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Biden administration sues Texas to overturn law protecting unborn children

During the 2020 election, a number of prominent evangelical Christian leaders came forward to say how Joe Biden would make a much better president than Donald Trump. They liked everything about Joe Biden. They liked opening the borders. They liked giving Afghanistan to the Taliban. They liked nuclear deals with Iran. They liked redistribution of wealth by a centralized secular government.

But what they like best of all was abortion. Abortion, they said, is the most wonderful thing in the world, because it allows allow young people to have reckless irresponsible sex, then kill any children that result from that, so the adults can be happy. This is feminism, and feminism is so good!

Evangelical leaders are especially happy with their boy Joe Biden this week.

The Federalist explains:

President Joe Biden’s Justice Department is suing the state of Texas over its newest pro-life law, which prohibits killing babies in utero if they have a detectable heartbeat.

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the lawsuit on Thursday and asked an Austin district court to block Texas “officers, employees and agents, including private parties who would bring suit under the law” from implementing it.

“The act is clearly unconstitutional under longstanding Supreme Court precedent,” Garland said on Thursday.

Evangelicals for Biden like David French, Russell Moore, Beth Moore, etc. supported Biden when they attacked Trump over and over during his first term. They liked Biden, and they got Biden.

Why did they attack him? Let’s look at his record and see if we can find out what made them so angry.

Life News has something interesting:

A nationally-recognized scientist who has testified in support of unborn babies is President Donald Trump’s new choice for the National Science Board.

Dr. Maureen Condic, an associate professor at the University of Utah who specializes in neurobiology, is widely known for her work on spinal cord repair, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. Earlier this month, Trump chose her to fill one of the 25 seats on the National Science Board.

[…]She obtained her Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley, and is a widely published scientist whose works have appeared in a variety of peer-reviewed journals.

Her work has been instrumental to the pro-life movement in its pursuit to protect unborn babies from painful abortions. In 2003, Condic testified before Congress that unborn babies have the capacity to feel pain as early as eight weeks.

What do evangelicals for Biden think about her? You can find out by looking at whether they supported Trump or Biden during the election.

Here’s another article from Daily Wire about more Biden policies:

President Joe Biden on Tuesday filed an appeal seeking to force doctors and hospitals to perform potentially harmful transgender-related procedures and surgeries even if they hold objections.

As outlined by BECKET Law’s Luke Goodrich, a court in January struck down the administration’s move to punish doctors who don’t perform transgender-related procedures for supposed “sex discrimination.” Biden on Tuesday officially appealed the ruling.

According to the Erase Religious Liberty Council, a pro-Biden group of pious “Christian” leaders, these Biden actions are wonderful! Definitely worth supporting. This is what they wanted.

Life News reported on another reason evangelical leaders were for Biden:

On Wednesday, the Biden administration released a rule that will force taxpayers to fund the abortion industry through the Title X family planning program.

The rule, issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, will end a pro-life regulation that President Donald Trump put in place to ensure Title X grants are not used to subsidize the killing of unborn babies in abortions.

What about Trump? Well, he was endorsed by every pro-life organization in the country.

Why? Because of his demonstrated achievements:

Here’s an article posted by the Susan B. Anthony List – the pro-life group that is most concerned with law, policy and judicial appointments:

Appointed Pro-Life Judges

In April, 2017, Judge Neil Gorsuch was successfully confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court. And in October, 2018, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was successfully confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court. To date, 157 of President Trump’s judicial nominees have been confirmed, including two Supreme Court justices, forty-three U.S. Courts of Appeals judges, and one hundred thirteen District Court judges.

Permitted States to Defund Planned Parenthood of Title X Funds

In April 2017, Congress sent a bill to President Trump’s desk that permits states to defund Planned Parenthood of Title X family planning funds passed in Congress. President Trump signed the bill which reverses an Obama-era rule that disbarred states from doing so. Because this was passed using the Congressional Review Act, future Administrations cannot enact a similar rule to Obama’s.

Stopped Tax Dollars Funding Abortion Overseas

President Trump not only reinstated the Mexico City Policy, but expanded it to the new Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance program. This new policy ensures that our tax dollars are protected from funding the abortion industry overseas across ALL global health spending, not just family planning dollars. The Bush-era Mexico City Policy protected roughly $500 million in spending – the new Trump policy protects over $8.8 billion overseas aid from funding abortion.

Defunded the Pro-Abortion UNFPA

The UNFPA has long been complicit in China’s oppressive population control activities, including birth limitation policies and forced abortions. President Trump’s State Department cut U.S. Taxpayer funding to the UNFPA.

Required Health Insurance Companies to Disclose if Plans Cover Abortion

The Trump Administration Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) issued a rule requiring that insurers specify in each plan Summary of Benefits whether the plan covers abortion.

