Feminism’s new plan to achieve lasting happiness without giving up promiscuity

Do young women understand how to get to a stable marriage?
Do young women understand how to get to a stable marriage?

The article that I am linking to in TODAY’s post is from the far-left Huffington Post. Please do not read the article if you are under 30. Huffington Post, like most radical feminism web sites, has dropped down to the level of 50 Shades of Gray. Reader discretion is advised. But I had to write about their article because it really shows you that radical feminists are not innocent little doves hoping for traditional marriage and children.

First, a little introduction. Radical feminism is a rejection of traditional sex roles for men and women, and the committed union of men and women in marriage.

Here is what radical feminists oppose:

  • female sobriety when among the opposite sex
  • male sobriety when among the opposite sex
  • female chastity prior to marriage
  • male chastity prior to marriage
  • women preparing for the traditional roles of wife and mother
  • men preparing for the traditional roles of protector, provider, moral leader and spiritual leader
  • paying for their own condoms and birth control pills
  • men who are pro-life and pro-natural-marriage

Radical feminism wants nothing to do with men who are sober and chaste. The only real way to decide whether a man is good or bad – for a radical feminist – is whether he is attractive looking and does not try to lead women or hold them accountable morally or spiritually. Men are just accessories designed to provide women with fun and thrills. They are not to be selected for their ability to perform “sexist” virtues like chivalry, providing or leadership.

Now, feminists have been very unhappy lately, because their plan for forming relationships (focus on career, choose hot guys, get drunk, have premarital sex, wait by the phone, claim that all men are evil when no one calls, repeat) doesn’t work. But radical feminists don’t see the problem with their promiscuity plan. They don’t think that marriage is a good thing, because it has unfair sex roles. And they don’t think that women or men should prepare for commitment by being sober, chaste and self-sacrificial. They think that they can choose pleasure right now, and at every moment following, and that this will somehow work out to provide them with lasting love, support and intimacy as they grow older. Somehow, after they tire of sexual revolutionisting with the hot guys, they will easily be able to find a man who is simultaneously hot and sober, faithful, committed, and a great father to whichever children she decided not to abort. And if this plan doesn’t “work out”, then it’s the fault of patriarchy and toxic masculinity.

The Huffington Post article explains why radical feminists think that their plan is failing:

[…][S]ome straight women have thrown their hands up in despair at the prospect of dealing with straight men. These men, who grope us and talk down to us and consistently fail to clean the bathroom ― we’re supposed to make lives with them? Let them touch us?

Women woke up one day to find that their husbands voted for Donald Trump and their sons have been ***posting on incel boards. Even before we heard the claims about Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual harassment and assault and the ensuing avalanche of other horrifying Me Too allegations, we heard about our president grabbing women “by the pussy,” Bill Cosby feeding women roofies, and R. Kelly allegedly sexually exploiting young girls. So many straight men, we have been forced to accept, are bad to and for us. Why would we take the enormous risk of loving one of them?

All the bad boy leftist men they freely chose to have premarital sex with for money or career advancement failed to please them. And all men must be the same. After all, radical feminists rejected traditional male virtues and roles as “sexist”. Instead, they decided to have premarital sex with secular leftists like Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Elliot Spitzer, etc. Those men are fun and thrilling, and might even help your career. If these relationships failed, then surely the relationships not chosen – the ones with the sober, chaste, responsible men – would have failed, too, right? You don’t expect a woman to have a relationship with someone who doesn’t support abortion and gay marriage, do you? How could a man who is pro-child and pro-marriage possibly be suitable for commitment and parenting? Just choose the hot ones who make you tingle, and then generalize about all men from those failed experiments.


One seductive yet impossible fantasy might be the romantic attention of a man who lacks the exhausting baggage of male entitlement.

To find such a fantastical being, women ― in fiction, at least ― have turned to the sea.

Yes, the radical feminists are turning to the sea to find fictional mermen who meet their feminist ideals for relationships.


