Fortified Biden election

Progressive magazine explains how leftist elites worked to “fortify” e1ection

Joy Pullmann wrote something about the recently published Time magazine article, which explained how powerful elites joined together to “fortify” the e1ection so that B1den would win.

The Federalist:

Corporate media has spent the last year arguing that Donald Trump’s claims about 2020 e1ection integrity amount to “seditious” consp1racy theories. While maintaining that narrative despite the cognitive dissonance, Time magazine’s Feb. 15 cover story pulls back the curtain on a “consp1racy” among a “well-funded cabal of powerful people” in an “an extraordinary shadow effort” that successfully pushed Trump from office.

“In a way, Trump was right,” writes Time national political correspondent Mo11y Ba11. “There was a consp1racy unfolding behind the scenes.” She later describes this “consp1racy” as something that “sounds like a paranoid fever dream — a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.”

[…]The consp1racy’s “work touched every aspect of the e1ection,” Ba11 writes. “They got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. They fended off v0ter-suppression 1awsuits, recruited armies of po11 workers and got millions of people to v0te by mail for the first time.”

This, she and the “dozens” of consp1racists she interviewed claim, is evidence of their efforts to “protect the e1ection.”

[…]For example, mail-in ballots are known as an unreliable voting method, even without its potential assistance to criminal fraud such as ballot-stuffing, because they create margins of error well within the margin of actual v0tes in a close e1ection. That’s why labor unions, Jeff Bezos, and many foreign countries refuse to use them.

Therefore, in a mail-in e1ection such as 2020, in which half of the total v0tes and most of the B1den v0tes were mail-in, one can control the outcome simply by controlling the po11-watchers and v0te-counters. Even if they are honest, their unconscious bias or the simple mayhem of unreadable handwriting and signatures creates the conditions for untrustworthy results.

[…]One of the core problems with the 2020 e1ection is that many states did not follow their voting laws, suspending them with the excuse of COVID (which the Centers for Disease Control said the day before the e1ection, after most v0tes were already cast, was not necessary). States were pressured or forced to do so, not by what Ba11 hilariously calls Trump’s “henchmen,” but by lawyered-up leftist pressure groups that strategically undermined e1ection protections with pre-emptive 1awsuits while courts rolled over for them.

These leftist lawyers were unquestionably the aggressors in this situation, as Hans van Spakovsky and others have documented, filing as many as four times the number of 1awsuits Trump or Republicans filed. Their efforts caused the very “e1ection confusion” Ba11 claims her vaunted “consp1racy” was trying to avoid. What do you call people who do one thing while claiming to do the opposite? Idiots or liars. And I don’t think these people are idiots.

[…]This “consp1racy” also rigged the e1ection by pre-emptively controlling the information v0ters were able to receive about the candidates. They did this by colluding with big tech companies to hide information that made Joe B1den look bad. Post-e1ection research found that just the consp1racy’s successful information control on Hunter B1den’s alleged corruption and its potential links to his father would have been enough to tip the e1ection.

[…]The Time article bears close and repeated reading. One last area of observation here concerns its discussion of the alliance between big business and big labor.

[…]Amid the big business-big labor discussion, Ba11’s interviewees admit the leftist rioters who terrorized America throughout 2020 did so with the tacit permission of higher-ups, who can turn the riots on and off at will.

3 thoughts on “Progressive magazine explains how leftist elites worked to “fortify” e1ection”

  1. All this sounds like the goings on in some fourth rate banana republic. We even have the dictator, less the military uniform and funny hat.

    The US is third world now for all intents and purposes.


  2. I will also note that the first bill quietly (at first) put forward in the Dimm House was one that would codify in federal law all of the election techniques that we “conspiracy theorists” were most concerned with, including, but not limited to, mail-in voting.

    Between that bill and this article in TIME, the Dimms are all but openly admitting that they cheated, and they really only had to pull this off in 5 or 6 blue cities in battleground states – not nationwide.

    As I have said many times, you really cannot trust a Dimm (even less, a RINO), because their “father” was a liar and murderer from the beginning. Perhaps most disturbing is the open admission of widescale censorship as a means to ends. Then, they turn around and call Trump a “Nazi,” a case of supreme projection.


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