Minnesota let in thousands of refugees and unskilled immigrants from Muslim countries

Democrats think that the real threat to America is not radical Islamic terrorism
Democrats think that the real threat to America is not radical Islamic terrorism

An interesting article from the far left Minneapolis Star Tribune gives some details about the recent terrorist attack at a Minnesota mall:

Isaiah Mordal had just finished a long day at the Pretzelmaker shop in the Crossroads Center mall. He was supposed to get off work at 5 o’clock but stayed until 8 to fill in for a sick co-worker.

When his shift finally ended, Mordal walked outside with his girlfriend, Johanna Bohnenkamp, who is nearly nine months pregnant. As he did, a man in a security guard’s uniform walked past, approached a woman nearby and stabbed her. Then he stabbed her companion.

And then he turned to face Mordal.

“I was in complete shock,” Mordal said Monday of the knife attacks at the St. Cloud mall on Saturday night that left 10 people injured. “He had me trapped in a corner. He stood about 10 feet away with his knife in the air.”

Mordal begged for his life.

“I said, ‘Don’t do this! My girlfriend is pregnant!’ At that point it seemed like it was going extremely fast, but at the same time, it seemed like it took forever,” he said.

Mordal’s girfriend was 9 months pregnant, but the attacker stabbed him in the shoulder, and sliced her neck, anyway.

This story from the Weekly Standard explains the concern that rational people have with unskilled immigrants and refugees from countries with a significant presence of radical Islam, namely that they are easily radicalized.


This past Saturday’s stabbing rampage by a Somali immigrant in St. Cloud, Minnesota, hits close to home; St. Cloud is about a 45-minute drive from the Twin Cities. Like the Twin Cities, St. Cloud is host to a large and ever-growing population of Somali immigrants and refugees.

The perpetrator of the rampage was one Dahir Adan.

[…]Saturday’s attack not only hit close to home, it also rang a bell. Adan fits a certain profile. Having attended the trial of three “Minnesota men” (first- and second-generation Somalis) in Minneapolis this past May charged with seeking to join ISIS, I found Adan’s story eerily familiar. Adan was born in a Kenyan refugee camp and entered the United States at age two.

Adan was a refugee from Somalia – a country dominated by radical Islam. And now the Obama administration is trying to take in hundreds of thousands of refugees from countries that are dominated by radical Islam.

One of the other defendants is named Omar:

Omar was born in a Kenyan refugee camp. He was roughly three years old when his family moved to the United States. His family emigrated to Kenya as a result of the Somali civil war. His father was shot three times in the conflict and lost his left leg as a result of the injuries. His father is disabled, but his disability gave him preferential immigration treatment by the United States.

Omar’s father has disappeared from the United States. He has left Omar’s mother with a rather large family. Omar has nine sisters and four brothers. They live in housing subsidized by a Section 8 voucher, although that must be the least of it. 

The Weekly Standard mentions this Washington Times article about how much money refugees and unskilled immigrants use up in welfare:

In the fiscal year that ended in September, Minnesota welcomed 1,118 Somali refugees arriving directly from Africa, most of them without family ties to the state, according to State Department statistics. Overall, more than 30,000 Somalis live in the midwestern state comprising the nation’s largest concentration of Somali immigrants, according to U.S. Census data.

[…]Minnesota’s state demographer’s office reports that only 41 percent of Somali men are working and 54 percent of Somali women are employed, meaning many may rely on the state’s handouts to survive, and are more susceptible to extremists pull.

“It seems safe to assume that if they’re not working, then they’re likely receiving public welfare benefits,” said Peter Nelson, director of public policy at the Center of the American Experiment. “More problematic, the Somali men not working are clearly not integrating as well as they could with society, which could feed into them being radicalized and recruited to fight with” the Islamic State.

