Dave Rubin interviews my favorite economist: Thomas Sowell

Economist Thomas Sowell
Dr. Thomas Sowell – the best economics teacher you will ever learn from

Two half-hour interviews with my FAVORITE economist, Thomas Sowell. If you haven’t read any books by Thomas Sowell, then you don’t know how wonderful economics can be. Thomas Sowell stands for the proposition that before you adopt an economic policy, you have to consider what incentives it will create for everyone involved. And he backs up his ideas with studies that span the whole range of times and places. It turns out that many bad ideas have already been disproved in different times and places, and Thomas Sowell knows them all. Thomas Sowell is a man of facts and evidence.

Description of part one:

Dr. Thomas Sowell (Economist) joins Dave to discuss his Marxist past, free speech on campuses, distinguishing between classical liberalism and libertarianism, and his new book “Discrimination & Disparities.

Part one:

“This idiot has stumbled on something that will ruin us all”. LOL!

Description of part two:

Dr. Thomas Sowell (Economist and Author) joins Dave to discuss the role of government, the problem with minimum wage laws, his experience as a black conservative, debunking systemic racism, the importance of common decency, and his new book “Discrimination & Disparities.”

Part two:

In the comments, Dave explains that YouTube has demonetized the video. I suppose that this is because the video contains conservative ideas, and YouTube is owned by the far-left Google.

Anyway, I recommend getting your hands on some Thomas Sowell books.

This one seems to be a collection of introductory essays:

The Thomas Sowell Reader

I haven’t read it, but it has the highest reviews of any of his books. What I would recommend is picking up one of the OLDER versions of his “Basic Economics”:

Basic Economics

You can get a used one for a couple of bucks. I read the second edition a while back, and I remember that just reading the first 3 chapters knocked my socks off. Some crazy person even uploaded the audio of the edition I read to YouTube. Just listen to the first 3-4 chapters, and you’ll see what I mean. No one who wants to understand how the world really works can ignore Thomas Sowell.

One that I still haven’t read that’s short and sweet is:

The Vision of the Anointed

But a later book that is similar is actually my favorite Thomas Sowell book:

Intellectuals and Society

I also liked this one a lot:

Economic Facts and Fallacies

I once dated a homeschooled girl who came from a large, rural family. This family produced brilliant children, but the parents didn’t really believe in college. I told the girl that to marry me, she would have to get a college degree. She and her parents didn’t really like that, and we broke up. However, I did tell her that she should read Thomas Sowell, because she had some left of center views on public policy, e.g. – health care. I found out later that she went on to read SIX Thomas Sowell books in two months. After that, she went on to get a BA in economics via distance learning, with a 4.0 GPA! I think part of that transformation is due to the Thomas Sowell books. Thomas Sowell changes lives.

I have to include this clip of Thomas Sowell from a long time ago:

He understood the things we are fighting about today decades ago. This man should have been our first black president.

By the way, Dave Rubin does a lot of good interviews. This one that he did with Larry Elder was worth watching.

4 thoughts on “Dave Rubin interviews my favorite economist: Thomas Sowell”

  1. I’m blown away that you consider college to be that important. God didn’t call us to college. I have 3 degrees, but I don’t consider them to be all that important in the scheme of things. Most of it is just a waste of time and money, making you take classes just to feed the system. 75% of christian youth give up on the faith after entering college. The only real reason you need it is for specific technical training that can in general only be acquired there.


    1. Yes, I don’t think college is worth it unless you’re going for STEM, and of course do the first two years at CC. College is overpriced for everything except STEM, which can actually pay back the loans in a couple of years. Wives need enough education and experience to be able to raise influential and effective children.


  2. But whatever job you work try to keep economic flexibility so if you need to retrain or move as markets changed you aren’t stuck. That is how many y get caught they live as if the world won’t change and we live in a society that has massive increasing debts that will require high future taxes to pay back one day.

    Much if the economy is under attack because it is against an environmental opinion of how the world operates. And we have our faith under attack. So unless if you want to live in the future on the hope of God giving you manna from heaven to feed your family it makes sense to plan to not need the govt system that is becoming more and more corrupt as being necessary for you to survive


  3. It doesn’t just have to be college as I am sure he may agree. Some trade schools have very good benefit too. If they are for a job that actually has a demand and isn’t just a school to pump out graduates to filled ranks.
    If you enjoy some trades that have more physical work they can be useful too. I know some that took welding, EMT (ambulance driver), etc. Shorter programs and still a livable wage. And they enjoy their job. Just be careful to not get caught with nothing and having a minimum wage only prospect


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