Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter purging conservative speech (Source: The Stream)

Did Google / YouTube suspend Steven Crowder for reporting on the rape of a child?

What’s the official position of YouTube (owned by Google) on rape? In the Christians apologetics business, we have this argument called “the moral argument”, where we argue for a divine moral lawgiver on the basis of objective moral laws. The example that’s frequently given is “rape”. Christians think that even atheists will think that rape is objectively wrong. But do they?

YouTube (owned by Google) is well known for censoring speech that is critical of the Democrat party. Recently, a news story came out about a public school in Loudon county, Virginia where a female student was raped by a biological male in a skirt. After Steven Crowder reported on the story, Youtube / Google suspended him for 7 days.

Steven Crowder’s web site reproduced the e-mail from Youtube / Google.

It says (in part):

On September 30, Mr. Crowder uploaded another video… [that] contains a segment that targets the transgender community in an offensive manner, for example, by indicating that trans people pose a rape threat to women. Consistent with the recklessness provisions of its hate speech policy, YouTube has removed this video from the service and assessed a strike against the Steven Crowder channel. Per YouTube’s strikes policy, this results in a one-week upload freeze for the channel. Further violation of YouTube’s hate speech policy will result in additional penalties.

They didn’t want Crowder reporting on a rape committed by a boy in a skirt in a girl’s bathroom. Why would they not want people to know about that?

Let’s look at the facts of the case, as reported by Daily Wire.

On June 22, Scott Smith was arrested at a Loudoun County, Virginia school board meeting, a meeting that was ultimately deemed an “unlawful assembly” after many attendees vocally opposed a policy on transgender students.

What people did not know is that, weeks prior, on May 28, Smith says, a boy, allegedly wearing a skirt, entered a girls’ bathroom at nearby Stone Bridge High School, where he sexually assaulted Smith’s ninth-grade daughter.

Juvenile records are sealed, but Scott’s attorney, Elizabeth Lancaster told The Daily Wire that a boy was charged with two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio, related to an incident that day at that school.

As a result of the viral video showing his arrest, Smith became the poster child for what the National School Boards Association has since suggested could be a form of “domestic terrorism”: a white blue-collar male who showed up to harangue obscure public servants on his local school board.

[…]Minutes before Smith’s arrest at the school board meeting, the Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) superintendent lectured the public that concerns about the transgender policy were misplaced because the school system had no record of any assault occurring in any school bathroom.

[…]At 4:48 pm on the day of the incident, the principal sent out an email to the community that claimed nothing jeopardizing student safety had occurred, painting Smith as the villain, and offering counseling services for witnesses of Smith’s blowup…

[…]Smith was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Why did Youtube / Google not want Crowder telling people this story? Is it because they think that little girls are appropriate victims for boys dressed in skirts who go into women’s bathrooms? I would guess that there are a lot of people who work in Big Tech who do want biological men to be able to go into women’s bathrooms. And showers, too. They want naked biological men as close as possible to naked biological women. And the younger the girls, the better.

People who defend the rape of children and the arrest of the fathers of those children are immoral. I understand that the story makes teachers, teacher unions, school boards, etc. look bad. And I understand that the story makes Democrat politicians look bad. But no one should use suspensions to suppress the truth about what really happened.

My advice to people in Big Tech would be to be careful about letting devotion to the Democrat political party affect your products and services. But in addition to that, don’t let it affect your morality. It can be very tempting to use your products and services to bring about the election results that you want. And people who lack God as a ground for morality will not have much resistance to that desire. But if there is one thing that people should agree on, it’s that raping children is wrong. It’s also wrong to censor people who try to tell the truth about rape victims.

I think what this story shows is the importance of hiring people who have a rational basis for morality. If you hire a whole bunch of sexually immoral people whose atheistic worldviews don’t rationally ground objective morality, then you will get immoral behavior. The mantra of the secular left (“don’t judge”) doesn’t protect little girls from being raped.

By the way, I watched the Steven Crowder show about his suspension. He mentioned a lot of interesting news stories that Youtube / Google probably wouldn’t like. Stories about rapes of women in women’s bathrooms committed by biological men.

Here’s one:

Crowder says the LGBT activist spent months advocating for allowing biological men in women’s bathrooms. Isn’t that Google / Youtube’s position as well? What would they say to the rape victim? They’d probably say “Too bad”.

Here are a couple others:

Crowder talked about a whole bunch of stories like this.

Were these rapes morally wrong? I think so, but I’m really not sure what Google / YouTube would say. And I do think they would censor any reporting of the rapes as “hate speech”.

9 thoughts on “Did Google / YouTube suspend Steven Crowder for reporting on the rape of a child?”

  1. “But if there is one thing that people should agree on, it’s that raping children is wrong.”