The Weekly Standard article noted that the Democrat governor of Minnesota likes to spend taxpayer money on refugees who overwhelmingly vote Democrat. It works well for him because he gets to brag about his generosity, he gets to spend money that isn’t his, and he gets to buy votes of people who are content with long-term dependency on government. Well, what about when some of his bribed voters commit acts of terrrorism? His response is to warn taxpayers to keep their mouths shut and keep paying up, lest he label them guilty of “Islamophobia”:

In October last year—coincidentally, in St. Cloud—Governor Mark Dayton weirdly instructed “white, B-plus, Minnesota-born citizens” to suppress their qualms about immigrant resettlement in Minnesota. If they can’t, they should “find another state,” he added. Late last year Andrew Luger, the United States Attorney for Minnesota, took to the pages of the Star Tribune to inveigh against “the current wave of Islamophobia.”

If you resent having your taxpayer money used to buy the votes of refugees and unskilled immigrants, then Democrats will call you names. How dare you interfere with their “generosity” with your money?

I think it is important to connect the mass importation of refugees and unskilled immigrants with consequences. Look at Europe, for example. They have an epidemic of gang-rapes and sex-trafficking caused by refugees and unskilled immigrants.  Unskilled Middle East immigrants in the UK and also unskilled South American immigrants in America have both been implicated in sex-trafficking of young women. This is a problem for conservatives like me, but what do progressives think about it?

The Democrat Party’s official stance towards sex-trafficking by refugees and illegal immigrants is to accuse anyone who is concerned about it as “racists”. But 100% of the people who disagree with gang-rapes and sex-trafficking by refugees and unskilled immigrants are in favor of more skilled immigration of English speakers from other countries. My parents were immigrants, and I am non-white myself! Skilled immigrants add value to the country, because they pay more in taxes than they take in. No one cares about the skin color or national origin of people who come here to work hard, follow the laws, and avoid taking welfare dependency. It’s the collecting welfare, crime and terrorism that we are concerned about.

3 thoughts on “Minnesota let in thousands of refugees and unskilled immigrants from Muslim countries”

  1. Your point is completely moot because you refuse to fully support Trump. The choice has never been more clear as to who is the better option on reducing extremist Muslim immigrants into this country.

    So I am directly asking you what should God-fearing Christians do in this election?

    This next statement is very critical. You need to provide some clear direction to your 30k readers who read your articles daily on what do to come Novemebr 8th.

    You have spent thousands of hours creating a very effective platform here and you need to apply it for Trump now more than ever. All that work could for naught.

    As I’ve stated before I am NOT a Trump fan by any means but he is our ONLY option. If you and the other Christian-never-trumpers do not give your entire efforts to support Trump than come Novermber 9th and thereafter anything you write complaining about the rapid moral decline of the country will mean mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    Cruz lost. Accept it and get aboard. Today, Nate Silver has Trump’s chances of winning at 43.2% and climbing. He can actually win this thing! Remember, Bush only won by just 1784 votes in the great state of Florida. This is only a small percentage of your readership. It’s time to put your grievances aside and enthusiastically get on the TRUMP TRAIN!



  2. I don’t feel Wintery Knight needs to endorse anyone on his blog. His comments tell us what he feels. Personally, I think both candidates are totally unacceptable and I will be voting locally only. But I know, God is in control regardless of the outcome.


  3. 1blondewop, I strongly recommend you review WK’s posts on free will. I think your view on how God controls United States presidential elections may be slightly misguided but I do see where you are coming from.

    And belive me when I say, I completely understand you do not like Trump, neither do I. But one less vote for Trump helps HRC and the Democratic Party take the White House. You and I do not want that. Look how much power and influence the President has and see what damage has been done over the last 8 years. It’s like, oh well I’m not going to vote for president so I can’t be held responsible, quite the opposite, you ARE responsible for contributing to the downfall of this great nation by not putting Trump in office. At the absolute very least we can take back the Supreme Court. If that is all he does for the next 4 years then that is more than significant for us Christians to vote for him.

    If we don’t, all the values and principles you and I stand for will go down the drain.


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