Donald Trump should be running as a Democrat, he has no conservative views

Donald Trump should stick to Miss Universe pageants
Donald Trump should stick to Miss Universe pageants

I’ve been trying not to pay attention to the fact that a leftist is leading the Republican primary. You see, I’m actually familiar with Trump’s previous positions on things like taxes (he’s for raising them), partial-birth abortion, i.e. – infanticide (he supports it), amnesty (he’s for that), government-run health care (he’s for it)… and so on. In fact, Donald Trump’s record is not conservative on a single issue. He has never advocated for conservative policies. Not one. He’s a leftist, through and through.

What this 90-second video, showing Trump in his own words:

Leftist clowns like him do not change their positions short of some serious study, and there is no evidence that he has studied a thing.

Here’s Jonah Goldberg writing in National Review to express how frustrating it is to people like me who prefer conservative candidates who have actual records of achievement on conservative issues.

Jonah says:

Yes, I know Trump has declared himself pro-life. Good for him — and congratulations to the pro-life movement for making that the price of admission. But I’m at a total loss to understand why serious pro-lifers take him at his word. He’s been all over the place on Planned Parenthood, and when asked who he’d like to put on the Supreme Court, he named his pro-choice-extremist sister.

Is that real? Yes, you can read about it here. Trump has no pro-life record. You cannot believe anything that a person running for office says during his campaign speeches. We already had that happen when Obama promised so many things in speeches that he never delivered on. And yet here we are in a GOP primary and a bunch of lazy Republican voters are just believing everything that a candidate says, and not looking at his actual record.

More from Jonah:

In his embarrassing interview with Hugh Hewitt last night, Trump revealed he knows less than most halfway-decent D.C. interns about foreign policy. Twitter lit up with responses about how it doesn’t matter and how it was a gotcha interview. They think that Trump’s claim that he’ll just go find a Douglas MacArthur to fix the problem is brilliant. Well, I’m all in favor of finding a Douglas MacArthur, but if you don’t know anything about foreign policy, the interview process will be a complete disaster. Yes, Reagan delegated. But he knew enough to know to whom to delegate.

Yeah, guess what? A clown like Donald Trump knows nothing about foreign policy. He could not tell the difference between Iran’s Quds force and the Kurds in northern Iraq. I am only a software engineer, and even I have blogged about the Quds force, and their leader many, many times. I understand that lay people don’t need to know about the Quds force, or the threat they pose to us, but presidential candidates do need to know. Trump’s ignorance on national security and foreign policy ought to terrify us. We can’t afford to elect someone completely unqualified.

More from Jonah:

If you want a really good sense of the damage Donald Trump is doing to conservatism, consider the fact that for the last five years no issue has united the Right more than opposition to Obamacare. Opposition to socialized medicine in general has been a core tenet of American conservatism from Day One. Yet, when Republicans were told that Donald Trump favors single-payer health care, support for single-payer health care jumped from 16 percent to 44 percent.

I blogged before about the horrors of government-run health care in Canada and the UK. And yet the TV-watching clowns who support Trump cannot be bothered to look at the research. If Trump praises single-payer health care (and he has), does that one sentence from a clown override the good, solid data from studies? Are Republican voters too busy watching TV to do any research? Or do we just accept whatever a “confident” clown tells us without looking at the evidence for ourselves? Can facts be established by a clown’s confident words?

You know, I really thought that we were electing the leader of the free world here. Someone who has a record of moving laws and policies that solve the actual problems we are facing: Iran nuclear weapons, loss of religious liberty, abortion, gay marriage, demographic crisis, $18.5 trillion dollar debt, record low labor force participation, aging ballistic missile submarine fleet, only 10 carrier strike groups, aggression from Iran, Russia and China, rising health care costs, rising tuition costs, poorly-educated young Americans who can’t find work, aging Minuteman ICBMs, declining entrepreneurship because of over-regulation, Obamacare, Social Security funding, Medicare funding, welfare reform, Keystone pipeline, and on and on and on. I didn’t realize that we were so pleased with the last incompetent comedian we elected that we want to elect another one. Is this a serious country? Or do we think that presidential elections are for our amusement?

I really recommend that you take a look at this article from the leftist Washington Post, which looks over some of Trump’s past words, past actions, and past affiliations. In it, you will find that Trump does not have any record of achievements as a Republican. He just hasn’t moved the conservative ball forward in any way, shape or form.



Then: On “Meet The Press” in 1999, Trump said he was “very pro-choice.” “I hate the concept of abortion,” he said. “I hate it. I hate everything it stands for. … but I just believe in choice.”
Now: In an interview with Bloomberg Politics in January, Trump said, “I’m pro-life and I have been pro-life.” He said he believed there should be exceptions in cases of rape, incest or the life of the mother.


Then: In an interview with Larry King in 1999, Trump said he was “very liberal when it comes to health care” and that he believes in “universal healthcare.”
Now: During his announcement, he called Obamacare “a disaster called the big lie” and said the deductibles were so high they were “virtually useless.”