Lucy, the protagonist of The Pisces, is newly single, running out of time to finish her dissertation, and spiraling out of control.

[…]Despite the therapy sessions, Lucy can’t stop searching for male attention to restore her sense of desirability and worth. Before each encounter with a prospect, she feels buoyant and eager, but again and again, she’s left sexually and emotionally unfulfilled, in part because the men don’t much care whether she’s enjoying herself.

One man she meets on an app ― a hot younger dude in an open relationship ― convinces her to have sex with him in the lobby bathroom of an upscale hotel. It’s quick and mediocre. She doesn’t come. Afterward, he leaves without telling her, stranding her alone at the hotel bar. Lucy thought the encounter would be something different, that it would make her feel deliriously sexy and desired.  She tries not to let herself feel sad about how transparently he was using her to fulfill his fantasy while her own went entirely ignored. What she wants is for even this one-time fling to care desperately about making her come, for his world to narrow around her pleasure, even for just a few minutes.

Wow, the hot bad boys don’t care about the women who choose them for irresponsible recreational premarital sex? If only there were some way to keep a man committed? It can’t be marriage though, and acting like a wife. That’s “sexist”. I’m surprised that having recreational premarital sex with a hot, promiscuous pro-abortion pro-gay-marriage Democrat doesn’t lead to the woman enjoying herself in the long term.

It’s mermen to the rescue, though:

When she begins to fall for Theo, a tautly handsome swimmer she keeps seeing in the ocean near her sister’s beachside home, it seems like she may have found the something that couldn’t exist. Theo looks decades younger than her, but he is fascinated by her. He seeks her out, pulling up by the rocks at the edge of the beach to talk with her night after night. He wants to kiss her, then give her oral sex for hours under the stars. Soon, she learns that there’s a reason he initially stayed submerged from the waist down during their encounters: He’s what we might call a merman, and instead of legs he has a scaly tail.

Like the creature in “The Shape of Water,” Theo seems to be an exception to the rule of toxic straight maleness. Where other men hurt, threaten and betray, these unhuman beings pleasure, console and conspire with women.

[…]Her ex toys with her emotions; the men she dates are sexually selfish and reckless with her health. But Theo is different, both because he has a scaly tail instead of legs, and because he proclaims to be devoted to her and her pleasure.

After some discussion about the wonders of the merman’s equipment, (so important to a radical feminist!), we read this:

….there’s also an unmistakable queerness to these mythical, human-like creatures. They transgress the boundaries of what society traditionally demands from a male body. Lucy even notes a feminine quality to Theo…

[…]This story is a seductive one, especially to straight women who yearn to get outside of the oppressive structures and expectations of their dating realm. What if we found men who were different? Who were in touch with their emotions, called themselves “feminist allies” for reasons other than wanting to center themselves in the movement, enjoyed giving us orgasms, texted right after the first date?

Wow, she will get treated so well, and without having to marry him (sexist!), or commit to care for his needs (patriarchy!), or fulfill loving obligations for him in a restrictive long-term commitment (slavery!).

She can have sex with a hot sexy effeminate fish who is DECADES younger than she is, who doesn’t have a job or savings, and who isn’t able to be a father to children in any normal sense. But who cares! As long as he wants to give her orgasms, and he’s young and hot, and doesn’t try to tell her to get a real degree, or to get a real job, or to grow up and get married and have children who can take care of her in her old age. The merman provides all that’s important to radical feminists.

And I’m sure that this plan is sustainable, too. He will love her just as much when she is old and wrinkly, because giving a merman premarital sex always makes him commit self-sacrificially for life. That’s the power of recreational premarital sex – it turns irresponsible young hot mermen into pleasure-giving slaves for life.

