Ted Cruz explains his position on the issues of abortion and right to life

Ted Cruz meets voters at a campaign event
Ted Cruz meets voters at a campaign event

A new 6-minute video was released earlier this week, and I heard about it from my friend Chad.

Videos are nice, but we probably shouldn’t believe anything that Cruz says in campaign speeches and campaign ads. Politicians say anything in election years in order to get elected. What would really be interesting would be to see what the pro-life organizations rate this guy, and whether he has any kind of record fighting for the lives of the unborn.

Fortunately, I have one article that answers both questions… from Charisma News.


On Saturday, Texas Senator Ted Cruz received a ringing endorsement from Georgia’s largest pro-life organization. “Senator Cruz has an unblemished record of standing up for innocent life,” said Ricardo Davis, the director of Georgia Right to Life’s Political Action Committee (GRTL PAC).

And here are the pro-life achievements:

Senator Cruz’s pro-life record includes the following:

  • Leading the charge on behalf of 13 states in successfully defending the federal Partial Birth Abortion Act before the U.S. Supreme Court;
  • Joining 18 states in successfully defending New Hampshire’s Parental Notification Act before the U.S. Supreme Court;
  • Successfully defending a Texas law that prevents state funds from being sent to organizations that perform abortions; and
  • Calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood amid charges that the abortion giant sells aborted body parts.

The Washington Times reports that Cruz has also been endorsed by the pro-life leaders I most respect, Tony Perkins and James Dobson.


Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, has endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas for president, calling Mr. Cruz “a constitutional conservative who will fight for faith, family and freedom.”

“I trust Ted to fight to pull America out of the political and cultural tailspin that President Obama’s policies have put us in,” Mr. Perkins said. “This is no normal election; this election is about the very survival of our Constitution and our republic.”

Mr. Cruz said he was “honored” to have Mr. Perkins’ endorsement, calling him “a man of incredible principle and faith.”

Mr. Perkins is currently president of the FRC, which promotes socially conservative values and is one of the most influential conservative advocacy groups in the country. Mr. Perkins said on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” it was a personal endorsement and not from any of the nonprofits he leads.

Mr. Cruz has been jockeying with 2016 GOP rival Donald Trump for support from social conservatives ahead of the Iowa caucuses on Monday.

The Texas senator has also been endorsed by Dr. James Dobson, another social conservative leader, and past FRC President Gary Bauer.

I think anyone whose main issue is protecting the unborn from the use of force for selfish adults should give Cruz a look. I personally don’t trust any other candidate running on the pro-life issue. Trump is pro-abortion, and there’s no evidence he’s changed his mind except his words form like 5 minutes ago. Rubio can’t be trusted on anything he says – he lied to Florida voters about his intention to oppose amnesty, and when he got to Washington, he sponsored a bill to give 20 million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. We can’t trust anything that Trump or Rubio say on any issue, in my opinion. In any case, we don’t have to settle for “maybe pro-life, if it’s popular”. We can pick Ted Cruz and get “pro-life regardless of whether it’s popular or not”.

Ted Cruz has a record of defending unpopular positions, and trying to explain conservative values to others. In Iowa, he was the only candidate to stand up to the power ethanol lobbies and their crony capitalism. Marco Rubio and Donald Trump sided with the ethanol crony capitalists, because they were afraid to lose votes. And Cruz won Iowa.

He is not afraid to defend conservative values. When it comes to the life issue, we should look for the candidate with the proven record of fighting for conservative values: Ted Cruz.

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16 thoughts on “Ted Cruz explains his position on the issues of abortion and right to life”

  1. Cruz is the best choice in all regards, except one — he cannot be elected. The majority of the voting American population considers his Constitutional, correct views as dangerous and unacceptable. Trump is a step in the right (and Right) direction.

    In an election long ago, the phrase, “it’s the economy, stupid,” made sense. Today is like that time. Let’s win.


    1. Trump is a Democrat. He has no conservative positions in his record. Also, he underperforms Cruz in a general election against Clinton or Sanders. Most of the people I know who support Trump are Democrats, or they just don’t know Trump’s record and don’t care to look into it.


      1. Trump is pragmatic and a devoted lover of competition. To date, as a consumer of government largess, he has had to stay on the side in power. Now, he can free the markets.

