How will men adapt to violence against men and false accusations?

A massive decline in marriage rate
A massive decline in marriage rate (per 1,000 of population in America)

A couple of women who write for the Daily Wire keep posting scary stories of men being mistreated by women. I’m going to link to a few of their stories below, from last week. Then I want to say something about why these sorts of events are happening so frequently, and what message it sends to men who might want to have a committed relationship with a woman.

The two women writers at Daily Wire are Amanda Prestigiacamo and Ashe Schow.

Here is one from May 8th, by Amanda:

Thirty-six-year-old Kenan Basic spent weeks in jail, lost his relationship, and was repeatedly slandered after a woman falsely accused him of sexual misconduct.

According to Australia-based 7NEWS, Basic was accused of “indecently assaulting and stalking” Caitlyn Gray, a 19-year-old woman, after he stopped to help her when her car broke down late last year.

Basic apparently spent two hours fixing Gray’s vehicle. As shown by surveillance footage, the smiling pair seem happy, hugging after the car is fixed and eventually parting ways. But according to the news station, “Gray told police Basic had allegedly propositioned her for sex in return for his help before he pursued her in the car and later indecently assaulted her at a different location.” Authorities investigating the incident called Basic’s behavior “predatory.”

Months later, however, the truth about the incident finally came out: Basic never assaulted the woman. The 19-year-old confessed to police during an interrogation that she fabricated evidence and made up the assault whole-cloth.

So what lesson would a man learn from this? Well, he would learn that women can’t be trusted to be grateful when they are given help.


The falsely accused man noted that he’s “never been jailed, never had a criminal record or anything.”

“I always help people, all my life,” he said. “And this was the first time a snake bit me.”

The 36-year-old said he’ll “probably never help again, ya know. I don’t want that to happen again.”

I don’t know why this woman made this false accusation. Studies show that women generally make false accusations for attention, for an alibi, to get revenge, or to get sympathy after they’ve chosen to have sex with someone who ignored them after. This case doesn’t fit any of these scenarios. Maybe she felt slighted because he didn’t try anything with her, and that made her feel unattractive. But the message to good men who want to help women is clear: the risk is too great.

Here’s another story from May 11th, by Ashe:

Ah to be one of those poor, oppressed women who have fewer privileges than men.

A woman like Jazzmin Fry, who was so oppressed that when she stabbed a complete stranger — a man — with one of her stilettos for literally no reason, she only had to pay a $250 fine as punishment. Her conviction wasn’t even recorded outside of the press.

[…]The victim, Kyle Johns, 19, was taken to the hospital and needed two staples in his head to repair the wound.

What lesson will men learn from stories like this one? Well, they’ll learn that there is a double standard in the justice system, such that men are held accountable for their choices, but women are not. That’s because men are seen as responsible for their actions, and women are not seen as responsible – no matter how much harm they cause.

Ashe says:

Women in the justice system — whether in Australia, or the U.K., or the U.S. — get off much easier than men for the same crimes. One of the biggest disparities can be found in sexual assaults against minors. When women commit these crimes — whether against a young boy or girl, or teenager — they receive much lighter sentences than men do for the same crime.

As I have written previously, men who abuse children (rightly) receive harsh punishments. A 32-year-old man who sexually abused a young girl over the course of several years faced 366 years to life in prison. Yet a 25-year-old woman who pleaded guilty to raping young boys at a trailer park only received five years probation.

[…]In 2012, University of Michigan professor Sonja Starr researched the gender disparities in federal criminal cases and found that “men receive 63% longer sentences on average than women do” and that “Women are … twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted.”

Men are very aware of disparities in the criminal justice system, but when I talk to women about it, they are rarely aware of it. But this is just one example of an area where men are at a disadvantage, and the problem only gets worse as more and more feminists take control of legislation, law enforcement and criminal courts. Almost every man knows a story of about how divorce courts treated a man badly, whether it be with unfair alimony or child support, false accusations, or even jail. And it seems like all the momentum in society is to make everything better for women, and worse for men. This is easily seen by looking at studies of how the public schools – which are dominated by  female teachers and administrators – discriminate against boys.

Here’s a third one from May 13th, by Amanda:

A false accusation of sexual assault turned deadly last month in Utah when a teen girl’s brother sought vengeance over the claim of sexual assault that never was.

A 16-year-old girl, whose identity has not been revealed because she’s a minor, told her 17-year-old brother that Michael Fife, 62, sexually assaulted her on a Cache Valley Transit District (CVTD) bus. The 17-year-old tracked down Fife and physically attacked him when he got off the bus; wounds from the altercation left him dead.

According to Logan Police Department, reviewed surveillance footage from the bus revealed that the alleged assault never happened.

According to the police, “the video showed Mr. Fife walking past the girl, but no sexual assault occurred.” Did she lie just to see what effect it would have on her brother?

My thoughts

Here is a fourth story about an NFL player who refused to have sex with a woman, and he was falsely charged with raping her, as reported on May 10th, in The College Fix.

This one is important, because this guy lost millions of dollars in salary, because he was kept out of the NFL two years, when his accuser had no evidence whatsoever. That’s how unfair the system has become for men, and men with more to lose have more reason to avoid any relationships with women. Men with more money have more to lose to a false accusation. And these stories are so common in our age.

