Unmarried 34-year-old woman vows to change shark into loving, faithful husband by hand-feeding him raw meat

Melissa Brunning dispenses advice and posts exotic selfies on her page “Wild and Free”

Melissa Brunning is a 34-year-old unmarried woman who operates a Facebook page called “Wild and Free“. On that page, she posts inspirational quotes about travel, fun, following your heart, as well as pictures from all her exotic vacations. The “about” section of the (public) page says “My mission is to inspire others to break free from 9-5 & live LIFE on their terms, to be WILD and FREE to follow their dreams, to explore & go on adventure”.

Here is her philosophy in one photo:

Life is too short to waste time listening to wise people
Life is too short to waste time listening to people with demonstrated ability and success

Anyway, you can look at all the selfies of her with her cat, her bikinis, etc. on her personal Facebook page. The reason for this post is because Melissa met a new guy on Match.com. He has everything that she wants. He’s tall. He’s strong. He’s smooth. He has really great teeth. And most importantly, he gives the impression that he could really lose his temper at any minute and attack other men violently. Melissa is sure that she can get around that problem somehow, though. Although the man lived 1500 miles away from her, this was no problem, because Melissa loves to travel, and  this trip was a once-in-a-lifetime exotic adventure!

The West Australian reported on her date:

Melissa Brunning was on a “once-in-a-lifetime” trip cruising the majestic Kimberley on a friend’s superyacht, so when an opportunity arose to feed a placid shark she was scared, but her adventurous spirit willed her to give it a go.

But it all ended in a freak shark bite incident that left the Perth woman grateful she didn’t lose a finger.

The last of her friends to try feeding the three to four Tawny nurse sharks hanging around the back of the boat, what Ms Brunning didn’t realise until it was too late was that she shouldn’t hand feed the 2m shark, rather place the piece of fish in front of her and watch it go by and suck it up.

With a suction “like a Hoover”, the shark sucked Ms Brunning’s right index finger into its mouth full of rows of razor sharp teeth.

Mobile phone footage filmed by a friend of the incident at the end of May shows Ms Brunning screaming as she’s pulled from the back of the boat into the croc-infested water as the shark swims off.

Oh no! The hot alpha male bad boy ate her food, bit her, and swam away without even leaving his phone number. Typical whale! Er, I mean shark. It wasn’t her fault! There was no way to predict from his appearance that he would become violent and unfaithful. It was the shark’s fault – he lied to her. He presented himself as kind and sweet. The shark’s toxic masculinity was clearly to blame. #Patriarchy #MeToo

Melissa is quoted in the article about the break-up with the sharp-looking thug: “We’re not meant to be in the water, if we were we’d have gills.” It was a love not meant to be. But while in the hospital getting taxpayer-funded health care for the “unexpected” result of her irrational choices, a nurse gave her the phone number of a hot looking crocodile who was just being released from prison. Maybe things will work out with him? At least her friends will be envious if she posts a selfie with him.

You can have a lot of fun reading the inspirational quotes on her Wild and Free page, and even more fun if you insert something about trying to hand feed a shark into each one.

Here are some:

  • When it feels scary to jump, that is exactly when you jump, otherwise you end up staying in the same place your whole life
  • Take every chance you get in life because some things only happen once
  • Life is an adventure, dare it
  • Live in the moment
  • When was the last time you did something for the first time?
  • If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try
  • Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing
  • Be crazy, be stupid, be silly, be weird, be whatever – because life is too short to be anything but happy

I think the common denominator here is this glorification of thrill seeking and fun, at the expense of having a slow, deliberate plan that achieves a real result. When your sole purpose in life is to have good feelings, it becomes impossible to exercise self-control for the sake of something higher, like serving God. The pattern of always choosing self, self, self becomes impossible to break.

This sort of thrill-seeking lifestyle works when you’re young and pretty, but it doesn’t really set you up for success in the last 50 years of your life. A woman needs to use her pre-marriage time wisely. She needs to train up her wife and mother skills, and develop patience and maturity by doing hard things. She has to train herself to keep commitments if her marriage is to last. A stable marriage requires her to get comfortable with self-sacrifice. She has to train her character to be content with stability. She needs to stop seeking thrills and learn how to delay gratification.

I am seeing this attitude of hers a lot in young Christian women. There doesn’t seem to be much of a vision for marriage and family being taught to women today. Women don’t see Christianity as something that overrides their pleasure-seeking and self-centeredness. Instead, they just sing praise hymns, read devotionals, listen to Joyce Meyer’s prosperity gospel sermons, and focus on themselves. Nutrition, fitness and travel are all good, but they cannot be the main things in life for an authentic Christian.

Christians should be concerned with God’s reputation and God’s goals. Christians are meant to serve God, not themselves. Christians have to do what works for God, like apologetics. There is no such thing as a Christian whose Facebook and Instagram page celebrates “self-love”, thrill-seeking, exotic vacations, etc. A real Christian always does what works to serve God. Jesus was good at self-denial and self-control. He was obedient to God even when it cost him his life. He didn’t go on exotic vacations and do pointless, risky things to get fun and thrills.

If you missed my previous post on radical feminists turning to mermen to get around the problem of “toxic masculinity” in normal men, then be sure to read that.

17 thoughts on “Unmarried 34-year-old woman vows to change shark into loving, faithful husband by hand-feeding him raw meat”

  1. Christianity actually does agree with a level of ascetic value in life, and that is lost on people. Living with little and placing no value in material objects, focusing first on things of eternal value.

    We don’t all have to become a priest or enter a monestary. But we would do well to spend at least a season without all the fun things that hold no long term value in life, as a means of learning priorities.

