Rubio promised Spanish-speaking audience not to rescind Obama’s executive action amnesty

Marco Rubio with his allies: Democrat Chuck Schumer and RINO John McCain
Marco Rubio with his allies: Democrat Chuck Schumer and RINO John McCain

I’m taking a look at three elements of Rubio’s record on illegal immigration:

  1. Rubio co-authored a bill to give 20 million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship: voting and access to welfare payments
  2. Rubio promised a Spanish-speaking audience that he would not rescind Obama’s executive action amnesty if elected President
  3. Rubio co-sponsored a bill to give illegal immigrants in-state tuition in Florida, to be paid for by Florida taxpayers

I’ll do the first one on Tuesday morning, and the second one on Wednesday morning, and the third one on Thursday morning.

Refusal to rescind executive amnesty

Breitbart News notes that Rubio told a Spanish language audience in Spanish that he would not rescind Obama’s executive action amnesty.


In response to attacks leveled against him by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Rubio made a demonstrably and provably false declaration about his position on President Obama’s executive amnesty. Rubio even accused Cruz of “telling lies” about his position on executive amnesty– even though nationally-televised video footage of Marco Rubio confirms Cruz’s allegation, and reveals that Rubio lied in front of a nation-wide viewing audience during tonight’s debate.

Cruz said: “Marco right now supports citizenship for 12 million people here illegally. I oppose citizenship… Marco has a long record when it comes to amnesty. In the state of Florida, as Speaker of the House, he supported in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. In addition to that, Marco went on Univision in Spanish and said he would not rescind President Obama’s illegal executive amnesty on his first day in office. I have promised to rescind every single illegal executive action, including that one.”

Cruz was referring specifically to President Obama’s 2012 executive amnesty for illegal immigrants who allegedly came to the country as minors. The unconstitutional amnesty known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals– or DACA– remains fully operational to this day. DACA not only gives illegal immigrants immunity from deportation, but also grants them work permits and access to federal benefits.

Indeed, video footage of Sen. Rubio confirms Cruz’s assertion. In an April Spanish-language interview, Rubio told Univision’s Jorge Ramos: “I wouldn’t undo it [DACA] immediately.” Rubio elaborated in English, telling Ramos: “I don’t think we can immediately revoke that [DACA]… I’m not calling for it to be revoked tomorrow, or this week, or right away.”

Ted Cruz has a new ad up about it, with the actual video and the translation of what Rubio actually said:

Rubio is marketing himself to Republican voters as strong on border security and enforcing current immigration laws, but his actual record shows that he is in lockstep with the liberal Democrats on illegal immigration. He is actually further to the left than mainstream Democrats on illegal immigration. We are $20 trillion in debt, and expected to go to $30 trillion in the next decade. We cannot afford Marco Rubio’s “compassion” with taxpayer money.

Here’s the full list of Rubio errors:

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