Pro-abortion man assaults pro-life woman at peaceful demonstration

Huma Abedin (left), Harvery Weinstein (center), Hillary Clinton (right)
Huma Abedin (left), Harvery Weinstein (center), Hillary Clinton (right)

I’m getting a little annoyed at how pro-abortion men are widely perceived to be superior to pro-life men. These days, men without any moral boundaries are “better”, because they don’t tell women what’s right or wrong. Well, here’s the truth: if a man is willing to put recreational sex above the obligation to care for innocent human beings, then he’s not a good man.

Here’s the video of the assault:

And here’s the story that goes with it, from Fox News.


Jordan Hunt has been identified as the culprit behind the attack after a video of him spin-kicking the woman went viral. He deleted his social media accounts after the backlash.

In the video, he is seen approaching a group of pro-life activists and engaging them in a discussion about abortion before suddenly kicking an activist and ripping a Campaign Life ribbon off her jacket and fleeing the scene.

[…]Marie-Claire Bissonnette, the 27-year-old woman involved in the incident, is the youth coordinator with Campaign Life Coalition and has since spoken out about the ordeal.

“He kicked me in the shoulder, my phone went flying,” Bissonnette told the Toronto Sun. “I start shouting for someone to call police and before he runs away, he goes up to me and I had a ribbon on my jacket indicating the leader, he tore it off my chest.”

She said that the kick left her with minor pain and those who saw the incident “were in shock.”

[…]“It’s not the first time I’ve experienced physical aggression from people who disagree with our message,” she told the newspaper. “I don’t think it’s acceptable to show any physical violence to anyone who disagrees with you. The perpetrator should know that.”

In the last week, I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets from pro-abortion men who are very angry that their right to have recreational sex “without consequences” might be impacted by the new Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh. Although they make a big deal about being “pro-woman”, they are really thinking about their own ability to have sex without having to take responsibility for their actions.

Let’s think through what a woman should be looking for in a man, by working backwards.

Getting old alone is difficult. So women should be thinking about how to keep a man committed to them after they lose start to lose their youth and beauty. The simplest way to not grow old alone is to invest early and often in a man who does what he promises to do even when it doesn’t feel good. Pro-abortion men are not the kind of men who make commitments that require them to sacrifice their own interests. After all, if a man thinks that it is OK to kill an unborn child in order to maximize his own pleasure, then he can’t be relied upon to put the woman’s interests above his own selfishness.

A good man never tells a woman to put selfishness above moral obligations, either. A good man always builds a woman up, and doesn’t think about what he can get from her first. Good men want to build women up so that it’s safe to commit to them, and to have children with them. Good men know that women need to be encouraged and cared for so that they are able to do the right things. And that means telling women the truth, and telling women “no” if the woman wants to do something morally wrong or reckless. Telling a woman yes when she wants to do something morally wrong isn’t loving her. It isn’t setting her up to be the kind of woman a man can commit to, and build a life with.

Although pro-abortion men seem to be better to feminists today, because they don’t tell women what’s right and wrong, they are actually worse, in the long run. Such men are no good for self-sacrificial love. Women should choose to avoid them, no matter how good they make women feel “in the moment”.

12 thoughts on “Pro-abortion man assaults pro-life woman at peaceful demonstration”

  1. Thankfully Mr. (?) Jordan has been apprehended and lost his job as a hairstylist. Yeah, I was shocked by that second part too.

    Good thing I wasn’t there, because they would’ve needed his dental records to identify him.

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  2. “Bro-choice” males are the worst. Real men protect the weak.

    And these male feminists like Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Anthony Weiner, Eric Schneiderman, etc. are the worst abusers of women. They just use their faux feminism as a front, and gullible women believe them.

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  3. If he was doing that to a person at an LGBT rally he would be charged under a hate crime.

    But as it stood the pm of the liberal party Justin trudeau would hardly recognize the incident.

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  4. If a man is ‘pro-choice’ then he’s in favor of a woman being able to kill his child against his will and get away with it. Cowardice doesn’t begin to describe it.

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  5. I think both male and female feminists want abortion for the same reasons…recreational sex without having procreation happening. The man kills his fatherhood and the woman kills her motherhood.


  6. It is very odd how so many people – men and women – think of “women’s rights” as the right to murder her unborn baby. It is the most sacred religious sacrament of the Left. Even a higher sacrament than Diversity, which is saying something.


  7. Leftists women mock a man’s right to have an opinion because they claim it is her body. They reject the idea that they lost temporary sole right to their body when they became pregnant.

    As a result leftist men have to pretend it all makes sense to make those women happy and since they buy the it isn’t really a life dogma


    1. So if pregnancy means losing the right to my body, why on Earth would I want to become pregnant? Why not let women chose what’s right for them? I’d rather have my tubes tied, support myself, be finacially independent, and live for me. Why must I he expected to live my life for another man, and little people that don’t even exist or haven’t even been conceived yet? Why is it so bad for women to he independent, live for themselves, and not always be at the mercy of a man? I’m 20, I just started working as a nurse and will be neutering Nurse Practitioner school next fall. I’m not taking anyone’s money, I’m not anyone’s mother, and I certainly don’t want to he be anyone’s wife if I have to give up my freedom and autonomy. I don’t want to have a man tell me what to do and how to live my personal life.


      1. I totally get your circumstances. You are young, getting ready for a career (although I don’t understand what a “neutering Nurse” does). You are not ready to make a lifelong commitment yet, and you sure do not sound ready to be a parent.

        So if you don’t want a man tell you what to do with your personal life, you are definitely not mature enough to be having sex. As a nurse, I am sure you must know where babies come from. And you know there is no birth control besides abstinence that is 100% effective, If you are not ready to make a lifelong commitment, don’t have sex. Are you willing to sacrifice your own children on the altar of your independent lifestyle?


  8. Trudeau’s brand of male feminism is a crime against humanity. Real men take responsibility for their actions. They don’t shrug it off as the woman’s choice since the child that they recklessly create is carried in her body.


  9. The next time someone says “a woman can do whatever she wants to her body”…. respond with “so suicide should be legalized?”…. to which they are forced to either agree that suicide should be legalized, to remain consistent, or find some double standard to explain the difference.

    However that argument STILL lacks in that a suicide takes a human life voluntarily and we still have laws against it.

    The other point to make is that a woman CAN do whatever she wants to her body unless doing so harms another. Case in point, we have passed many laws to restrict the effects of second hand smoke. We have taken massive strides to combat this problem and yet we as a country kill unborn humans by the Millions.

    Astonishing. God will judge America one day… it is only a matter of time.

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