    I find these people like this woman just haven’t learned that non of those fun experiences even matter in the long run and don’t mean they experience or accomplished more with their life at all. They just spent a lot of time feeling emotions that they found favourable

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  2. “Be crazy, be stupid, be silly, be weird, be whatever – because life is too short to be anything but happy…”

    And the crazier, stupider, sillier, weirderer, whatevererererer you act, the shorter it will be, too.

    So, why is she single at 34? Maybe marriage was just a little TOO much of an adventure for her?

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    1. I think it would require her to say no to her feelings, and she never learned to do that. And this is why so many young, unmarried women vote for bigger government. If they screw up the marriage and children, then they have no plan for old age. They need government to come to their rescue with free health care and free retirement, etc.

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          1. Dumbing down the voter and growing government – a progressive’s dream come true.

            Thanks for that one.


    1. See, this is what I am thinking about as well. People wonder why men are not marrying… maybe it’s because we want the emotional support and companionship of a woman (in a covenant marriage relationship) during the critical time when we are trying to navigate the more difficult early years of our career, and home purchase. A man who has to get his degrees, establish his career, and save up for a downpayment ON HIS OWN is not going to feel the same loyalty to a woman who shows up later than he would for a woman who is right there by his side helping him to do these hard things.

      Somewhere along the line, parents and pastors just decided to stand back, and let young women be influenced by the Disney Princess, disobey your parents, take stupid risks, lifestyle. The desire for fun and thrills now is not being opposed. And it fuels the massive binge drinking and promiscuous hooking up that we see on college campuses. I am surprised that people who are PRO-LIFE don’t have anything to say against the take-pointless-risks attitude that produces so many crisis pregnancies.

      Women should be encouraged to study serious degrees, take full-time professional jobs, and prioritize marriage to sensible, sober, provider men. But that’s not what’s happening. We don’t have any agenda for our daughters, and they end up just pursuing happiness by indulging their selfish natures and seeking attention by doing what the culture tells them is worthwhile (ziplining, skydiving, traveling, etc.).

      Also, this is where big government comes from. When women don’t marry well, they turn to big government to rescue them. We’re the ones who end up paying for these Disney princess lifestyles.

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    1. I think the love of spontaneity is actually childish and immature. It’s fine for children to be irrational and irresponsible, but not for a grown woman in her mid-30s.


      1. Exactly on topic. Men have to be smarter when choosing a woman for marriage. Either you can break them out of this pattern of thrill-seeking, or you are running the risk of being cheated on. For a high net worth individual, thrill-seeking women are unacceptably risky.


        There are two female character traits that highly correlate to cheating. I’ve found these traits not in women who have cheated on me, but on women who cheated on their boyfriends, fiancees, or husbands with me. In many cases, I didn’t even know she had a man until after we had sex.

        1. She has a high need for excitement

        A girl with a high need for excitement believes that life should always be fun. She fears boredom and routine. She may share memes along the lines of “Life is short” or “Carpe diem.” The problem is that relationships are boring by their very nature. Within only a couple of months, they turn into a repeating pattern of eating, having sex, watching movies, and talking about the same group of friends. This is hard for some girls to tolerate. They will cheat not with the intention of leaving their boyfriend, but simply to live the fun lifestyle they believe is coming to them.

        The same pattern occurs with a girl who is highly impulsive, meaning she needs to act on whatever random idea pops into her head so that she can see herself as “fun” and “spontaneous.” If she is in a club with friends and sees a hot guy, the impulse of “I want to sleep with him” is one she may act on, even though her loyal boyfriend is waiting at home.

        Several years ago in Poland I was in a nightclub when I noticed a tall girl with nice legs staring at me. The conversation between us went well and I tried to move her to the dance floor, but there was a big problem: she had a boyfriend, and he was on his way to the club with his friends. I was ready to move on to another girl, but even after the boyfriend arrived, she kept looking my way. They all went upstairs. Ten minutes later, she came back to me. I knew she wanted to fuck so I told her to come with me to my place, which was only a five-minute walk away. I could tell it was thrilling for her to escape the club with a new man while her boyfriend was still in it.

        Once in my apartment, the boyfriend called. She told him that she got tired and went home, but that he should stay in the club and have fun with his friends. She ended the call with “I love you.” We then had sex multiple times, she spent the night, and then we had sex again in the morning. She made effort in seeing me again.

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        1. Unfortunately I think a lot of men don’t teach their sons this kind of thing, nor were they taught this when they were younger. They have made poor choices in who they have married and, being Christian, they are stuck, they cannot simply walk away without being disobedient to the Lord. Even after finding the so-called “red pill” they are faced with either going along with the program or trying to tame their wife and running the risk of having everything taken away. Some men would rather have everything stripped away rather than be under bondage of the state and an ex-wife, and will let their wives divorce them, yet continue on, but I think most would rather stay in the situation. Sad.

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  3. One only has to have a quick look on social media to see the various types of nonsense that young women get up to these days and yet somehow pastors and the like still can’t understand that women aren’t the precious little princesses they think they are. Why should they be? Few people (especially in the church) are willing to say ‘no’ to a woman much less show any form of authority or try to enact some disciplinary action. Much like how a spoiled child will naturally become more unruly over time without proper parenting, if women are basically told that they can do whatever they want regardless of the consequences (‘don’t like your marriage right now? Divorce with cash prizes!’ ‘Slept with some loser while drunk at a party and became pregnant with his child? Claim he raped you and kill the baby.’) they won’t become virtuous little angels.

    Honestly, whenever I see some young 20-something doing something irrational and immature (which is too often) my mind always goes to two places: “I’m expected to marry that?” and “If I ever have a daughter and I caught her doing that she’d be over my knee in a flash”. It’s not hard to say NO.


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