Evangelicals for Biden

What does the Biden administration have to offer Christians and conservatives?

Just a few news stories to show you what you get in a Biden presidency.

First, there’s abortion.

The Federalist reports:

More than 20 groups have banded together to submit comments opposing the Biden administration’s proposed rule mandating taxpayer-funded abortions.

Historically, Title X is devoted to family planning and providing preventative birth control methods to low-income families. Abortion has largely been excluded by Congress to avoid having taxpayers fund the killing of babies in the womb. Under the Trump administration, Planned Parenthood and other abortion organizations even opted out of receiving federal funding to avoid the separation finalized in 2019 between Title X services and abortion.

Under the “Ensuring Access to Equitable, Affordable, Client-Centered, Quality Family Planning Services” proposal, however, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services would remove the financial and physical separation in funding between Title X activities and abortion activities, circumvent statutes and laws to discourage parental and familial involvement in abortion decisions, and remove certain reporting and regulatory stipulations. The rule would also require providers to give abortion counseling and referrals, even if their objections are protected under the Weldon Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

And what about in the schools? Are we going to get schools that teach children truth and practicality.

The Federalist reports:

Just weeks after the U.S. Department of Education supported by President Joe Biden introduced a proposed rule that uses the anti-American 1619 Project and hatemonger Ibram X. Kendi to guide its federal grant criteria for American history and civics education, opposition to the racist indoctrination curriculum is growing.

In addition to alleging that the United States is filled with “systemic racism” that can only be cured by “anti-racist” training that singles out white people as problems, the proposed curriculum would use taxpayer funds to push a muddled version of American history that hides behind promotions of “diversity, identities, histories, contributions, and experiences of all students.”

Parents and teachers in schools around the nation are facing off with progressives dead set on implementing critical race theory in schools, but Biden’s federal involvement adds a whole new layer of issues for some organizations and states that would be eligible for the education grants.

What about the military? Are we getting quality armed forces to keep the peace and deter aggression?

The Federalist reports:

The U.S Army announced it will begin prioritizing climate change considerations as part of its ongoing strategic operations and threat analysis, according to a newly released memo.

Titled, “US Army: Addressing Climate Change Threats”, the document classifies climate change as a “serious threat to U.S. National security interests and defense objectives,” while also detailing how the military agency intends to play a more active role in responding to climate-related issues moving forward.

Oh, this too:

A U.S. Space Force special unit commander was fired from his post last week after he discussed the infiltration of Marxist ideology into the U.S. military on a podcast, Military.com reported on Saturday.

Lt Col. Matthew Lohmeier, a commander of 11th Space Warning Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado was released on Friday by the head of Space Operations Command Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting, “over a loss of confidence in his ability to lead.”

I’m looking at this, and I’m having real trouble understanding which specific policies conservatives and Christians who supported Biden wanted. Did they think the world would be safer? Did they think that their children would learn more and earn more? Did they think that government would be more efficient?

Democrats are guided by their feelings. Their policies are based on trying to get the most irresponsible and reckless people to like them. They can’t make moral judgments, and they override truth with comfortable lies. Why would anyone vote for that?

6 thoughts on “What does the Biden administration have to offer Christians and conservatives?”

  1. I really hope those people that voted for Biden are getting theirs good and hard right now. He made no secret of his plans as a candidate. There was no reason to think he wouldn’t follow through as president.

    Personally I’d go for a “mean” tweet for $1.25 gas right now.

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  2. I really wish a Biden supporter would comment here on how awesome this Biden presidency is because he doesn’t have a mean Twitter feed.

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    1. They’ve scattered. They “won” the “election” and that was all they wanted. It was never about Christ – it was about confusing the poorly informed to think that people as evil as Biden and Harris could possibly be followers of Christ.

      That’s why you kept hearing “devout Catholic” over and over again, and the Pope and bishops (mostly) remained silent until after the election because they didn’t want their 30 pieces of silver decreased in the collection plates. Same with the “evangelicals.”

      Possibly the most reprehensible thing taking place is the pushing of transgender ideology, including on children. That is Luke 17:2 territory right there, not to mention that any confusion of sexuality is satanic and a direct attack on God’s creative purposes.


  3. In answer to your question, the Imposter-In-Chief offers nothing to anyone to the right of Karl Marx. Nothing at all. But then, he didn’t win the election, he stole it, so why should he care about pleasing anybody?

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