LGBT activist calls for “hardball” “fight” to empty the church pews of Christians

Transgender activist calls for "hardball" "fight" to "empty the pews"
Transgender woman calls for “hardball” “fight” to “empty the pews”

Previously, I blogged about how transgender activists shut down a discussion of transgender issues on a university campus in Canada. You might think that suppressing debate and disagreement is something that only happens north of border. But an LGBT activist with 50,000 Twitter followers is being re-tweeted by prominent people on the left after demanding a “fight” to “empty the pews”.

Look at this Twitter thread from “Chrissy Str00p“, a transgender woman:

The Christian Right has won its culture war under the noses of “liberal elites.” Long before Trump, abstinence only #FakeSexEd came to dominate public schools. Abortion became effectively inaccessible in most areas.

We’re fighting to take ground back and even to realize rights that have never been fully realized, and it’s time we understood that. We’re the goddamn Rebel Alliance; the Empire is in power.

If we win big in 2020—far and away not a given—we need to play hardball.


I’m talking adding justices to the Supreme Court hardball (Roe is lost in the meantime, and likely Obergefell and even Griswold into the bargain). Maybe even finding a way to remove Kavanaugh and Gorsuch from the bench hardball. They hold their seats illegitimately.

The Christian Right will impose minority authoritarian rule for as long as it can, and it’s about g*dd*m time we started acting like we’re fighting an anti-democratic force, a real threat to democracy and human rights, because we f*cking are, and not by choice.

Get in the fight.

Now, you have to ask yourself, given the previous post about transgender activists using threats of violence to suppress basic human rights like free speech, what does Str00p mean by emptying the pews? How does Str00p intend to get the Christians in those pews to vacate the pews? Does Str00p sound like a tolerant, law-abiding person who respects a diversity of views? Does Str00p sound like someone who engages in rational debate?

I don’t mind that Str00p has those views, or speaks them. I hope Str00p’s words don’t incite violence against Christians, as they could easily be interpreted to be a call for violence by someone mentally unstable. It’s happened before. Remember the gay activist Floyd Lee Corkins II, who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for domestic terrorism, after attacking the Family Research Council building armed with a gun? We just don’t know what Str00p meant.

I hope that Christians take note of Str00p’s views, and that they don’t just vote in 2020. I’d like Christians to get informed, and be persuasive to their undecided neighbors using facts and evidence. All it takes for Str00p to win is for us to be so intimidated by Str00p’s rhetoric that we decide that it’s not worth it to share facts and evidence with our neighbors. If you have to use an alias to share facts and evidence with your neighbors, then get an alias.

19 thoughts on “LGBT activist calls for “hardball” “fight” to empty the church pews of Christians”

  1. Much of the church if not most of it is either dead, namely no spiritual power, or closer to a breeding cult than a church trying to follow Christ. Those types of churches deserve to die on the vine.

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    1. If church influence declines, that will mean that the laws and policies will shift against us, as you can see in places like China and North Korea. I think Christians like to be brave in theory, boasting about how faithful they’ll be if persecuted. But I’m an employee in this business, and I know how much harder it will be to produce results for the Boss if o am living in a tyranny. I want to do everything I can to slow, stop and reverse the trend away from small constitutional government.

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      1. Good point. What I want to see though is a church following the Bible in context doing the influencing as opposed to the apostasy we see today.

        I can say even as one trying to follow Christ I can see why the world doesn’t believe. The church is hated now not for following Christ, but for being the biggest offender rubbing salt in the wounds of the injured.

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  2. It’s time the church gets out of brick and mortar buildings and back into people’s homes where there is no tax exemption, no watchful eye, no unknown people. Right now anyone can walk into any church, have a seat and gather intel and no one would bat an eye. Why? Because pastors and deacons only know and associate with a select group of people and Western churches have done their best to open their doors to everyone and anyone. At least in a home church people could be vetted and not just anyone can come in and gather information to be handed over to some authority who thinks they need to put the boot heel down on christians.


        1. Right. So I don’t think that losing the buildings is going to help us in any way in terms of policy. I rely on the Constitution, the laws, the low taxes, the conscience protections, to do my job and produce a return. If the state goes secular left fascist, that’s going to affect my production, and so I don’t joke about this. We need to be serious about people on the margin who will be affected should there be a turn towards fascism.


