power plants but instead, under pressure from climate activists, including Greta Thunberg, shut them down.

Climate activists even forced nuclear-heavy France to throttle its nuclear plants so order to use more industrial wind energy. The result was significant outages over the last few weeks at a time when French nuclear plants were needed most.

The big banks joined up with global warming activists and left-wing politicians:

Efforts to make Europe less energy independent, and thus more dependent on Russian gas imports, were led by powerful banking interests in coordination with climate activists and center-Left parties around the world.

So we are now seeing increased prices at the pump because oil and gas are scarce. Who will pay for this? You will. You will pay at the pump, and you will pay through your utility bill:

Biden and Democrats would like to see the whole of the US follow the California model

California saw electricity prices rise 7x more than the rest of the US over the last decade, is experiencing blackouts, and intends to shut down its last nuclear plant.

And the Biden administration hasn’t learned a thing. They are doubling down on shutting down pipelines and denying drilling permits. MSN reported this last week:

The Biden administration has once again put a pause on new leases and permits for federal oil and gas drilling after a judge blocked the administration from using a metric that estimates the societal cost of carbon emissions.

Earlier this month, US District Judge James Cain of the Western District of Louisiana issued an injunction preventing the Biden administration from using what’s known as the “social cost of carbon” in decisions around oil and gas drilling on public land, or in rules governing fossil fuel emissions. The ruling has consequences for a range of Biden administration actions on climate change, but especially on the Interior Department’s federal oil and gas leasing program.

Democrat voters are fine with this – they voted for it, even after Trump lowered gas prices and made us energy independent. We’ll see if they’ve learned anything in the November 2022 mid-terms.

I just want everyone to understand what is really going on when you see all these left-wing global warming alarmists suddenly concerned and sad about Ukraine. You can’t have it both ways. If you vote to restrict natural gas (fracking) and nuclear power at home, then you are necessarily voting for more money for Russia – and Russia’s powerful armed forces. Canada wants to fund Russia. The European Union wants to fund Russia. And America wants to fund Russia. These weak Western countries don’t want to develop their own energy at home. They want to pay Russia to develop their energy. And now we know the price of their naivete.

5 thoughts on “Global warming activists attacked fracking and nuclear energy, funding Putin’s invasion of Ukraine”

  1. Yes! Thank you for connecting the dots!

    And don’t forget: by voting “woke,” Leftists encouraged the invasion of Ukraine and soon Taiwan. Both Putin and Xi smell blood in the water, an incredibly incompetent and unliked American pResident, and a military more concerned with pronouns than warfare.

    Every Ukrainian blood spilled is on the hands of Leftists and “Evangelicals” for Biden.

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  2. “And the Biden administration hasn’t learned a thing. ”

    It’s not they have not learned a thing, it’s more on the lines of self-sabotage.

    And the Democrat supporters mostly ignorant about Biden and his fellow members being terrible and ignorant about the possible damage Biden can do if elected.

    But do to progressive movements, emotions over reality ideology and bias news media outlets constantly saying Orange Man bad.

    The average Democrat voter simply believed in half truth and utter lies. And sadly many now see the problems but don’t care because Orange Man is bad.

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    1. Its so hilarious to see the secular leftists on social media fussing about Ukraine when they caused it. One woke Christian guy in my office who voted for Biden told me he felt “sad”. I guess that’s what matters to them virtue signaling about voting for Biden then virtue signaling about feeling sad for Afghanistan and Ukraine. Idiots.


  3. Energy independence was one of Trump’s greatest achievements, and throwing it away was one of the Left’s biggest failures. It is so crucial to a country’s sovereignty. In the event of war, do Leftists think Russia would still sell us oil?

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