        And, today, again, “it’s the economy” that is decisive. The socialists’ plans cannot convince the average American, who is economically disadvantaged, while Trump’s private market success can.

        Cruz lacks such an attractive record in the free market. Cruz also lacks personality, which, unfortunately, is the driving force in politics today.

        While I would prefer a Cruz presidency (politically, I am to the right of Cruz), Trump is a realistic potential. Cruz as VP would be great, to convince those conservatives who consider themselves too pure to vote at all if their choice is not nominated.


        1. Basically, people who vote for Trump are voting for him because they like that he:

          – is an adulterer by his own admission
          – uses eminent domain to take widow’s house for limo parking lot
          – is for touchback amnesty
          – says that the DACA Dreamers “won him over” when they met with him
          – was for the invasion of Iraq, and lies about it
          – donated to Democrats his entire life, including to Reid and Pelosi, especially to Clintons
          – is very pro-choice
          – is for partial birth abortion
          – supports funding Planned Parenthood, thinks they do wonderful things
          – promised gay rights activist “forward motion” on gay rights
          – is for gays in the military
          – sole claim to fame is inheriting 400 Million from dear daddy
          – went bankrupt four times due to borrowing too much money and spending too much to repay it
          – draft dodger, compared his promiscuity during vietnam war to his own personal vietnam
          – was for all the bank bailouts
          – is for single payer, universal health care like Canada, which would be an expansion of obamacare
          – praised the individial mandate this week
          – supports Vladimir Putin, a dicator who murders his opponents and dozens of journalists
          – 9/11 truther, says that Bush lied us into Iraq, when this is contradicted by reports from multiple country’s intelligence services
          – cannot recall a single verse of the Bible, calls 2nd Corinthians “Two Corinthians” like an idiot
          – has spoken critically against guns and the second amendment
          – is a RETARD, has no idea how to achieve anything he promises will be great, and has no experience doing any of the things he talks about
          and more.

          And so on. These are the things that Trump voters endorse and choose Trump for. They love all these things about him. These are their own views, in fact.

          He has no conservative achievements, has never fought for conservative causes. Was a Democrat his entire life, is a Democrat now.

          You’re not right of Cruz, you’re about the same as Clinton, as Trump is – that’s why he donated so much money to Hillary and Bill, never to conservatives.


          1. Insulting a person who disagrees with you will not win over voters, especially when you have no basis for your insult.

            Rather than insulting me, or Trump, just tell me how Cruz can win the general election and I will change. Without that, I’d rather support change (especially on immigration, if nothing else) and not have Sanders as president.


          2. A liberal polling source will undoubtedly choose polls that show the candidates that are the most likely to defeat their liberal choice as the ones that would lose.

            As you know from studying statistics, anything can be manipulated to reflect the desired outcome. I see the daily, daily reports of the masses that show up for Trump. Those are not just numbers, they are action and action can win the election.


          3. I would hope that were true. Critics of the site say that RealClear chooses the polls that they post such as reflect their bias. In any regard, again, presentations can be staged; statistics can be manipulated.

            Why does Trump generate such crowds? And such votes? Cruz does well, without theatrics, but winning the general election will require theatrics.


          4. I don’t think anyone distrusts RCP. They are constantly cited on news programs, e.g. “the Real Clear Politics average of polls in…”. They are cited more than any specific poll company because they have the average of all the polls.


          5. Nothing like a reference to major media to verify a story. Wait, that’s not true.

            Just look at the physical, factual events — Trump draws large crowds and wins primaries. And the major media says that Trump can’t win.


        1. How does he compare to Bernie and/or Hillary, because we will have one of those if he is not the Republican candidate.

          At least, he says positive things about immigration and defense, about America. Also, he is not a politician. That, alone, sets him apart and above the other choices.


  2. trump is a democrat running on the Republican ticket and the Conservative ideas he quotes he stole from Santorum’s play book .. and what trump also uses is entertainment , pays people to come to his rallies .. socialist democrat trump is buying the election there is no way there are that many people in the US lacking common sense… I have to admit he does have many beguiled because they act as though he walks on water and can and will lasso the moon for them.. yup they are his people because he can describe their character being one as his own and trump when described his as being as lawless as he wants he could take the life of an innocent human being and not a one of them would walk away from following him.. satan must be dancing


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