    And yet, Leftist academia has been normalizing pedophilia for some years now, and a recent USA Today article attempted to mainstream it.

    Leftists will say “Pedophilia is the line we draw in the sand,” and yet, some years ago, just before the gay “marriage” ruling, leftists were assuring me that there would be no persecution of Christian bakers, florists, photographers, etc if it was legalized. So, lacking national repentance, pedophilia WILL be legalized and normalized. And that’s because the only morals that the Left has are Satanic ones.

    Haven’t seen the trolls from a year plus ago who assured us on these very pages that a person can be a Dimm and a Christian too. Where did these pretenders go, WK?!? (crickets)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Evangelicals for Biden are still out there, arguing that infanticide and pedo are better than “disruptiveness” and “mean tweets”. I saw an email from one this week, the same lady who had the abortion that I wrote about before, the one who changed her entire politics around so that she wouldn’t be judged for her divorce and her abortion.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s sad that some people never learn, and never repent.

        They probably love Biden, Fraudci, and the marxist pope.


        1. I think we need to be telling young men how to detect secular left women. I feel like the power to change the world lies with giving men the ability to withhold all attention and money from secular left women. No attention, no dating, and especially no marriage. The world will a better place when all these radical feminist Democrats reach age 40 and have nothing to keep them company but wine, cats and student loan debt.


  2. Hi there WK.

    I’ve got a question for you. I’m hoping you can help.

    I’ve seen the stories like this and I believe them, without a doubt. I’m a Christian and follow all the morality that follows from that, including not to remarry after my husband divorced me.

    My children have all imbibed a secular mind set, all of them rejecting the Christian faith.

    When I tried to discuss these stories with them, they brought up the story of the pro- life guy that took a gun and shot a murdering abortionist years ago. They said 99% of Trans people aren’t like this and the news is stirring the pot as all the Trans people they know are respectful and peaceful. How would I like be be assumed I was like this shooter just because I was pro-life?

    I know in probably missing a very fundamental piece of logic, but I would like to be able to answer questions like this and not feel completely stupid.

    Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated.


    1. Hey Brenda. I think any pro-lifer who resorts to violence cannot be properly labeled a pro-lifer. Especially in a country when we are 1 Supreme Court justice away from letting abortion be a state-level issue. But just speaking logically, the pro-life view is a rational argument that depends on science to establish the humanity and liveness of the unborn. They need to be challenged on the pro-life argument and form their view from the argument. A good book on this is “The Case for Life”.

      It’s hard to give a short answer to the problem. I guess in terms of secularism, you would have to argue from science. I just wrote a post outlining the scientific arguments for a Creator / Designer. The atheist side has nothing like this kind of evidence. They are down near the level of flat-Earthism when it comes to having a scientifically-supported worldview. I would engage them there. A good basic book on this would be something like “The Case for a Creator”, “The Creator Revealed”, and this new book “The Comprehensive Guide to Science and Faith” which looks really good. If you can’t read a book, then go for DVDs.

      Regarding the trans argument. My post should be seen as having nothing to do with transgender people. What it says is that the Democrats (and your kids) want men to dress as women and go into women’s spaces: bathrooms, change rooms, showers, women’s shelters, women’s prisons, etc. Why is it worth ONE rape to allow men to do this? Ask them what benefit we are getting in exchange for these 100% preventable rapes. Ask them why rape isn’t a big deal to them as much as a grown up adult’s feelings of being excluded.


    2. I’ll give you the easy answer to your question, Brenda:

      When it comes to murder, the pro-abortion side has our side outnumbered 65 million to 11. We aren’t catching up, we aren’t even trying to. Even if the Pro-life movement murdered every single abortion industry worker today, that would be in the thousands, a fraction of a fraction of 1% of the children murdered by abortion industry workers.

      I would also add that every one of the 11 abortion industry workers who was murdered is guilty of not only murder in God’s Eyes, but the worst kind of murder: child sacrifice, the only sin listed in the Bible as unthinkable by God.

      In contrast, every one of the 65 million children murdered by abortion industry workers is as innocent as doves. So while a few “pro-lifers” have murdered a few serial killers, pro-aborts have the blood of 65 million innocents on their hands.

      If your children support abortion, they are guilty of supporting the one unthinkable sin in the Bible, child sacrifice. They are also some of the worst hypocrites alive, since they are anti-murder for the wicked but pro-murder for the innocent. Their punishment in Hell may not be as deep as the abortionists and abortion industry workers themselves, but it’s going to be WAY deeper than your average sinner. Please forward my response to them for the sake of their souls.

      And their diversion to the topic of transgenders has nothing to do with the argument. That’s an extremely serious sin in its own right, especially transgendering children, which is a Luke 17:2 offense. I bring that up because most LGBTQP supporters also support abortion, and the two are related. Hope this helps!


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