  3. Her claims are demonstrably false. Public schools have not taught abstinence in a mainstream fashion since the 1960s. Thomas Sowell documented in his book, The Vision of the Anointed, that teen pregnancy rates in fact rocketed sky high after SexEd of any kind was instituted in schools. Schools have since offered free birth control and even referred girls for abortions and sterilization without their parents consent. The left has already won the war for control of schools, media, and Entertainment. But the left can’t let go of its boogie man or else they’d have no one to blame for why their ideas keep failing.This is just Marxism 2.0. Take everything Marx said about the Bourgeoisie and Proletariat and replace the words with “religious right” and “trans activists” and you’ll recognize what’s going on.

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    1. I know. But Scoop is engaged in a lifestyle where any sort of disapproval is seen as violence. So don’t expect a worldview that is in anyway reality-based. Scoop’s claims are dubious because commitments were made to extreme behavior, and any dissent strikes Scoop as extreme.

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  4. “When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already…What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”

    There’s a reason why forced public school attendance is a thing, and this is it. What did people expect was going to happen sending their kids to a place for 8+ hours a day to be taught by someone who was vetted by “the state”, without parental input. As is typical, the liberals played the long game and what seemed to make common sense and was good at first was really the foundation for something far more sinister, introduced over decades until we have what we have now: Public school’s are nothing more than indoctrination camps in the West, and Christians are silly for sending their kids there. I am guilty of this, and I am paying the price for it now that my children are older. I know this, though: Amongst other kids their age my kids are head and shoulders above many of their peers in knowledge and application, and I have no doubt this stems from the two or three years we DID spend homeschooling them.

    How can we expect the beast to die if we keep feeding it our children?

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    1. Exactly. And there wasn’t any concern about this in church. Nobody put two and two together and taught women that they needed to guard their children from drag queen story hour and planned Parenthood writing the sex ed curriculum.. if pastors had been serious, they would have produced high earning men, and women who preferred those men, in order to keep the kids out. Butem get no guidance about school or work or life plan, and women are told to follow their hearts, which just leaves them making their worldview off of the need to feel good and be liked and not hurt anyone’s feelings. I have an alias because I don’t believe there is any seriousness about producing results in the church. They aren’t trying to score, they’re trying to have feelings and have a community and worry about the feelings of non-Christian victims.

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    2. People are lazy and selfish, seeking to avoid both responsibility and having to expend resources if they can at all avoid doing so. This includes many self-described “Christians” and explains why so many of them abuse and neglect their children by abandoning them in government day prisons (a.k.a. publik skoolz), even though they are well aware of the dangers in which they are placing their children.

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      1. My solution to this would be to encourage people to understand what part education and saving money plays on having freedom t decide where to educate kids later on. People can’t follow their hearts in the moment AND be prepared for raising kids as Christians, too.


  5. “We’re the goddamn Rebel Alliance; the Empire is in power.”

    Whenever I see someone talking about being “the Resistance” against Trump (or whatever else they throw on the pile), I figured they were picturing themselves as heroes out of Star Wars, and this quote just proves it to me. They are viewing themselves as the downtrodden freedom fighters, the underdog, the brave “little guy” going up against the Darth Vaders and other sith lords of the universe.

    In reality, they’re just First Order desk jockeys, completely indoctrinated to the cause, with no clue that they are actually the anti-democratic, anti-freedom, bad guys. They are the Empire, not the Rebel Alliance, but are so far into their ideological cult, they are incapable of rational thought anymore.

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    1. The reality of the situation can be seen in the case of the Washington attorney general going after an elderly Christian florist who employs gay people and serves gay people for everything she owns because she would not participate in a gay wedding ceremony. That’s reality.

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      1. I live in Washington. I love the state (I’m a native), but the government down in Olympia is controlled by Democrats and is insane. Liberal refugees from Communist California and the People’s Republic of Oregon moved up here years ago, seeking freedom from higher taxes and urban rot caused by their own liberal policies.
        Oddly enough, being knee-jerk liberals, once here they proceeded to vote Left, take power, and destroy the very place they moved to, presumably to escape the results of their own failed policies. Seattle was once called the Emerald City. Now it is a cesspool, overrun with homeless drug addicts and mental cases wandering the streets, with crumbling infrastructure, sky-high taxes, and a City Council packed with Leftists, Socialists and New Age whackjobs, where it’s legal to walk around with up to three grams of heroin and free needles are available.
        Will they never learn…..

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