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New University of Chicago study evaluates the lockdown policies of the secular left

Should we have trusted secular leftists to tell us how to live during the crisis of the last year? It’s been difficult to assess because all the elites say the same thing: trust the secular left to discover the truth and tell you the truth about how to live. But can you really trust people who put politically correct dogma over facts, if those facts suggest that liberty and personal responsibility are best?

Here’s the latest  news about a new study, reported on by The Federalist:

A new study from Chicago University economist Casey Mulligan validates what the anti-lockdowners knew all along: Lockdowns are a bad idea. After workplaces implemented mitigation measures, they became far safer environments than people’s homes.

“Available data from schools, hospitals, nursing homes, food processing plants, hair stylists, and airlines show employers adopting mitigation protocols in the spring of 2020,” Mulligan wrote in the study. Such mitigation protocols included masking, reasonable social distancing, screening, and improving airflow — steps people wouldn’t take in their own homes. “Coincident with the adoption, infection rates in workplaces typically dropped from well above household rates to well below.”

One example Mulligan included was the Duke Health system. After Duke’s hospitals and clinics implemented strategies to mitigate C***D spread, “an hour worked in the Duke Health system went from being more dangerous than an hour outside work to being more than three times safer.”

[…]“[W]orkers have been 4-5 times less safe outside their workplace than inside it,” said a press release for the study, in a direct rebuke to lockdowns. “While stay-at-home continues to be pushed as promoting public health, nobody is checking the data which say the opposite.”

The lockdowns were not a neutral or benign policy for many Americans. Over 100,000 small businesses closed because they could not work from home, and customers were locked down in their homes. My two favorite restaurants shut down, where I live, and we are not even one of the crazy lock down states. Shutting down small businesses is wonderful for communists, who know that an economy is easier to control if there are only a few monopolies. When consumers have many options in a free market, it’s much harder for the secular left to rule.

But there are other ways that the lock down strategy hurt Americans. In addition to small business closings and job losses, children lost an entire year of school. Normal health care operations shut down, delaying treatment of real sicknesses like cancer and heart disease. Check-ups and preventive care measures were delayed or canceled. People who were scheduled for operations became inoperable. The elderly were locked down in nursing homes and they died there. And the obese were not warned that their obesity put them at higher risk – so they could do something about it. And we’ve spiked inflation by handing out so much money for unemployment and more government spending. “Never let a crisis go to waste”, was the Democrats’ motto.

The Federalist notes:

For instance, while the media lauded Gov. Andrew Cuomo as a pandemic hero while he locked down New York and ordered C***D patients to be housed in nursing homes alongside the pandemic’s most vulnerable, the same media excoriated leading scientists such as Dr. Sunetra Gupta, who opposed anti-science lockdowns while advocating for special measures to protect the elderly.


A study released last month of the effects of lockdowns in 10 countries was damning. Not only did researchers find that “mandatory stay-at-home and business closures” resulted in “no clear, significant beneficial effect … on case growth in any country,” but in some cases, lockdowns were actually “pro-contagion.”

The media hid the facts from us, so we couldn’t make out own decisions, and often got bullied by “experts”.

National Post reported:

The majority of global C***D-19 deaths have been in countries where many people are obese, with coronavirus fatality rates 10 times higher in nations where at least 50% of adults are overweight, a global study found on Thursday.

The report, which described a “dramatic” correlation between countries’ C***D-19 death and obesity rates, found that 90% or 2.2 million of the 2.5 million deaths from the pandemic disease so far were in countries with high levels of obesity.

The study analyzed the C***D-19 death figures from Johns Hopkins University in the United States and the World Health Organization’s Global Health Observatory data on obesity.

Strikingly, the authors said, there is no example of a country where people are generally not overweight or obese having high C***D-19 death rates.

Why couldn’t the media talk about this? Because their masters in the Democrat party have huge voting blocs who are committed to obesity as a way of life. The secular left would rather not “judge” than tell the truth. Better to just treat everyone the same, instead of opening up the economy and trusting at-risk populations to make decisions to keep themselves safe.

One problem we have in this culture is that we think that a person can just deny the existence of God, and objective morality, and still discover truth and give good advice to others. But people who deny the existence of God have not handled evidence like the origin of the universe and cosmic fine-tuning and the origin of life and the sudden origin of body plans accurately. They chose their worldview by feelings – not facts. And people who think that communism is is superior to the free market are the same – feelings over facts. Why think that people like that should be trusted to tell us how to live? What work have they done to discover how things REALLY work, as opposed to how they FEEL things should work? If they can’t be trusted to have done their homework on big things, like cosmology and economics, then why should we trust them about anything else?

3 thoughts on “New University of Chicago study evaluates the lockdown policies of the secular left”

  1. Don’t forget all of the suicides. And the higher abortion rates, because abortion mills were the one “essential business” in our nation.

    Most of the churches declared themselves to be “non-essential.” And what did those churches do with their spare time? Did they go to the streets to declare the Gospel to a panicked nation, giving comfort and hope to people who desperately needed it? Nope, they prayed for a return to “normality” and did video shows.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. And a bad one. Apostate churches will always cave to pressure. They kowtowed to slavery and still do. If anyone dared voice a differing opinion, the person is cast out.


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