Settlements & New Rule Regarding HHS Mandate

The Departments of HHS, Treasury, and Labor issued two interim final rules, which means they took effect immediately, while allowing a comment period, that provide permanent, enforceable relief from the previous HHS mandate for both religious objectors, such as Little Sisters of the Poor, and moral objectors, such as Susan B. Anthony List. The new rule also exempts private employers and educational institutions that have sincerely held religious beliefs or moral objections against providing contraceptives or abortifacient drugs.

New Office for Conscience Protection at HHS

In May 2019, the Trump administration finalized new regulations to strengthen enforcement of federal laws protecting the conscience rights of health care workers who do not want to participate in abortion. The regulations clarify what recourse is available to victims of discrimination under the law and what penalties the HHS Office of Civil Rights may enforce for violations. Additionally, in January 2018, the Department of Health & Human Services announced the creation of the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division within the Office for Civil Rights. This new office works to protect health care professionals who do not want to participate in abortion. In May, 2019, HHS issued a proposed rule amending Obama-era regulations, clarifying that Section 1557 shall not force a recipient of federal funding to provide or pay for an abortion. It shall also be consistent with the First Amendment and with pro-life provisions, conscience provisions and religious liberty protections in current law.

Allowed States to Defund Planned Parenthood of Medicaid Funds

The Obama administration attempted to prevent states from defunding Planned Parenthood of Medicaid dollars, issuing guidance claiming this may be a violation of federal law. In January 2018, the Trump administration rescinded this guidance, allowing states to defund Planned Parenthood of Medicaid dollars as they see fit.

Cut Planned Parenthood’s Tax Funding by up to $60 Million

In February, 2019, the Trump administration finalized the Protect Life Rule to redirect Title X family planning program funds away from the abortion industry. The rule advances President Trump’s promise to stop taxpayer funding of abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood, who will no longer receive Title X funding if they choose not to comply.

Canceled Huge Contract for Taxpayer-Funded Experimentation with Body Parts of Aborted Babies

In June, 2019, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced they would not renew a major contract with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) to fund research using the body parts of aborted babies. (learn more)

What did the evangelicals for Biden think about all of this? Well, judging from their support for Biden during the 2020 election, they opposed every single one of these actions.

Now, we are finding out what they supported. They supported a secular government overriding states that try to protect unborn children from being murdered. That’s what it means to be an “evangelical for Biden”. So, during the next election, be very careful about what you hear from the big, charismatic evangelical speakers. Instead, focus in on the pro-life achievements of the candidates, and pick the candidate who will get pro-life results. The kind of results that Trump got when he was President.


10 thoughts on “Biden administration sues Texas to overturn law protecting unborn children”

  1. They also support Jab Marxism. Not jab encouragement, but dictatorial jab Marxism.

    Don’t forget pious Calvinist John Piper.

    I doubt that any of these leaders read your blog, but if somebody close to them does, how about forwarding my comment to them? Perhaps it’s time for these “leaders” to examine themselves and see if they really DO possess the discernment of the Holy Spirit? I simply cannot imagine being so lost as to sit in one of their churches. I wouldn’t even sit in most of the more conservative ones because of their faith without works.

    As for the rank and file churchian for Biden. C’mon man! Stop being a pretender or go back to calling yourself an atheist so that your punishment in the next life is less severe. Jesus despises pretenders. Just note what He said about Judas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My assessment of evangelicals for Biden is that Christianity is a tool they use to appear virtuous to others. Now that Christianity is no longer useful for that, they are trying to reinvent themselves as secular leftists.

      They never had a factual basis for believing Christianity. It was always about getting attention and approval for themselves.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, definitely. Back in the 60s, Bishop Pike of the Episcopal church stated publicly he wasn’t certain if there was a God, that Christ was a nice man chosen to be crucified, and so on.

        He, like a growing number of atheists and agnostics, was all in favor of the world acting like Jesus. On his last trip to Israel, he took a midnight walk and was found in the morning at the base of a cliff on his knees with his head bowed toward Jerusalem.


  2. Biden is no more than a fascist. This and yesterday’s news of him attempting to force all Americans to take a shot that might well be harmful to them long term says much about him.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Good point!

        Marxism is still Marxism even in the rare cases that it might be beneficial for the sheeple.


  3. “Evangelicals for Biden”!!!! The was a talk show in the NY metro area some years back. It was the Bob Grant show!!! The classification for the
    “evangelicals for Biden” he would use , is “fake, phony, fraud”.
    What I call so called “Christians” to their face who voted Demoncrat!!!


  4. The Texas Law may need some fine-tuning but the place to start would be at the beginning. If you FOLLOW THE SCIENCE, it doesn’t take long to realize that each and every one of us can trace our human existence and unique DNA fingerprint back to the moment of our conception.

    “My body, my choice?” What scientific nonsense! If the child in the womb is male, he is clearly not part of a woman’s body which was designed with a womb to environmentally protect us from conception to birth.

    Think DNA: DO NOT ABORT!

    Think EPA: If you are pregnant, congratulations on your promotion to being an Environmental Protection Agent with the opportunity to love and protect another human being?

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