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Criminal charges filed against transgender woman who exposed genitals to women

This case started with some video from the women who were affected complaining to the spa employees. They said that a biological male had shown his genitals to them and to their underage girls. The spa employees said this is allowed, because Democrat. What’s very interesting about this case is the the mainstream news media immediately declared the video a hoax. But was it?

Here’s what Slate, a far-left former news source, said:

Salon Spa Hoax
Salon Spa Hoax

In my opinion, when they say “may have been… but it still” as “it was only a hoax, but it still” they are calling it a hoax. Because how could far-left sexual deviants ever be bad people? Only good things come from rejecting God and embracing crazy selfishness, right?

Well, not so much. Here’s the latest from the New York Post:

In June, a group of women complained that a person who identified as female exposed [the person’s] penis at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles. The incident led to months of sometimes violent protests, with media outlets declaring it an example of bias against the transgendered, or even that it didn’t happen. Slate said it was a “transphobic hoax.”

But on Monday, charges of indecent exposure were discreetly filed against a serial sex offender for the Wi Spa incident, following an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Sources with knowledge of the case but not authorized to speak publicly say four women and a minor girl came forward to allege that Darren Agee Merager was partially erect in the women’s section of Wi Spa. Besides being a suspect in this case, Merager is facing multiple felony charges of indecent exposure over a separate incident in Los Angeles.

Merager, who spoke exclusively to The Post, denies the allegations and says that she is actually the victim of transphobic harassment.

This is the kind of thing that Bible-based Christians want to prevent, but that feelings-based “Christians” want to allow. On the one hand, you have Bible-based Christians who believe in objective moral rules, and maintaining boundaries, even if people who are reckless and irresponsible feel bad about being judged. On the other hand, you have people who have been reckless and irresponsible in their youth, like the abortion lady I blogged about before, who blame everyone else for their bad decisions, and just want to use Christianity as a club to prevent anyone judging them. The former group votes Republican, the latter group votes Democrat.

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of bad behavior from the secular left. A transgender woman demanding that Asian women wax the person’s genitals. Transgender women winning Olympic medals in biological women’s events. Transgender women sexually assaulting biological women in women’s shelters that prohibit men. Not to mention the Taliban raping, murdering and sex trafficking underage girls in Afghanistan. And so on.

All these bad behaviors were opposed by the mean traditional Christians, who voted Republican. But they are all supported by the feelings and experiences Christians who were reckless and irresponsible in their youth, and just think Christianity means “compassion, tolerance, diversity, pluralism”. They vote Democrat. Because they feel good about themselves when they side with the evil people against their victims.

We need to be a bit more careful when we are voting. And don’t be swayed by feelings and experiences “Christians” who vote for “compassion” and “tolerance”. Now we know what they were really voting for, and it’s not too pretty.

One thought on “Criminal charges filed against transgender woman who exposed genitals to women”

  1. There is no such thing as a “transgender woman”. It is a MAN, with particularly strange taste in clothing.


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