16 thoughts on “Feminism’s new plan to achieve lasting happiness without giving up promiscuity”

  1. Ha, ha, ha! Saw this coming from a mile away. Monster porn in the form of E-books has been a big seller on sites like Amazon for a few years now! Women love stories of being ravaged by were-beasts, minotaur, fish-men, you name it! If it’s violent and non-consensual in the context of the story they are all for it! Women are weird. Weirder than men or at least as weird. I say weird, maybe I mean mental! 😆


  2. This is a classic example of the problem that enshrines all forms of leftist political activism. The failure to grasp the distinction between fiction and reality. No matter how hard you scream, fight, or empower the state to take action, you cannot change the fact that we live in a real world that functions a certain way.

    A woman saying that she wants the freedom to have promiscuous sex without responsibilities or obligations while simultaneously always feeling happy and fulfilled as a result is kind of like someone saying they want the right to go swimming without getting wet. This just isn’t how it works. Sure, you can write a book where the heroine finds some sort of magic water that can be swam in without getting wet, but such a thing does not exist in reality.

    There’s not necessarily anything wrong with reading a work of fiction and enjoying it as a work of fiction, but leftists are repeatedly pointing to works of fiction (Black Panther, The Shape of Water, this Pisces book, etc.) to try and justify how the world is supposed to be while simultaneously neglecting the fact that it’s called fiction for a reason.

    This author thinks that all women are entitled to mermen who care about nothing except satisfying women’s desires 24/7. Great. The problem is such creatures do not exist (and it’s questionable whether or not a woman would truly find such a relationship satisfying in the long run).

    Many men wish that they could live the life of 007 James Bond, saving the world from villains and sleeping with hundreds of beautiful women who find themselves unable to resist his advances. The problem again is that this is a work of fiction, and even those men that do manage to bed multiple women typically find it unsatisfying in the long run.

    Women are free to make their own decisions and experience the natural consequences of those decisions just as men are. No one, man or woman, is free to make their own decisions and then bend reality so that the consequences always turn out as they desire. This is something that will always dwell firmly in the land of fiction.

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  3. They are so beyond parody it is hard to imagine. They are putting The Onion out of business. They think they are so intelligent and then are shocked when their “bro-choice” men just use them for sex.

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    1. Just think about what abortion is. It’s saying that big strong grown ups can take risks for pleasure, and then resort to committing murder in order to get out of the consequences. What sort of imbecile thinks that it is good idea to start a relationship with someone who would commit murder in order to avoid interrupting their selfish pursuit of pleasure?
      What are parents, teachers and pastors teaching women about men and marriage that they would fall this far down?

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  4. People continue to reject wisdom. There is a reason the Bible contains boring books like proverbs that give bits of knowledge to people.

    Especially when young the ideas of young people are often wrong, but now people live in prolonged adolescence. With many being from 10 to 16 in their level of emotional maturity for long sections of their adult life.

    They Beleive there is no knowledge from the elders to learn. Only the random ideas they they think of in their head, see in movies and YouTube videos.

    And these kind of women are no different. Personal feelings, social acceptance and emulating what they see around them is important.

    Sacrifice for long term gain for self, family and others is not od any value

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  5. ‘She can have sex with a hot sexy effeminate fish who is DECADES younger than she is, who doesn’t have a job or savings, and who isn’t able to be a father to children in any normal sense. But who cares! As long as he wants to give her orgasms, and he’s young and hot, and doesn’t try to tell her to get a real degree, or to get a real job, or to grow up and get married and have children who can take care of her in her old age. The merman provides all that’s important to radical feminists.’

    The feminist is looking for the ‘perfect’ man. The man who doesn’t have sex as an idol (selfish pig) or even God as his source of worship (evil sexist Patriarch!)…she wants the man who makes her his idol of worship (which I would an effeminate white knight).

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  6. It’s such a shame more and more women and young girls are choosing the path to promiscuity and vulgarity in order to feel empowered. The classic “Nasty Woman” is now the norm 😦 The liberal mainstream media does no favors either, only reinforcing this societal brainwashing and condones such behavior by making girls’ parents seem like backwards bigots for upholding traditional virtues. Even worse, are the radical feminist parents who are raising the next generation! Even schools are helping the radical feminist agenda. The ladies of past generations are being replaced with vulgar women and any man who wants a traditional wife is being hard pressed.