Hillary Clinton

Then: Either Trump or his son donated to Clinton in 2002, 2005, 2006 and 2007, he invited her to his 2005 wedding in Florida, where she sat front row, and he’s donated at least $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. He also said in an appearance on the Howard Stern show in the mid-2000s that she was a fantastic senator.
Now: On NBC on Wednesday, he called Clinton “the worst secretary of state in the history of our nation” and said she would be “a terrible president.”

The Stream has an article talking about where candidates stand on de-funding of Planned Parenthood. All the Republican candidates who have addressed the issue are either clearly for de-funding Planned Parenthood (Cruz, Carson, Fiorina, etc.), or even better – they’ve actually done it as governor (e.g. – Jindal, Walker, Perry, Bush, etc.). Trump is the only one who has waffled on the issue, which is not surprising given his past statements on abortion. Republican voters – there is a huge difference between “I de-funded Planned Parenthood as governor” and clowning in front of cameras. When assessing candidates, we have to look at the past record of the candidates, not their words during a campaign.

6 thoughts on “Donald Trump should be running as a Democrat, he has no conservative views”

    1. @Eternity Matters,

      You wrote: “Low information voters elected Obama and are supporting Trump.”

      The problem with man-made categories or inclusive phrases is exhibited in how others redefine them in a totally different context.

      To assert that Trump’s support comes from “low information voters” as defined through logical questioning of Obama supporters is a total fallacy straight from the devious pits of those who want to control your perception of reality. Go ahead…keep thinking the GOP Establishment, the Conservative Intellighnsia, the Main Stream Media, the Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street donor class —- a group of tyrants and oligarchs who don’t want to reform because they are themselves lawless and living at YOUR EXPENSE which is producing a rapid diminishing of YOUR certain Creator endowed rights liberties— are telling you absolute truth.

      Now the” low information” shoe is on your OWN foot.

      First they ignore you, then they call you crazy and try to destroy you….and then WE WIN!

      Endurance is the test of our Christian Faith.

      What these above listed “experts” say…is not what they DO…therefore, they, the great arbiters of conservatism and Christian compassion, are in fact LAWLESS to the actual Law of God by which He fixed Righteousness and Justice. And isn’t that the sin of the Pharisees…they forgot Righteousness and Justice??

      I encourage you to test your hypothesis that Trump supporters are “crazy vulgarians”. Ask yourself why is it that the Republican Party wants to destroy the Tea Party, to destroy any constitutional reform candidate, are willing to PAY Democrats to vote in the Republican Primary in an open primary state even using fliers with racist threats that Black Churches are gonna burn if Alzheimer-ed Thad Cochran is not returned to the Senate….ought to be a wake up coffee moment.

      Like I care what a lying, deceitful person says about my intellectual ability…..THEY LIE… right?? You as a Christian ought not to care either. If a known liar calls you “crazy” or a “ignert ol fool”…should the Christian crumble and deny such things?? So they called our LORD and all the prophets, the apostles and the saints.

      Buck up Christians. Tribulation and FALSE TEACHERS go hand in hand…one creates the other. To get out of their trap….stop eating their cheese. Eat what is GOOD!!


  1. Conservatism is dead as a political force because we’re too deep into the decline-there’s too little left to conserve. Trumpism looks like it represents a populist/nationalist revolt against the system of the ruling elites, which is a wretched blend of the worst of capitalism and leftism (globalist crony capitalism plus New Left cultural Marxism). Trump is likely hesitant on PP because the “social issues” of abortion, contraception and Gays are the issues the D’s exploit to get the SWF vote.


  2. Although I believe you have overstated your argument I also believe that you are at least partially right. Donald Trump is not a conservative. But I do not believe that he is necessarily a leftist either. I believe that he is an opportunistic businessman, a chameleon who changes his colors to suit his surroundings. His loyalty, at least as it appears to me, is to what lines his pocketbook. A ‘Judas’ in a manner of speaking.

    He has an enormous ego along with an insatiable need to be the center of attention. He has seen an opportunity in conservative populism and he is exploiting it for maximum value. Whatever it is he is trying to accomplish, he has seen a challenge and he has decided to take it on.

    I don’t trust Donald Trump for many of the same reasons that you note in your article. He is not a true conservative. However, I don’t trust many of the other candidates currently running for the Republican nomination either. A number of them are talking a great game, however, their history is just as checkered as his (i.e. Christie, Fiorina, Kasich etc.).

    It appears to me that Donald Trump is potentially serving a greater purpose to the conservative movement whether he means to or not. He is the only one in the field with the ability to blow up the campaign conservative, GOP establishment.

    You know campaign conservatives. They are the inside the beltway barnacles (i.e. McConnell, McCain, Graham, Cornyn, Boehner, McCarthy, King, to mention a few) that feign conservatism during the campaign season and then turncoat once safely ensconced for another term at the trough. The same villainy that promises to end Obamacare, stop the lawless President, stop illegal immigration/end amnesty, defund Planned Parenthood (and the list goes on and on) during campaign season and then immediately capitulates to crony capitalism (the Chamber of Commerce) once they are reelected to office. Worse yet, they then attack anyone remotely conservative for attempting to do what they said that THEY would do during campaign season. Then they make excuses: “We can’t shut down the government”, “The President will just veto it, we can’t override it”, “We need a Republican House/Senate/President” or use other failure theater tactics like this Iran nuclear “deal” where they turned the treaty provision in the Constitution on its head.

