Project Veritas documenting Democrats committing voter fraud in multiple states

Fact checkers suppressing evidence of voter fraud
Fact checkers suppressing evidence of voter fraud

Three videos from the Project Veritas document voter fraud.




Meanwhile, on Facebook, partisan Democrat “fact checkers” are marking evidence of voter fraud as “missing context”. You can’t post evidence of voter fraud committed by Democrats unless you have more context explaining that it’s OK for Democrats to commit voter fraud. This is called “fact-checking” by “non-partisan” journalists.

21 thoughts on “Project Veritas documenting Democrats committing voter fraud in multiple states”

  1. The lack of concern about this by MSM is abhorrent but predictable. I would predict that very shortly, Biden will be declared the winner, but that litigation will continue all the way to January. Either way, there will be massive civil unrest.

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  2. All this makes the Middle Eastern elections with unrecognizable women (full face veils) holding up purple dyed thumbs look a lot more secure.

    I voted early (in person because I was at the county courthouse anyway for another reason) in case I (or one of the kids) ended up in quarantine. This being South Dakota, I had to show identification to do so. In not shocking news, Republicans did well up and down the ballot, and no one is making any noises about fraud around here.

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    1. Tmyes that’s what we should have done. And to be fair, Trump could have put that in. He and his team underestimated how the states would commit fraud and how big tech would cover for them.


  3. To those of you who voted for Biden. You had better own it for the next four years if he wins and it’s looking like he will.

    I don’t want to hear you complain about your taxes going up or gas prices doubling. I don’t want you to complain when your health insurance cost go up even further than they already are.

    Don’t complain when you bring home less on your paycheck because you’re being penalized for climate justice.

    Don’t complain when you lose your job because 15 million illegal immigrants suddenly become legal and your employer decides to hire someone at a lower wage. Don’t complain when your job is just out right eliminated because the minimum wage is to high and your employer can no longer afford to stay open or even pay you.

    Don’t complain when your automotive or industrial job is eliminated because its shipped back to China. Don’t complain when interest rates double or even triple and homes/automobiles are not as affordable as they use to be.

    Don’t complain when your stocks and 401k take a massive hit. Don’t complain when we are locked into more endless wars in the middle east.

    Don’t complain when your otherwise safe communities are overrun by crime and start resembling Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and Baltimore.

    Don’t complain when the educational system goes down and higher education becomes unaffordable. You obviously didn’t vote your paycheck or your future. You voted your feelings. Unfortunately facts don’t care about your feelings and you will soon (sadly) learn this under a Biden/Harris administration. Just own it.

    Also when the new administration makes a play for all of our legally owned weapons don’t look to me for support, safety, or compliance. I will be fighting to the death to defend my 2nd Amendment rights…

    Copied – pass it on.

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    1. Thank you! I’ll be writing a post and doing a podcast on what adjustments I’ll make. In brief, I would be. Giving money to any churches or non-profits, and I would be taking Christian women out on dates or trying to marry.

      I blame pastors and unmarried Christian women for this election. They had the chance to speak up and they didn’t. My response will be to opt out. Let them go to the government for donations and husbands.

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      1. Well unmarried women did more than their fair share:

        Trump/Biden voter split:

        Married Men (30% of voters):53/46
        Married Women (26%):55/42
        Unmarried Men (20%):44/50
        Unmarried women (24%):37/62

        Married women are the best, unmarried the worst (statistically speaking).

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  4. Elections are one place where an national authority is needed to make sure the same standard is done everywhere.

    We have elections Canada and they have rules and regulations set out for an election. I can find cases of over censorship at times by the office but I will take that over each province making up their own set of rules.

    Pole closing time. How and what kind of vote and id is needed.

    Accounting for ballots used, spoiled, unused.

    There is no such thing as leaving until all ballots are counted at a polling station

    The far left in the seems content with having a joke of an electoral system.

    I know if a canada election came down to trudeau holding powers with crazy things happening like in the US it would get much more noisy with all the wexit talk

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      1. The problem isn’t weakness. The Constitution lays out that State legislatures are the ones who handle elections. Thus, corrupt Democrat legislatures can setup however many Tammany Halls they want and its legal. In fact, we don’t have a direct right to vote for president at all. The politicians just let us have elections for optical/social reasons. The best one could do would be to go the civil rights/13-15th amendment route, but that will take far too long with the legal system, even if they would willing to reform it.


  5. The media and the Democrats are wanting us to be silent and accept that everything is as they say. But we know now more than ever that they are quite willing to cheat their way to victory, so we have every reason to distrust them.

    Sadly many people will not question any of this, and I do not know if it is possible to reach them and at least consider that they are being not only dishonest, but malevolent.

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  6. Proverbs 28:28 – When the wicked come to power, people hide themselves;but when they perish, the righteous flourish.

    Funny, I am thinking the same as WK, no more money for my church. I have a friend who wants to pull two kids from the public schools and put them in a private Classic Christian school. I am going to help pay for that.

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