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    1. If you want a “traditional wife” then be avid about finding one. I don’t see the problem with being frank to the women that a man meets and saying (VERY early on before a relationship starts, like even the first date) and saying “look, I’m looking for XYZ in a marriage and relationship. If this isn’t something you’re looking for as well then let’s not waste each other’s time”. If they do not have the same “traditional” mindset, then be upset, blog about about it to work through the feelings, and move on to the next person and see if they express your same ideals. I was frustrated by a blog that was geared at helping men to find traditional submissive wives and they suggested men beat around the bush, month after month, very gently and lightly doing small “tests” to see women’s levels of agreeableness. I think this just wastes people’s time. I had a man with this mindset dating me once and had said approach. It was annoying to say the least, and I finished that relationship after abruptly asking him what he was trying to get at. Once the cat was out of the bag, I asked why on Earth had he not said this on our first date?! Unfortunately, he had wasted 4 months of our time because I was not looking for a lord and master to be at the mercy of nor someone to “lead me”. Women don’t have a duty to marry. Women don’t have a duty to have children. If you’re looking to date, be upfront and abrupt about what you’re looking for. I didn’t want a man who was looking to lord over me and I was clear at that from the beginning with my now husband. We had the same ideals, views about women, children, men, and marriage. So far we’re 11 years in and still not tired of each other.


  7. So that’s the next step for feminism is it? Turning from real men (who have become increasingly effeminate thanks to their efforts) to fictional monster/super men who cannot and will never exist? How is this any different to the way that many young (especially Asian) males have turned to fictional women due to a combination of their own unattractive natures and the attitudes of modern women? To me there is no difference: they’re both pathetic and feminism is largely to blame.


  8. The purpose of Feminism is simple: to maximize women’s freedom of action while minimizing their responsibility and accountability. At the same time doing the reverse for men: minimizing their freedom of action while maximizing their responsibility and accountability. It ultimately works out for no one, but that doesn’t stop them pushing for it.


    1. Women enjoy when men love them well and lead them well. The goal then should be to teach women to choose men who will love and lead well. What feminism says is that thinking about men as having certain male roles is “sexist”. So what’s left? Pick the hot guys, and try to get something going with sex. I don’t understand why a woman would think that choosing a man interested in sex (not commitment! not responsibility) and giving him what he wants without him having to earn it is a good idea. Men need to be chosen for good character. They should be chaste, so that they have demonstrated enough self-control to not cheat. They should be educated and have good jobs and money saved, so that they can give the woman a sense of security. They should not see the needs of children (born and unborn) as inconveniences to be ignored. They should not be addicted to anything that would impair their judgement or ability to serve their families. This is what women ought to be choosing. Not younger, hot-looking pro-abortion Democrats buying cocktails and looking for sex on the first date. That’s a stupid choice that doesn’t work.

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  9. Women seem to believe that love and their magical ability will make the right guy that has never behaved. Been sober or behaved around women before, faithful and good when he commits to her.
    . Then they are shocked when the man reverts to previous behaviour and breaks the commitment


    1. They make a big deal out of the surface features of a man, believing that the character is not important, or can be easily fixed later. The truth is that a guy’s appearance is easier to fix than his past and his character.


    2. 95% of romance novels have that exact plot. A woman meets a bad boy who has been living the wild life, sleeping with dozens of women, but then he has sex with the heroine and finds that it’s so amazing that he couldn’t possibly be satisfied with another woman ever again. They then live happily ever after.
      Again. It only happens in fiction.

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      1. I guess this is why Dr. Laura tells people to not think that they can change people. I think men do this too, though. Focus on youth and appearance as if it were more important than character. Ha! What matters most is the ability to be content with a commitment, and expect a roller coaster of fun and thrills to be provided by the other person.


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