Vanderbilt University students try to get black conservative professor fired

Dr. Carol M. Swain
Dr. Carol M. Swain

This is from the Daily Signal.


A black conservative professor who found herself the latest target of student protests nationwide has one thing to say to those calling for her to be suspended from the university where she teachers: “Grow up.”

Among other allegations, students accused Carol Swain, a professor of law and political science Vanderbilt University for nearly 27 years, of “unprofessional intimidation on social media” and “discriminatory practices in the classroom.”

Swain actively posts her Christian conservative view points on her public Facebook page and website called BeThePeopleTV. She has authored numerous award-winning books and has been cited by the Supreme Court,according to her resume.

But recently, her conservative values left her at odds with students on campus that started a petition demanding she be removed from the university.

[…]Swain said the students behind the protests never took any of her classes, all of which are elective.

The petition explains what exactly the black conservative has done to get herself fired: “unprofessional intimidation on social media, discriminatory practices in the classroom, and unclear representation as a Public Figure with invocations of the Vanderbilt name on her Facebook page.”

And, “Over the past few years, Professor Carol Swain has become synonymous with bigotry, intolerance, and unprofessionalism…. Swain has let her hate-filled prejudices negatively impact her work, our student body, and Vanderbilt’s reputation.”

So, this is what students are learning how to do, even in a university in one of the most conservative states in the union.

I think it’s worth recalling the last story I posted about Vanderbilt at this time.

From Public Discourse.


Vanderbilt University has decided that Christian student groups that hold traditional Christian religious views are not welcome on campus. They will no longer be recognized as valid student organizations. Vanderbilt’s reason is that such groups require that their leaders be Christian—that is, that their leaders embrace certain core principles of Christianity and try to live according to these principles. In Vanderbilt’s view, religious beliefs and standards “discriminate” against those students who do not subscribe to them. Therefore, student religious groups with religious beliefs and standards are banned.

The situation would be unbelievable—were it not true. The issue came to a head this year when a student group at Vanderbilt Law School, the Christian Legal Society, submitted its “constitution” to the university. The constitution provided that the group’s leaders should believe in the Bible and in Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior; that they should be willing to lead members in worship, prayer, and Bible study; and that they should “strive to exemplify Christ-like qualities.” Vanderbilt’s Director of Religious Life, Reverend Gretchen Person, replied that such views were forbidden. Vanderbilt’s policies “do not allow” religious groups to have such an “expectation/ qualification of officers,” she wrote. Last week, the administration officially declared the policy that Vanderbilt will exclude student religious groups that “impose faith-based or belief-based requirements for membership or leadership.”

So what’s the answer?

Well, it’s important to understand that the university system, especially in non-STEM departments, is basically a place where people who cannot find work in the productive private sector get jobs indoctrinating the young in secular leftist values. They are basically secular leftist seminaries. And they often funded by taxpayers. So we need to vote for smaller government, less money for students and universities, and substitutes for higher education that are non-political, e.g. – vocational training, alternatives that focus on STEM fields like e-learning. In my case, I would recommend that young Christians try to avail themselves of free sources of learning, and learn how to program using online courses instead of attending universities like Vanderbilt. Just FYI, there are no conservative universities aside from maybe Hillsdale College and Grove City College.

You may also be interested in my earlier post about California State University professor Lopez, who is under fire from LGBT activists for promoting natural marriage. In that post I also talk about professor McAdams, who was sanctioned by Marquette University for upholding traditional marriage. Marquette is a “Catholic” university, i.e. – it’s secular leftist.

Daily Signal also had recent articles about Lopez and McAdams.

5 thoughts on “Vanderbilt University students try to get black conservative professor fired”

  1. They tell you you when you get a job dont discuss politics,religion or social issues (abortion,gay rights etc) for a reason. Also if you have an account on any social media, hiring managers look at everything now which is another reason why i dont use my real name on social media.


    1. Maybe things aren’t as bad where I am as where you are, but everything I do that relates to Christ has my real name on it. It seems to me that the more we are “ashamed” of the gospel of Christ, and the more we don’t attach our real names to it, for whatever reason, the more we make our faith in Jesus seem less important than “staying safe.” The Bible says that a lot of people won’t go to Heaven, and one of those is the “coward” (Revelation 21:8). I don’t do any of the other things in that list, and I refuse to be a coward as well.

      Jesus said that whoever denies Him before men, him also will He deny before the Father. To me, not attaching our name is, in essence, denying Him.

      And with everyone hiding out and acting like being a Christian is something bad (which it is not), then we look more ashamed rather than proud of following Christ.

      My husband used to get mean anonymous notes. I told him the best advice I had ever heard about how to deal with those was to file them away… in the wastebasket. Anyone not brave enough to sign his or her name to a note didn’t really believe in what they had to say enough to stand behind it with a signature. It feels to me that saying you love Jesus, but not “signing” that with your real name, makes what you say less potent and more file-worthy.

      Everyone can do whatever they want, but I am a Christian and that is what I am first and foremost and forever. I do not fear man; what is the worst they can do to me? We need more bold Christians.


      1. Well its not just christianity, if you get a job you are not to discuss any religion whether its christianity,islam,Judaism,wicca etc. Its not being a coward its to avoid situations in the workplace just like when they tell you dont date your coworkers cause if you two break up then it affects your performance on the job.


      2. My views align with the UNC Criminology professor who has the guts to stand up to students and tell them they have no right to go through life without ever being offended. He points out that we live in a society where people are free to think for themselves and express their opinions freely and that those rights don’t get abridged because they’re “offended”.

        When decent human beings are punished for simply being honest about values that are of the utmost importance to them we are headed in the wrong direction. Free speech doesn’t only apply to minorities, blacks, homosexuals, and anti-America crowds. The trend of which this professor now unfortunately finds herself a part of is NOT what our founding fathers envisioned or our fighting men died for.

        These thin-skinned whining crybabies need to man and woman up and realize the world does not cater to them or their views alone. They are not the center of the universe. In short, they need to grow up and get over themselves. I’m tired of a society that wears its feelings on its sleeves.

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        1. I knew it was Mike Adams without even looking. You can count the number of outspoken conservative professors on your fingers and toes, so complete is the left’s control of higher education in America.


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