Oregon begins seizure of $135,000 from Christians who refused to celebrate gay marriage

Young people seem to like gay marriage more than they like individual liberties
Young people seem to like gay marriage more than they like individual liberties

How would gay marriage affect your marriage? Well, not at all, as long as you have $135,000 kicking around to pay the government when gay couples are offended by your disagreement with their view of marriage.

The Daily Signal explains:

The agency that ordered Aaron and Melissa Klein to pay $135,000 in damages for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex couple began the legal process last week to seize the money the Oregon bakers are refusing to pay.

“Our agency has docketed the judgment and is exploring collection options,” Charlie Burr, communications director for the agency, told The Daily Signal. “They are entitled to a full and fair review of the case, but do not have the right to disregard a legally binding order.”

Docketing the judgment is a preliminary step the agency must take in order to seize the Kleins’ house, property, or other assets in lieu of payment.

On July 2, Brad Avakian, commissioner of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, ordered the Kleins to pay $135,000 for the emotional, physical, and psychological damages they caused Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer for refusing to make a wedding cake.

Meanwhile, up north from Oregon in Washington state, the ACLU and the Democrat-run state government are looking for another 6-figure payout.

Life Site News explains:

A florist in Washington has appealed to the state’s Supreme Court in a fight for her religious liberty.

Barronelle Stutzman, who is represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), has been fighting prosecution under a state law that denies religious liberty to businesses when it comes to participating in same-sex “marriages.”

Stutzman turned down a longtime customer when he asked her to produce a flower arrangement for his “wedding” to another man. She instead recommended several other area florists.

That customer eventually sued Stutzman, as has the ACLU, but it has been the state’s prosecution that has caused her the most difficulty.

Stutzman is being sued both professionally and personally – meaning that her retirement savings and other personal assets are at risk.

In March, Stutzman was fined $1,001 for not providing flowers for the ceremony. However, that may not be all of the financial penalties she faces. ADF Senior Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco told LifeSiteNews that “if she loses, the ACLU (and maybe the state) will ask for attorneys fees. Those fees will be in the six figures, at least.”

Now, there was a time when the ACLU tried to pass themselves off as an organization that protected individuals from the state, but that time is long gone. Now they want to use the government as a tool to crush Constitutional liberties of individuals and groups that disagree with their values.

5 thoughts on “Oregon begins seizure of $135,000 from Christians who refused to celebrate gay marriage”

    1. @ No Apologies Allowed

      “If I were a violent person, I would have punched through my monitor right now.”

      I feel the same way. I feel like I’m drowning in this stuff, day in and day out.

      “What can be done to stop this and any future cases?”

      I don’t think anything can stop it. The Sexual Anarchy Crowd will not stop their bullying until all those who refuse to bow are financially ruined, in jail, and/or dead.

      This is not an exaggeration. Since the Supreme Court fiasco, they have become more emboldened than ever before. It’s frightening to know that you can lose your job, your business, every dime you have – everything! – just because you will not celebrate this lifestyle.


      1. Hear this: I just recently saw the news where a Christian called a bakery and asked to get a cake with a Bible verse from Leviticus on it. The bakery was willing to make it, BUT they charged $150 per letter. The guy asked them if that was the normal rate, and the employee said yes. To test their honest he called the same bakery later in the day to see about getting a birthday cake with “Happy Birthday” written on it. Guess what? There was no extra charge!

        Maybe the couple could learn from them: Tell the gay couple that they’d be happy to make the cake, BUT each layer is $135,000.

        Of course, I’m being silly. No Christian business would escape doing that.

        I think thr solution is for Christians to come together, realize that we are many, ignore those people telling us to keep our “religion” and morals out of politics, and get involved. What do you think about that? Any alternatives to watching this cultural disaster happen in slow motion?


        1. These laws don’t apply equally, they are there to punish a specific set of people in order to advance a specific agenda through intimidation and coercion. Free speech and freedom of conscience should be for everyone – for them and for us, too.


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