Casey Luskin: useful resources to have when debating intelligent design

Casey Luskin replies to an e-mail at Evolution News from someone seeking help defending ID.

There are 6 questions asked:

1) Can you give me half a dozen (or more) examples of where ID or Creationists have been intimidated for their views? Whether they were fired, threat of firing, demoted, sued, threat of suit, or publicly humiliated by the Scientific Community and/or Atheist and/or ACLU. In cases of a firing, I would much appreciate examples where a lawsuit ensued because that tends to shows the serious nature of the offense…

2) Can you provide half a dozen (or more) examples where any scientists who publicly raised a challenge to evolution or evolution theory was also intimidated? I would appreciate it, if you could provide a few examples of people who actually supported evolution who then realized their research tended to disprove evolution. You can also provide a few examples where those in academia were intimidated.

3) Can you tell me how many states now have laws that protect teachers in allowing them to give both evidence supporting evolution as well as evidence disproving evolution? I would especially appreciate examples where the evolutionists or ACLU attempted to block those legislative attempts.

4) Can you give me examples of where evolutionists tried to deceive the public or scientific community?

5) *** As I’ve read and researched, there has never been an example of “evolution” actually occurring; yet Wikipedia makes the bold statement that implies there are examples and then lists bacteria as one…

“Typically, observable instances of evolution are examples of microevolution; for example, bacterial strains that have antibiotic resistance….”

I believe I recently read that in fact bacteria haven’t been observed “evolving” and that evolutionists themselves note this is a real challenge, because they should be able to make it change but it never does. It simply reverts back. Isn’t it true that bacteria, as referenced in Wikipedia, aren’t evolving but are simply developing an immunity to the antibiotics?

6) Lastly, can you give me four or five major things that disprove evolution….

Do those sound useful to you? If so, click through, and bookmark the page for later. You might also find this video lecture by Dr. Stephen C. Meyer an excellent introduction to intelligent design in the origin of life.

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