New study: 70% of households headed by immigrants are collecting welfare

Net annual cost of illegal immigration
Net annual cost of illegal immigration

The Washington Times reports on the latest numbers from the Census Bureau.


The latest Census Bureau numbers find that more than seven of 10 households headed by immigrants in California, and nearly the same amount in Texas, are on the taxpayer dole.

[…]According to the latest numbers from 2014, fully 63 percent of non-citizens are living off at least one welfare program. That translates into 4.68 million households.

[…]“Concern over immigrant welfare use is justified, as households headed by non-citizens’ use means means-tested welfare at high rates,” said the Center for Immigration Studies, in its report on the numbers. “Non-citizens in the data include illegal immigrants, long-term temporary visitors like guest workers, and permanent residents who have not naturalized.”

What’s most troublesome about the Census findings is the fact that the 63 percent of non-citizens on welfare actually grows to 70 percent for those who stay in-country 10 years or longer — meaning the entitlement mind only solidifies.

Meaning non-citizens on welfare don’t tend to get off welfare.

The reason I am posting about this study is because of the widespread perception on the left that all opposition to illegal immigration is just caused by racism. And similarly, support for border security has nothing to do with preventing crime and protecting our national security. It’s all caused by racism too. Well, when you look at a study like this, you can clearly see that people who oppose illegal immigration and support border security have other things on their minds than racism.

Right now, we are nearly $23 trillion in debt. And it’s climbing by over $1 trillion per year. We’re already spending too much money. Interest on the debt is becoming a larger and larger part of our budget, leaving less money for real priorities like defense and infrastructure. Someone is going to have to pay for all these handouts that are driving us into debt. Young people people have the most to lose, because they have their whole professional lives ahead of them.

I just want to be clear about something. I am very much in favor of skilled immigration. I think that people who come here to WORK  should be allowed to come here to WORK. While they are WORKING they should be ineligible for collecting any money from the government. They should not be able to vote or influence elections. They should not be able to bring any of their non-working relatives here. They should be deported if they commit a felony. They should be deported if they lose or quit their jobs. And if they are able to keep working, following the law, and staying off the dole, for a period of 10 years, then they should be allowed to apply for green cards. But our current system isn’t oriented towards skilled immigrants. All the concern on the left AND on the right AND in the churches is about refugees and illegal immigrants.

Personally, I think we could be a LOT more accepting of skilled immigrants if we got rid of all the welfare programs. After all, if there is no welfare to be collected, then why would people even want to come here? The only reason they would come would be for the right reason – for liberty. And in order to stay, they would have to work and follow the law. That’s who we want to bring in. If we only brought in law-abiding workers, then we could be a lot more generous about letting people of all races in.

And from a political point of view, we don’t do well when we import a bunch of big government liberals from countries that don’t accept American ideals, like individual liberty and limited government.

As far as I’m concerned, there should only be two paths to citizenship for immigrants: skilled labor and military service. And both of those for 10 years minimum. But that’s not how the current system works. I just want everyone to understand that this is not an issue that has no effect on taxpayers. If we bring in unskilled immigrants and refugees, then we are going to have to pay for their schooling, their health care, and maybe even basics like food and spending money.

9 thoughts on “New study: 70% of households headed by immigrants are collecting welfare”

  1. Canada used to follow that model.

    Until our moronic pm at tted to open it to all in a few tweets because it looked cool and was anti trump


  2. Unfortunately, the UK beats the States.
    We have a son, who did his honours degree in Arabic and Farsi (Persina) and he worked in Syria for a year (His degree was 4 years, and he had to spend a years in an Arabic speaking country). He then spent almost 6 years in Saudi, and also worked in Egypt and Dubai. The subject of Christianity came up, and he was asked why he didn’t convert (really, it’s called revert, because Islam believes that we are all conceived as Muslims); the subject of Sharia and Jihad came up. Islam and its writings speak constantly about Jihad, and the fact that Islam is always in a state of Jihad against non-Muslims – hence problems with true integration, and assimilation, regardless of government diktats. Many muslims made it clear that the reason so many Muslim immigrants are in welfare was that it was a type of ‘backdoor’ Jihad.Muslims drain the education, welfare, health systems in order to reduce the economy of that country, sending large swathes of money back to Islamic countries or to other ‘Islamic’ groups/organisation’. They deplete a country tot he point that that particular country is open to Sharia and Islamic teachings. An example might be, where one lian can’t take down an elephant, but six lions can. One ant won’t cause many problems, but a thousand will. Islam discourages birth control and tends to outbreed countries. The country is overwhelmed and is overcome. This is happening in the UK, and – to a slower extent – the States. This is why many Eastern European countries have now stopped co-operating with Islam, and Islam is almost non-existent.


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