Feminism and the Playboy Sexual Revolution

Playboy bunnies shocked that their own free decisions did not make them happy

I’m seeing a lot of stories in the news lately about how women are unhappy after being given exactly what they asked for. Feminists who wanted to abolish sex differences are mad that biological men are in their spaces. Feminists who demanded preferential treatment in colleges and workplaces are mad that men don’t earn more than they do. And now… the Playboy bunnies are mad.

Story from the New York Post:

“He was a predator,” Hefner’s ex-girlfriend Sondra Theodore, 65, told The Post. “I watched him, I watched his game. And I watched a lot of girls go through [the Playboy Mansion] gates looking farm-fresh, and leaving looking tired and haggard.”

The former Sunday school teacher-turned-1977 Playboy magazine centerfold model began dating Hefner after meeting him at one of his many lascivious mansion parties.

Former Sunday school teacher. Got that? Former Sunday school teacher.

She says that she’s a victim:

“He groomed me and twisted my mind into thinking his way was normal,” she said of Hef… “He introduced me to drugs. I’d never had a drink or a drug before going up to the Playboy Mansion. And my first night there I was handed champagne and the drugs came later, and I was underage.”

So, I have two points about this. I think that Hugh Hefner was a big hero to the secular left, because he helped them to throw off the shackles of sobriety and chastity that were part of America’s Christian past. The secular left wanted freedom from Christianity’s “repressive” rules on dating, relationships, marriage and sexuality, and Hefner gave them what they wanted. I hope we learn a lesson about trusting atheists to tell us what is moral.

Second point is about the women. Did everyone see that post from earlier in the week about the woman who ran up hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, then demanded a bailout from taxpayers? What I would like to see is women make better decisions. It would probably help that they rely more on evidence than on feelings, and call for advisors if they don’t feel comfortable.

We’re not helping women by telling them to “follow their hearts”. People don’t make good decisions when they “follow their hearts”. Even worse is to follow the crowd. Hugh Hefner was in high demand by women when he was young. He’s tall, he’s handsome, he’s rich, and he’s morally permissive and non-judgmental. A lot of young women wanted all that he had to offer. But just because a lot of women wanted all that, doesn’t mean that Sondra Theodore was right to wish for what what many women desired.

Another thing about the women – I don’t like how they blame men for their own free will decisions. They don’t take responsibility the way that I expect them to take responsibility. They’re saying “It was the man’s fault” instead of asking “why did I choose that man?” I’d like to see women ask themselves these hard questions. Just because these questions feel bad, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be asked. The only way to learn is to take responsibility. If everything is someone else’s fault, then you never change yourself. And you are the one you need to fear the most.

Finally, I don’t think it’s a good message to send our young men that tall, hot, rich bad boys get all the best looking young women. When a young woman chooses a bad man, it’s a signal to all the young men about what is working – what is in demand. Women need to understand that their decisions are being watched, and they are making the world a worse place when they choose to reward secular left psychopaths like Hugh Hefner. He should have been shunned by women – that would have made sure that no men imitated him.

15 thoughts on “Playboy bunnies shocked that their own free decisions did not make them happy”

  1. Where is/was that girl’s father? Attorney friend I’ve known since high school was shown in the local newspaper in a courtroom with his head hung down in his hands appearing very discouraged. His married daughter, a junior high school teacher, had just been sentenced for canoodling with her student. I can read his mind; “Of all the things I taught that girl, I neglected to tell her not to fool around with the under-aged. What was I thinking?”

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    1. I think that the presence or absence of the father is going to depend on what the mother chooses. The mother is the one who decides where the father will be. She can choose to have a child with any man on the planet. If she wants her daughter to have a father, then she needs to choose a man who is good at that.


  2. I’m pretty cynical these days. Some people will learn, but the overwhelming majority will not.

    Jeremiah 17:9
    The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?


    1. We’re $30 trillion in debt, with a $1.4 trillion student loan debt bubble to be bailed out by taxpayers. 60% of college degrees are going to women, who will be the high earners of the next generation. Do you see what’s happening?


      1. And those women can often only get a decent paying job with their degree that rewards women with jobs they aren’t qualified for. If the market was allowed to by merit place value on a feminism or gender studies degree wouldn’t find any jobs


        1. I’ve always said and will continue to say if they had to compete with men on equal footing, half of women would likely not have their lofty positions.

          As it is, now they can prance around arrogantly while complaining about the absence of high earning men that the very policies they demanded gave rise to.

          And I’d say most likely most of them have learned the hard way that for most people, including men, work is just work. It isn’t winning Nobel prizes and having a bank full of mad money. Now they have to work to support themselves, and when they look for that traditional breadwinner type guy, he’s not around anymore. They give themselves away every time they complain about lack of “good men.” And the worst part? Their money has to pay the real bills after all.

          Feminists used to shriek and scream that women were slaves to their husbands. Now it can be truthfully argued that women are now in fact slaves: to the government, the daycare and their corporate masters.


  3. I have a friend who married a hot bad boy…he went on to be ejected from the military and now they are facing eviction due to his antics the last few years….
    Mom is now having to find a place for her and their mixed family since he can’t pass a background check to get a new place while Dad goes back to live with his mother…I wonder what this is teaching to over three girls and how this will affect their choices in mates…
    One can only pray that they find Christian men with a STEM career and solid work history that want to me spiritual leader in their home!


  4. Playboy bunnies are like most people anywhere, resorting to victim status when it suits them to insincerely and deceptively eschew culpability in their own destructive wrongdoing.


  5. I can enjoy the female figure just as much as any other straight man, but…
    Has anyone else noticed the dead eyes of those women? Only one or two of them seem to have any life left in them.
    The others all have eyes that seem to have all of the spirit and vivacity drained from them.
    It is a very old picture, but it scares me.


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