Racist Joe Biden filibustered black female court of appeals nominee Janice Rogers Brown

Democrat Joe Biden likes to talk a lot about how tolerant he is, but according to his actions, he is a racist, white supremacist. I remember when he tried to block a well-qualified black nominee to the 2nd District Court of Appeals. Janice Rogers Brown had an amazing story of achieving the American dream through hard work. She loves the Constitution. But Joe Biden hated her.

Here’s the story from far-left Newsweek:

President Joe Biden on Thursday reiterated his campaign promise of nominating a Black woman to the Supreme Court, leading some conservative pundits to bring up his past opposition to Janice Rogers Brown.

[…]Senator Biden opposed and then filibustered the nomination of Brown to the federal bench in 2003 and 2005.

Then-President George W. Bush had nominated Brown both times for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, but many Democrats tried to block her from the position for her perceived libertarian views.

Brown was born to Alabama sharecroppers and grew up in the segregated South. During her college years, Brown was a single mother with views so left-wing that she later said they were almost Maoist.

Her views grew decidedly more conservative over the years, and she has defended using electric stun guns on criminals who act inappropriately in courtrooms. Brown also wrote opinions that opposed affirmative action and supported a state law that required girls younger than 18 to notify their parents before getting an abortion.

I believe that Biden blocked Janice Rogers Brown because he is a racist and a sexist. He wanted to keep black women down. It’s only now that he is tanking in the polls that he has to use a SCOTUS pick to try to save his poll numbers. In his heart, he’s racist.


In 2005, The Washington Post reported that Brown was considered as a possible nominee to replace the retiring Sandra Day O’Connor on the United States Supreme Court. However, Bush chose Samuel Alito.

My choices for the Supreme Court at that time were my beloved Edith Hollan Jones and also Janice Rogers Brown. Either of these fine women would have been perfect nominees for those of us who love the Constitution and prefer judicial restraint. I didn’t like any of the male candidates, they were not conservative enough for me.

But that’s not the only time that racist Democrat Joe Biden went after a qualified judicial nominee for the crime of being black.

The Daily Caller explains:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas criticizes former Vice President Joe Biden’s stewardship of his 1991 confirmation hearings in a forthcoming documentary from Manifold Productions called “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words.”

At one juncture of the film, Thomas was asked about a colloquy with Biden over natural law philosophy and the Constitution. Though he did not cite Biden by name, Thomas lamented that lawmakers do not seem to have full command of the subject matter during judicial confirmation hearings.

[…]“I felt as though in my life I had been looking at the wrong people as the people who would be problematic toward me,” Thomas said of such statements. “We were told that ‘Oh it’s going to be the bigot in the pickup truck. It’s going be the Klansman. It’s going to be the rural sheriff.’”

“The biggest impediment was the modern day liberal,” he added.

I think we should learn about Democrats from their actions, not their words. They only like to care about race for minorities who agree with them. Conservative minirities get treated very badly.

5 thoughts on “Racist Joe Biden filibustered black female court of appeals nominee Janice Rogers Brown”

  1. If the Washington “Football Team” had to change their name because of a reference to skin color, what should we think about a President that has promised to nominate a Supreme Court Justice on the basis of not only skin color but sex? If it walks like racism and sexism and talks like racism and sexism, it’s probably from a quack.

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    1. Growing up in a family that didn’t follow football other than the local high school team (which was socially necessary), I always thought it was a bit strange to name a football team for apples (but with the information being all verbal, believable). Then it was strange that people were getting bent out of shape about it (which say something about my opinions about the people who are all bent out of shape about everything… because it is completely believable that they were bent out of shape about a football team named for apples).

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  2. WK…just wondering (because of a discussion elsewhere), what did you think of Trump’s three SCOTUS nominees at the time and what do you think of them now? With the longest serving of the three (Gorsuch) having not served a full five years, I think it’s too early to truly judge them, though I have some concerns of their small sample size track record. Your post suggests you give more time than I have to vetting these nominees. (How does one come to regard a judge as “beloved”?)


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