Evangelicals for Biden

Why did evangelicals for Biden oppose pro-Christian policies and Christian moral values?

During the 2020 election, conservatives said that Democrat legislation like the Equality Act and the Women’s Health Protection Act would hurt Christians in areas like religious liberty and right to life. But many people felt that Democrats would not hurt Christian values and liberties. Well, it turns out that the facts people were right, and the feelings people were wrong.

Now we get this story, from Daily Caller:

Medical professionals are suing President Joe Biden’s administration over a mandate requiring doctors to perform transgender surgeries in violation of their religious beliefs or medical judgement.

Represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom, the American College of Pediatricians, the Catholic Medical Association and an OB-GYN doctor specializing in adolescent care filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee at Chattanooga Thursday against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

[…]The two medical associations represent 3,000 doctors and health care professionals, ADF said in a press release.

I’m just imagining myself being in a position where the secular left government forced me to violate my conscience. It makes me sick.

So, why were so many Christians tricked by the Democrats? Well, it turns out that a large number of people who identify as Christian actually just apply the label Christian to a set of values and a worldview that is defined entirely by their feelings. They believe that what is “moral” is what makes them feel good. In this culture, people have decided that it is better to be “compassionate”, “tolerant” and “non-judgmental”. What that means is that the strong adults do what they want to do, and the weak, e.g. children, suffer.

Take the Women’s Health Protection Act. It’s a bill that’s been already passed in the House by Democrats that eliminates ALL restrictions on abortion at the state level. This bill would make it easier for women to kill their unwanted unborn children. No Christian should support it. But evangelicals for Biden do.

Suppose you approached an evangelical for Biden with an argument like this:

  • P1. If the unborn are humans, then it’s wrong to kill the unborn.
  • P2. The unborn are humans, as per the science of embryology.
  • C. Therefore, it’s morally wrong to kill the unborn.

Now, you would think that an argument like this would work on evangelicals for Biden. But it doesn’t. They deny premise 2, because they have a feeling that it’s false, and that feeling cannot be overturned by the science found in embryology textbooks.

Evangelicals for Biden don’t think logically, and they don’t care about scientific evidence. Their views (including their self-serving caricature of “Christianity”) are formed by their emotions and peers. And they don’t read any non-fiction or watch any debates that might change their minds. They surround themselves with people who agree with them. Anyone who tries to reason with them, or use evidence, is ejected from their lives.

This kind of failure to choose policy using reason and evidence applies to dozens of issues that are of interest to Christians. Not just abortion and higher gas prices, but also foreign policy disasters we are seeing in Afghanistan now, and in places like Vietnam before. They never learn. They never learn, because for them, a worldview is not about having true beliefs that achieve good results. For them, it’s about feeling good, looking good, and surrounding themselves with people who agree with them.

Just this past week, I was reading comments from one of these “Christian” Democrats who had hooked up with a hot bad boy in her youth, then had an abortion. She became “Christian” later in life, to escape the feelings of shame from her past. When Trump came along, she only had one thing on her mind, and it wasn’t policy or the Supreme Court. She identified Trump with the bad boy (who she freely chose) who got her pregnant, and she hated him for it. She did not want anyone voting for this man, because he made her feel bad. To correct herself, she would have had to have buckled down, and done some research. But since learning is hard work, and hard work makes her feel bad, she never learned a thing.

Evangelicals for Biden were never interested in Trump’s pro-life record, or the unemployment rate, or the elimination of ISIS in Iraq. They didn’t care about his record of achievements. They cared about themselves. They wanted to avoid being shamed for their selfishness past, present and future.  They didn’t care who would be hurt by a Biden presidency.

Well, I was a Never Trump conservative in 2016. but after 4 years of pro-life wins, a booming stock market, record low unemployment, no new wars, and tough sanctions for our enemies, I changed to be a Trump supporter. That doesn’t mean that I look to Trump for moral or spiritual leadership. I just wanted the policies and the judges. The 2020 Never Trump people wanted BIDEN policies and BIDEN judges.

And now when you are looking at all of these horrors in the news, including the violation of the consciences of Christian pediatricians, maybe everyone will understand that “Christians” who form their view by feelings (compassion, tolerance, non-judgement), experiences and peer approval are not Christians at all. Next time, don’t be tricked by virtue-signalers. Real Christians want to know how the world works. We would rather GET GOOD RESULTS than FEEL GOOD.

2 thoughts on “Why did evangelicals for Biden oppose pro-Christian policies and Christian moral values?”

  1. “Evangelicals for Biden” is about as logical as “Jews for Hitler.”

    They knew exactly what they were doing, WK, and they also know that abortion is murder. Everyone does. But pro-aborts suppress the truth in their unrighteousness.

    Until they get to Hell and reap for Eternity what they sowed in this lifetime.


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