Average Gas Prices Rise 18 Cents Nationally In Past Two Weeks

What happened to gas prices and other consumer prices after the Democrats took over?

You might think that electing Democrats would be wonderful for the poor. You’d think that, because Democrats are always talking about the poor people and how much they want to help them. And how will they help them? By taxing and regulating businesses. And what do the businesses do? They pass the higher taxes and fees onto the consumers, of course.

The Tennessee Star explains:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released data Tuesday showing a sharp increase in consumer prices, especially gasoline, as many Americans struggle to make ends meet.

March saw a 0.6% increase in consumer prices, the largest spike in nearly a decade. That increase can be attributed in large part to a rise in inflation.

However, increased inflation, a rise in demand for crude oil, and the Biden administration’s proposed new taxes and regulatory measures could send gas and energy prices soaring even higher in the months to come, critics contend.

In March, gasoline prices rose 9.1% and natural gas rose 2.5%, contributing to an overall increase of 5% for energy costs last month. For the year, food prices are up 3.5%, gasoline prices are up 22.5%, and overall energy prices are up 13.2%.

The rise in costs come as many Americans struggle financially during the COVID-19 pandemic and President Joe Biden considers tax increases and more regulations that critics say would slow economic growth.

During a Monday meeting with lawmakers, Biden reportedly expressed openness to adding five cents to the federal gas tax, which would be a 27% increase over the current 18.4 cents.

And this is the key point about gas prices going up:

The increase in energy prices, particularly gasoline, leads to an overall spike in the price of consumer goods. When drivers spend more on gasoline to transport goods to market, that cost is passed on to consumers.

Who suffers the most from higher gas prices? And who suffers the most from the effect of higher gas prices on other consumer goods? It’s not the wealthy elites who vote for Democrats. It’s the people who are barely getting by. When you cancel pipelines, and raise corporate tax rates, you raise the prices that individuals pay for basic necessities of life. If was TRUMP who lowered corporate tax rates, and TRUMP who pursued an all-of-the-above energy policy. That’s why we had jobs and that’s why we had low gas prices.

Next time we have an election, let’s focus on policies, instead of telling everyone how good we are, because we disagree with mean men who write mean tweets.

6 thoughts on “What happened to gas prices and other consumer prices after the Democrats took over?”

  1. Keep in mind that poor minorities also vote in huge blocs for Democrats. They do that because the Democrats get their lies out better than the GOP gets truth out.

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    1. But there’s no hiding from these higher consumer prices. All that needs to happen is for conservatives to explain the link between billionaire global warmist alarmists convincing Biden to dump the Keystone XL pipeline, and higher gas prices, which raises prices on everything that needs to be transported by land or air.


      1. Right, but Democrat voters are not particularly truth seekers. So, they will lazily turn on the CNN or NBC propaganda machines but not seek out any conservative voices to explain it to them.

        They are literally cut off from the truth – of their own free will. That has been my experience anyway, within my family especially.

        My best friend, a strong Christian, says that Leftists LIKE being lied to.

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        1. The goal of a leftist watching news is to laugh at people who are perceived to he different, and to blame them for the problems they themselves cause, either by free choices or by perverse government incentives. They want affirmation not truth.


  2. “ Next time we have an election, let’s focus on policies, instead of telling everyone how good we are, because we disagree with mean men who write mean tweets.”

    They don’t even care that Biden saying none of the rights in the Constitution are absolute. Not sure if even the higher prices will get through to them.

    Biden saying that make him worse than mean. That makes him a dictator wannabe, and it should have caused widespread outrage. But it didn’t.

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    1. I know. David French likes to position himself as the great defender of the Constitution, but the truth is he did everything possible that he could to destroy it. No one should give never trumpers an ounce of respect. What matters is results, not pious preening.


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