What is the best introductory book about pro-life apologetics?

I'm Scheming Unborn Baby, and I approve this decision
I’m Scheming Unborn Baby, and I approve this message

Do you like to argue about controversial things? Of course you do. And so does Scheming Unborn Baby.

Here’s an excellent book review of the best pro-life book for ordinary people. It’s by Scott Klusendorf of the Life Training Institute.


The Case for Life by Scott Klusendorf is an absolutely outstanding defense of the pro-life position with regard to the abortion debate. Being familiar with Scott’s work through Stand to Reason I was looking forward to this book with much anticipation. Scott is one of the most able, articulate, persuasive, and winsome pro-life speakers in the country and his book does not fail to deliver.

He’s got chapter-by-chapter breakdowns, so let’s look at some of them:

In chapter five Scott addresses the nature of truth and the topic of moral relativism, a view of morality our culture is saturated with to the core. Addressing this topic becomes absolutely necessary given its prevalence and the fact that often the claims of pro-lifers are misunderstood. This is seen in such cliches as “Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one!” or “I’m personally opposed to abortion but I think it should remain legal.” In short, pro-lifers are not making subjective preference claims when they say abortion is morally wrong but rather objective truth claims. Scott lays out some fundamental problems with moral relativism as well as a brief history outlining the move from moral realism to moral non-realism.

In chapter six Scott exposes the myth of moral neutrality. Both sides of the abortion debate have views they want to legislate and it is impossible for the state to remain neutral. However, it is often pro-lifers who are accused of trying to “legislate morality” while pro-abortion choice advocates get a free pass. In short, pro-lifers are dismissed as “religious” because of an unwillingness by pro-abortion choice advocates to address the issues. This is intellectually dishonest. How bout we stick with science?

And more:

In chapters ten through fifteen Scott addresses some of the most common arguments put forth by pro-abortion choice advocates. These include “Women will die from illegal abortions,” “You shouldn’t force your view on others,” “Pro-lifers should broaden their focus,” “Rape justifies abortion,” “Men can’t get pregnant,” and “It’s my body, I’ll decide.” The fundamental problem with most of these objections is that they beg the question. They assume the unborn is not a human person.

One more chapter – I’ve never seen chapters like this before:

In chapter sixteen Scott outlines four essential tasks that pastors concerned with biblical truth need to accomplish:

First, Christian pastors need to emphasize a biblical view of human value and ensure their congregation understands that abortion unjustly takes the life of an innocent human being. Second, they need to equip their congregation with pro-life apologetics so they can compete in the marketplace of ideas. Third, they need to emphasize the healing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ and preach repentance and forgiveness for post-abortion men and women. Finally, Christian pastors need to overcome their fear that abortion is a distraction, their fear of driving people away who might otherwise hear the gospel, and their fear of offending people with abortion-related content.

If you want to see Scott speak, here’s a new-ish 42-minute lecture:

If you like that, consider getting the book. Scheming Unborn Baby recommends it, and so do I.

10 thoughts on “What is the best introductory book about pro-life apologetics?”

  1. If I could make a recommendation, get a copy of Peter Kreet’s “The Unaborted Socrates.”

    In it, Socrates appears in modern times and engages in dialogs with various people about the common arguments in support of abortion. Socrates, of course, is not a Christian and his arguments are not religious in the least. They are, however, filled with delightful logical ideas as he deals with false premises and drills down to logical conclusions.

    You will need a high tolerance for puns. Kreeft has an affinity for them.


  2. Okay so the baby is not aborted then what? The mom will probably put the child up for adoption and then the child has to hope they get adopted if not by the time their 18 they are considered adults who never had a family. So what about the kids who are waiting for adoptioms right now?


    1. Yes! And instead of giving tax money to Planned Parenthood for abortions, we can offer tax money to people who get married before having kids, and tax money for people who adopt children.


        1. Are you really arguing we should be able to kill innocent children because there is a chance they may not be adopted?


          1. Um no, that is not what i am doing. I’m just curious to what are pro-lifers moves or solutions to children who get put into adoption or the foster care system waiting to be adopted. I bring this up cause i remember watching a show called 30 days and there was an episode where a woman who was pro-choice had to live with christian pro-lifers. She had asked one of the pro-lifers a question,” what are you going to do once the baby is born and what about the other children who’s mothers put them up for adoption? This question made me wonder especially after i saw a film on baby trafficking and it really makes you wonder.


  3. I think there should be a movement to charge newborns with assault.

    If they really hijack a woman’s body for 9 months without her permission, as we all know no one did anything to cause the situation, they need to be properly dealt with. Why let them off due to age?

    It will save time by moving them into the prison system rather than waiting for it to assault another woman. It will also take care of the adoption issue and create jobs in the infant penitentiary system.

    Sarcastic, but the rhetoric often sounds as if the mother has been kidnapped off the street at random and forced to service this non-human parasitical creature.


    1. Oh, I know. I get that all the time. A lot of pro-aborts act like babies just fall out of the sky and plague poor, unsuspected women who don’t deserve this cruel and unusual punishment called pregnancy. It’s ridiculous.

      I have even had a few of them tell me that pregnancy is not a natural consequence of sex! Um, I think somebody forgot to have the birds and bees talk with them.

      Somehow, in their minds, there is no connection between sexual activity and pregnancy. They don’t see pregnancy as a natural consequence of having sex that they must take responsibility for. In fact, the very idea of taking responsibility in general, and for their sexual activity in particular, is met with revulsion and shock.


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