    There are far too many candidates in the race for the nomination. There is a strategy at play. Currently, there are 17 candidates for President in the Republican party. Many of which (i.e. Graham, Pataki, Gilmore, Perry, etc.) are there just to serve the purpose of the GOP establishment and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The inside the beltway bunch are there not because they actually think they can win the nomination, but to simply siphon off enough support from truly conservative or outsider candidates (i.e. Cruz, Paul, Carson, Jindal and perhaps Walker) in key states so that their heir apparent (i.e. Bush) can walk off with the nomination.

    Donald Trump has the ability to blow this apparatus up. This is the challenge that I think he (or his ego) has taken on. He doesn’t need to rely on outside funding efforts (i.e. PAC’s and Super-PAC’s). He can be entirely self-funded. He has a base of disenfranchised, disenchanted American conservatives drooling over the slash and burn tactics he is using against the GOP establishment and their faux conservative (really corporatist) media apparatchiks who have repeatedly betrayed them.

    As I see it, these conservatives are on fire emotionally over the repeated betrayals by the GOP. They are not necessarily low-information voters. They are emotionally reacting to the rhetoric of Mr. Trump and are even to the point of forgiving his past transgressions so long as he continues to torture the establishment. These conservatives want vengeance against the betrayers.

    Donald Trump appears to be the fly in the establishment’s ointment. To this point, he has blown up their strategy to such an extent that there have been rumblings of Romney getting back in the race.

    To help understand what I am trying to point out please see the following article (and I would recommend reading each of the 17 linked articles at the end – sorry, but it is helpful in understanding the mindset of some thoughtful conservatives regarding the level of electioneering that the GOP establishment and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce appears to be engaged in):

    While I have no desire to see Donald Trump become the Republican nominee for President, my prayer is that he is able to stay in the race just long enough to cull most of the herd of establishment candidates, and also leave one or two conservatives in the field. Get it down to a more manageable four to six candidates.

    Next, I pray that conservative Americans will calm down from their emotionally charged fury to a more rational, discerning and level-headed state of mind and come to support the most virtuous, non-establishment candidate left in the field. Otherwise, there may not be a candidate left in the field worth supporting in 2016.

    Finally, in my opinion, voting for another GOP establishment candidate, considering their track record of repeated betrayals, just because they are perceived as the lesser of two evils is not really an option anymore. It’s sort of like having to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the “Have you stopped beating your wife?” question without having a ‘I have never beaten my wife’ candidate available. A vote for the perceived lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil. Going down either path, the country still plummets toward destruction.


    1. Skid Torque, AND WK
      I too am a Treeper so thanks for sharing to the group Sundance and the “roadmap” understanding of the mud wrestling match we call politics.

      I would caution WK and the other commenters to not fall for the “intelligentsia” line anymore than they would accept the premise of ANY secularist Humanist STATIST as being grounded in reality. I encourage everyone to apply their scientific/philosophical apologetics to government. The same God that fixed the Law of Gravity also fixed the law of Righteousness and Justice. Which means that gravity works the same at your house as at mine….and that fact does not change regardless of belief or disbelief in the Sovereign God. And also that the LAW of Righteousness and Justice does not change according to consensus or opinion.

      Consider this political reality: We are witnessing 2 conflicting world views in today’s political turmoil.

      1. The Wall Street Worldview – which makes money by selling DEBT. That’s what they do…and so does our unconstitutional government. Considering that the “real” debt is well beyond 130 Trillion….the lesser number does not include ENTITLEMENT SPENDING…I mean DEBT!

      2. The Main Street Worldview – which is the original and BIBLICAL worldview that understands that the foundation of any stable economy is about producing a product or providing a service and EARNING a PROFIT.

      Trump IS Worldview #2 . Trump may be a complete pagan…I don’t know…but just like Cyrus the Great and King Artaxerxes – regardless of their relationship with God – they governed according to God’s Law. Nehemiah was commanded by Artaxexes to teach his own governors across the Euphrates that same civil law that establishes Righteousness and Justice.

      I’ll take that over the lawlessness – because in NOT impeaching, repealing, and nullifying all the unconstitutional behavior…the current crop of GOP Establishment types are just as lawless to the Constitution as the perpetrators!! So “conservative” street cred???? I don’t think so. The Law can’t save us…but we are COMMANDED to be obedient to THE LAW….. plus, you could get into that whole i John thing that instructs us that Christians that live in disobedience to THE COMMANDMENTS – THE LAW….are either deceived, or liars. And the cosmic plumb bob drops from the Creator’s Throne…and Light eliminates the darkness. ….just…wow!!! And the lawless will be praying for a rock to cover them because their phony obedience is obvious to all.

      God’s Law forever fixed what is Righteousness and Justice and is just as applicable to reality – and in this case the foundation of civil government – just as any scientific/philosophical law we usually associate with apologetics.


  3. Thank you for this; I think there are many actual conservative candidates to choose from, I don’t understand how Trump is popular among Republicans…


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