Will pro-life women vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 just because she is a woman?

Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood
Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood

This story is from Life News.


Candidates such as out-going Colorado Senator Mark Udall and Iowa Senator-wanna-be-but-defeated Iowa Rep. Bruce Braley, along with other Democratic candidates, ran campaigns based on an extremist pro-abortion position. They were absolutely convinced that the American public would vote for candidates who say it’s okay to kill helpless, innocent unborn babies at any stage, provided they mischaracterized opposition to this extremism as a “war on women.”

But they took this charade even further. Pro-abortion figures such as Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards tried to tell voters that female candidates who oppose abortion know nothing about what women really want.

Clinton, at a pro-Braley rally, told voters in Iowa, “It’s not enough to be a woman, you have to be committed to expand rights and opportunities for all women.” Because Joni Ernst (who defeated Braley) thinks unborn babies should be protected, she isn’t committed to expanding rights and opportunities for women?

Obviously, the voters didn’t see Ernst in that light. She won by almost a hundred thousand votes and she is now the pro-life Senator-elect from Iowa.

Pro-abortion advocates like to say abortion is a woman’s issue, but only pro-abortion women should voice their opinions. Indeed, they come very close to saying it is illegitimate for a woman who is pro-life to speak on abortion. The voices of pro-life women just don’t count. The hypocrisy, or should I say the gall, of people who think you have to want to kill unborn children in order to be pro-woman is stunning.

In 2008 and 2012, many, many black people who were personally pro-life voted for Barack Obama. Will pro-life women do the same for Hillary Clinton in 2016?

I have to say that it is always a concern to me, as someone who would like to get married, when the majority of young, unmarried women vote Democrat. Maybe I am wrong, but I not only see this as a vote against family in favor of bigger government (via taxes), but I also see it as a rejection of the pro-life and pro-marriage views.

It bothers me when a woman says she is pro-abortion, because to me it means that she wants to perform actions (sex) that are pleasurable to her, but then resort to murder to avoid being burdened with the natural consequences of her actions. You can’t make a marriage with a woman who is willing to resort to murder in order to avoid taking responsibility for her actions. If you’re going to marry a woman, you want her to be pro-life – to put the lives of little innocent babies first – however they come into being. You want her to have the attitude that it is more important to care for innocent people than to be without the encumbrance of relationships with others. After all, she will be encumbered by a relationship to you if you marry her, and that will not always be pleasant.

It also bothers me when a woman says she is pro-gay-marriage, because to me it means that she is denying the complimentary nature of men and women. She is saying that men can take the place of a mother, and a woman can take the place of a father. In that case, it seems to me that you are dealing with a person who doesn’t take the needs of children seriously. Rather than taking a child’s real needs seriously, they are more interested in telling selfish adults what they want hear. A man shouldn’t make children with a woman who doesn’t care about the child’s need for a mother and a father. If she doesn’t think that a father is necessary to raise a child, then it will be much easier for her to divorce you. It’s wrong to celebrate any arrangement that deprives a child of biological parents.

9 thoughts on “Will pro-life women vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 just because she is a woman?”

  1. The answer is “yes”. There are many who are invested in the notion of electing a woman for president, just as there were so many jumping at the chance to elect the first black president. These two “firsts” are so important to those who think they are meaningful that the character of the candidate is not important. This was proven by Obama’s election. Had he not been in the mix, I have no doubt we’d be suffering from a Hillary presidency right now.

    The Dems are traditionally superficial. Gender and race trump ability when the choice is present.


  2. I support Hillary Clinton’s presidency and am hoping she runs and succeeds. I would not vote for her because shes a woman, neither should pro-life or any woman. Leadership has nothing to do with gender, race, religion, etc. Hillary would get my vote because she is qualified for the job. She is highly educated and has a long history in out government. When she was First Lady she helped Bill with a lot of his ideas and you can be as conservative as ever but you cannot deny the successes of the Clinton presidency. The economy was better than ever during his years and he worked well with both parties. Hillary was also a senator of New York and Secretary of State. Both of these jobs have trained her for the job as president. On the contrary, it doesn’t matter who pro-life women vote for because abortion is and always will be legal. No president, or any politician, has the power to overturn a Supreme Court case from the 70s. I’m not saying I like abortion, I think it is a terrible thing but ultimately it is not my choice. First off, I’m a male so I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. Second, I believe that if you don’t like abortion, simply don’t get one. Yes it is wrong for a woman to terminate a pregnancy to avoid responsibility, but it happens and it is not my choice, it’s theirs. We are American and can make our own choices. I do support abortions for rape victims or mothers who are physically unable to withstand the hardships of pregnancy. But ultimately it’s the mothers choice whether you label it murder or not. I don’t think young women support Hillary and the democrats because they are planning on aborting their future children, I believe it is because the democrats have their best interest. Ultimately republicans support business while democrats support the middle and lower class. This is why I feel democrats are gaining support. Also, like it or not, America is getting more and more liberal. Your ignorant comment on gay marriage shows you are not. Gay marriage continues to grow as more people realize that the only people gay marriage affects is gay people. If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get a gay marriage. It is extremely ignorant and incorrect to say that gay people can not raise children. A family is based on love, not gender. Just because a child has two fathers doesn’t mean they won’t have positive female role models (such as a grandma or aunt) and vice versa. I admire gay parents as they are choosing to be parents rather than accidentally having an unwanted child. I feel as if they can be more loving than heterosexual couples at times because of this. Saying a child needs both their biological parents is false. Single parents and foster parents seem to be raising their children fine. Love is love and a family is a family. I understand you have strong faith and are influenced by the conservative Christian church but you need to understand not all Americans are. There are atheists, Jews, Muslims etc. not just Christians. Some are like me, liberal Christians, who believe in Jesus and god but who feel that in America people have the right to believe what they want and love who they want. A majority of Americans feel this way and that is why Hillary Clinton is such a front runner for president. I sincerely hope Hillary wins not because she is a woman, not because she is pro-choice or pro-gay marriage, but because she’s pro-American rights for everyone. She is also a great leader. I understand if you didn’t bother reading this lengthy or stopped reading after I supported ideals you are not fond of but know although I disagree with you, doesn’t mean I feel like your opinion is invalid, we all have different opinions. God bless you and god bless America.