When a man measures up how much a woman adds to his life, and compares it to the risk of being cleaned out on a fact-free false accusation, it’s not a good value proposition. Women often look at things only from the woman’s point of view, and so they are mystified by how men could think like this. They just can’t seem to put themselves into men’s shoes to understand how dangerous women have become to men. And then men get told how weak and cowardly they are for refusing to ask women out, for refusing to commit, etc.

I think that the only women who are safe are women who have put in the effort to learn about these injustices towards men. If you are interested in a woman for a relationship, then ask her to name a few challenges that men face in this anti-male society. Ask her if she has a male relative who has faced a false accusation. Ask her if she has experience battling for men’s rights. If she doesn’t stand up for good men before marriage, she won’t respect you after marriage.

Women of the previous generation knew how to prepare herself for wife and mother roles, and present herself to a man in order to persuade him to marry her. Too many women in today’s generation have lost that ability to be feminine. They have lost the ability to be a real friend and support to a man. They don’t want to nurture his ability to be a masculine leader in a home.

It is rare to find a woman who is putting in the work to learn about things like abortion, divorce, and same-sex marriage. Most of them are instead focused on single motherhood by choice, delaying marriage for career, surrogacy, etc. Most women aren’t prepared to fight against anti-marriage, anti-child forces, and men sense from this that they aren’t serious about marriage as it really is: a self-sacrificial commitment requiring female and male natures.

Most young, unmarried women take on the priorities of the culture: animal rights, global warming, equal pay, abortion rights, gun control, higher taxes, single payer healthcare, public schools, etc. But most know very little about how to prepare themselves for a husband, or prepare themselves to provide for their children.

21 thoughts on “How will men adapt to violence against men and false accusations?”

  1. It’s stories like these that make me want to wear my Go Pro ALL of the time, not just on the sidewalk.

    We have created a nation of female psychopaths – mass child sacrifice will do that.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. What do you think causes so many of them to get so angry, resort to violence, and make false accusations?

      Personally, I have a quiet life right now, and I don’t want any crazy women in my house. I had enough of that growing up. It’s more work for me, but I like being able to sleep at night. I sleep very deeply.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I strongly suggest you follow the Pence Rule, WK. Including at work, especially at work. Maybe keep some cameras nearby too that you can flip on quickly.

        I see soooo many women on a daily basis who have been “turned over to their delusions.” Especially nasty young white girls.

        They have been indoctrinated throughout school and the media that they can use their gender to get away with anything – 8 years of Obama and even more of identity politics. They have sacrificed their children to their “gods.” What do we EXPECT them to become besides moral monsters?!?

        Liked by 5 people

          1. Yeah but does that mean you almost have to turn into a hermit? It’s not like there’s a dearth of young single women with mental issues (likely from a lack of a father and/or sexual immorality).

            Liked by 1 person

          2. I’m fine with being a hermit, as long as I’m a rich hermit. Besides, I only need to stay clear of being alone with young, single women.

            I have lots of older female friends in other states and countries who hate feminism, and respect men and male leadership.

            Liked by 3 people

      2. Dennis Prager talks about the cause regularly: While we still teach boys to control their masculine impulses toward aggression and sex; we teach little girls that their emotions are good and to be indulged. Men struggle to discipline and channel their aggression and libido to moral and constructive ends. Women struggle with strong emotions, but our feminized culture has embraced emotion over reality and that allows women to believe they can get away with all kinds of horrible behavior because it makes them feel good.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. That’s exactly right. Men have equal problems becoming mature, but people are alert to their problems. Boys are taught to control their anger and channel their energy into production and protection. Who teaches women how to control their desires and feelings? Nobody.


  2. “I don’t know why this woman made this false accusation.”
    Probably because he didn’t hit on her. I myself have been the victim of workplace sexual harassment for not “reciprocating.”

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  3. So basically women have made it a no win situation with them.
    They can charge you for harassment for asking them out or charge you for harassment for not asking them out.

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  4. I’d rather be a hermit than screw around with modern females. Schitt has gotten too real. I’d be twice as rich if I’d never gotten married (now divorced). No women in my life means peace of mind and far less stress for my future. Women have been given way too much power by the media and misandric courts. I feel so bad for the guys whose lives are being ruined by female narcissism, sociopathy, entitlement and privilege. Don’t need one. Don’t want one. You can have ’em all to yourselves.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I wouldn’t give up on all of them at all. My closest friends are women, but they are like Amanda and Ashe in that they despise feminism, and are very concerned about what men are experiencing in a feminist culture.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. I too question how many are truly “good” considering how few have done anything to help innocent men over the last fifty years of hatred and assaults against males… cannot be many.

            Most all have gone along for the ride if they haven’t actively participated in that toxicity against even their own sons.

            What’s that old saying – silence is tacit approval?

            Women are our competitors at best and adversaries at worst now.


  5. No matter the sex or religion all people are equally fallen before God. Some may overcome their dark desires more often and have become more holy in their lifestyle.

    It is why I see danger in giving a free pass to protected groups and not holding the bad ones to account. There are always wicked people looking to take advantage of a system that will let them operate with impunity.

    Justice must be blind looking only at the facts. Religion, race, sexuality, etc are irrelevant in deciding if a crime was committed or not

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  6. Remember the song “Where have all the Cowboys Gone” by Paula Cole? The answer is the feminists scared them all away. To be fair though the husband in the song isn’t a very good husband since their relationship is to routine and mundane.

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