My discussion with a woman whose husband was killed by a drunk-driving illegal immigrant

Net annual cost of illegal immigration
Net annual cost of illegal immigration

Before we get to my conversation with my friend whose husband was killed in a car accident when an illegal immigrant with NO driver’s license, NO auto insurance, who was intoxicated from alcohol, I wanted to show you a news story that shows how things like this are not so unusual.

Here’s the story from the Daily Caller:

A multi-vehicle crash last week that claimed the life of the son of a Knoxville, Tennessee fire department captain was the result of a “chain reaction” begun by an illegal immigrant driving in the wrong lane, investigators said.

Pierce Kennedy Corcoran, 22, the son of Knoxville Fire Department spokesperson Captain D.J. Corcoran, was driving a Honda Civic south on Knoxville’s Chapman Highway the evening of December 29 when a Chevrolet pickup truck driven by Franco Cambrany Francisco-Eduardo reportedly veered into their lane and struck the vehicle.

[…]44-year-old Franco Cambrany Francisco-Eduardo, an illegal immigrant, was arrested and charged with criminally negligent homicide as well as having no driver’s license or proof of financial responsibility, according to the News Sentinel, and was jailed without bond pending ICE action.

Since Tennessee is NOT a sanctuary state, the criminal will not be released to re-enter the United States illegally, and then commit another crime, and another, and another. This is what would happen in sanctuary states where Democrats govern. Instead, Tennessee handed the killer over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

People like to say that most illegal immigrants don’t commit violent crimes, but the real conclusion to draw here is that if this illegal immigrant had NOT been in the country, then that 22-year-old son would still be alive for his parents. He shouldn’t have been here. We can’t control the violent crimes of people who are supposed to be here, but that doesn’t mean that we should make things WORSE by letting in people who should not be here.

You can read the statement from the victim’s mother here.

It happened to someone I know

A friend of the blog had her husband killed by an illegal immigrant who was driving drunk, without a driver’s license. I had a call with her on Wednesday night to find out what happened. The illegal immigrant was driving in the wrong direction in their lane at full speed. Her husband was killed, she went into a coma, and her young child was injured. The illegal immigrant was drunk. He had no driver’s license. He had no auto insurance. When they caught him, he was packing his bags to go back to Mexico. And after serving his sentence, he was released without any kind of civil suit against him.

She was not able to get any restitution from the ranch that illegally employed him. She was not able to get any restitution from the strip bar where he became intoxicated before the accident. She was not able to get any restitution from the car dealer who sold him a car without requiring a driver’s license and proof of insurance.

After his release, it would be easy for him to re-enter the country illegally, and commit another crime. This happens all the time, for example, in the case of the illegal immigrant who just murdered a legal immigrant policy officer in California. That criminal had been deported FIVE TIMES, but he just kept walking through our border again and again.

I think it is very important to focus on the stories of the law-abiding victims of illegal immigrants who commit crimes. Not all illegal immigrants commit crimes. But all the crimes committed by illegal immigrants could have been deterred by tougher border security.

Whenever I hear Democrat politicians talking about illegal immigration, they are always silent about the law-abiding taxpayers who are impacted by illegal immigration. But those same Democrat politicians who like to spend YOUR money and risk YOUR lives are not liable for restitution if their lax immigration policies cost you your money or your life.

The cost of unskilled immigrants to taxpayers

Even if illegal immigrants don’t commit violent crimes, there is still a cost to taxpayers.

The Washington Times reports on the latest numbers from the Census Bureau.


The latest Census Bureau numbers find that more than seven of 10 households headed by immigrants in California, and nearly the same amount in Texas, are on the taxpayer dole.

[…]According to the latest numbers from 2014, fully 63 percent of non-citizens are living off at least one welfare program. That translates into 4.68 million households.

[…]What’s most troublesome about the Census findings is the fact that the 63 percent of non-citizens on welfare actually grows to 70 percent for those who stay in-country 10 years or longer — meaning the entitlement mind only solidifies.

Meaning non-citizens on welfare don’t tend to get off welfare.

If we want to let in more people from other countries, then we should loosen up our process for admitting skilled immigrants who 1) have a job offer and are continuously employed and 2) pay taxes and 3) follow the law, 4) cannot collect one dime of welfare money, and 5) cannot bring in any relatives through chain migration. We should speed up the process for skilled immigrants to get their permanent residency. At the same time, we should build the wall, implement e-verify, prosecute businesses that hire illegal immigrants to the full extent of the law, and we should cut off all federal money for states that contain sanctuary cities.

11 thoughts on “My discussion with a woman whose husband was killed by a drunk-driving illegal immigrant”

  1. The most enraging part isn’t like the Left says, that we’re prejudice because we decry some “brown” person killing someone, but the fact that that person should have never been in the country in the first place! Yes, Americans get killed by citizen drunk drives all the time, but it adds insult to injury when there was a chance that person wouldn’t have killed them if they were barred from being in the country illegally! The nerve that a US citizen was killed by an illegal in their own country is enraging!

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  2. Well you notice that the left goes silent about Asian immigrants, because family would not tolerate them living off the system and blaming others for their problems..

    But illegals being allowed to stay and not facing legal consequences for violating lass will only breed a discontent with all immigrants. Legal or not, working or not people will start to blame all of them for the bad view.

    And no matter how much left mocks those that disagree with their feeling of reality, you can’t force submission to a thought process without having the rise of a full police state and outlawing other thought. Though on the left they would be ok with that as long as the police state existed to enforce their reality.

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  3. In other news, Ana Navarro of CNN does her nails during a debate when confronted with the fact of Americans being killed by illegals. The Leftist cultural and media elite have absolute contempt for everyday Americans.


      1. They see anyone outside their thought pattern as disposable peasants.

        It really is not different than a return to empire thoughts of Rome, for example, where enslaving or removing rights of inferior classes did not matter becaue they were not fully human.

        If you don’t think like the left you aren’t worthy of standard human rights and your life is only tolerated if it does not get in the way of the left regime

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    1. I don’t even want to watch that clip!! But it is the attitude I encounter all the time, though never with such impudent, dismissive arrogance and condescension! The leftists with whom I engage insist on portraying only those “seeking refuge from harm” by despots and criminals in their home countries, and like to pretend that all of our immigration laws are flawed if they don’t allow everyone who claims they are among such desperate souls to immediately enter and remain…as if it is impossible that any of them are lying about fleeing danger, so just believe them.

      Navarro should be more than merely ashamed of herself. She should be unemployed.


  4. I think that anyone who kills someone while driving drunk should be taken out and shot dead.
    Whether they are here illegally or not.
    But, since that will never happen, here’s my suggestion:
    1st offense: lose your license for 6 months.
    2nd offense: lose your car for one year.
    3rd offense: jail for one year.
    4th offense: jail for TEN years.
    5th offense: jail for life.

    And if you are here illegally?
    1st offense: 5 years in jail, followed by immediate deportation upon release.
    2nd offense: 10 years in jail, then deported.
    3rd offense: life in prison.


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