    1. “Second, I believe that if you don’t like abortion, simply don’t get one.”

      Do you apply this logic to other areas too?

      – Don’t like child abuse? Simply don’t abuse your child.

      – Don’t like slavery? Don’t own one.

      – Don’t like rape? Well, just don’t rape anyone.

      “Yes it is wrong for a woman to terminate a pregnancy to avoid responsibility, but it happens and it is not my choice, it’s theirs.”

      I guess you could say the same for rape and child abuse here too. It’s wrong, but it happens. It’s their choice if they want to rape someone. It’s their choice if they want to abuse their child.

      What you don’t seem to understand is that those of us who oppose abortion aren’t saying we don’t like abortion. We’re saying it is both fundamentally wrong and that it should be illegal. We’re saying that the unborn child has a right to live that should be protected by law. It’s not a preference for babies to live. We’re saying that abortion is a human rights violation every bit as bad as murder, slavery, rape, and child abuse and should not be allowed to occur.


      1. My answer to your question is yes. It does apply to all of those things. I don’t like child abuse so I won’t abuse my child. Can I? Absolutely. The difference is the legality of it. Yes all of those negative crimes occur and yes it is the people who are committing the acts choice to do them. The difference between abortion and those other actions you presented is that abortion is legal and the others are not.

        It is incorrect to compare rape, child abuse, etc. to abortion. You may see the fetus as a human, I may see the fetus as a human but many Americans feel differently. All Americans can agree that a born human is a human. That is why human rights isn’t the best word to be used against abortion. And you can debate about abortion all you want and I can not like abortion (I don’t like abortion, although I believe it is a woman’s right) all I want but it would get frustrating knowing that I’d be fighting for something that is no longer an issue to our government. As I said before, nothing is going to change a 1970s Supreme Court decision. Although this is a harsh reality, as an American you have every right to your opinion and every right to protest it.


        1. I feel like it is important to point out that I’m not saying that just because something is legal means that it is right. If rape was legal, it still under no circumstance would be right. It just comes down to the fact that all people (besides offenders) feel rape, child abuse, slavery etc are wrong, but a majority of Americans are pro-choice, and they are not all getting abortions. Some are men and women who just believe it is a woman’s right.

          As always I respect your opinion and only wish you the best.


          1. “You may see the fetus as a human, I may see the fetus as a human but many Americans feel differently.”

            It is scientific fact that a human fetus (or zygote or embryo) is a living human individual. If some people don’t agree, they are simply incorrect. Perhaps they’re ignorant. Perhaps they’re in denial. But they’re wrong. The facts are quite clear. One can disagree on the value of that human life, but not on whether it is a human life. That’s not a matter of opinion; it’s settled science.

            “I feel like it is important to point out that I’m not saying that just because something is legal means that it is right. If rape was legal, it still under no circumstance would be right.”

            Exactly. And the same goes for abortion. It may be legal, but it is wrong. I’m glad you can differentiate between “right” and “legal.” There are many who can’t.

            Of course, not all wrong things should be illegal. But things which violate any person’s inalienable rights should be illegal. The main purpose for government is the protection of inalienable rights. A government that does not protect inalienable rights (by making rights violations illegal) is failing in it’s primary purpose and is an unjust government.

            Because abortion is a violation of inalienable human rights, government has a duty to make it illegal in order to protect the rights of the unborn. In that regard, it is the same thing as rape, murder, or child abuse. A government that allowed murder or rape would be a bad government because government has a duty to protect the rights of the people. A government that allows abortion is also allowing human rights violations. We have a duty to make such human rights violations illegal. What we choose to make illegal is not entirely arbitrary. Some things we have to make illegal.

            Take a look at the 5th Amendment. “No person shall … be deprived of life, liberty, or property … without due process of law; …”

            In the past we didn’t apply that to some humans – i.e. black people. That was wrong and we did finally rectify that by recognizing (not granting) the rights of people of all colors. Now we need to apply that law to unborn humans as well by recognizing their rights. We have a duty to do so. Otherwise, we have an unjust law and are allowing human rights violations.


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