Leader of gay student group: disagreeing with us makes us kill ourselves

The latest from Life Site News about Stanford’s University’s attempt to suppress a pro-natural-marriage group’s campus event.


At a recent GSC meeting, SAS co-president Judy Romea reminded student leaders that not only is the SAS not “anti-gay,” it stood “in solidarity” with homosexual groups against the controversial Westboro Baptist Church when it held a protest on campus.

But that wasn’t enough for campus gay activist groups, who turned out en masse for the same GSC meeting to demand that funding for the event be pulled.

“Their viewpoint kills people,” Jeffrey Cohen, vice president of GradQ, a homosexual advocacy group for graduate students, told the GSC.  “There’s a lot of research published in top psychology journals that have looked at university environments, both positive and negative. An event such as this would be a negative event, [and] in schools that have negative events there is a statistically significant increase in suicide.”  He said the last time a pro-marriage speaker visited the campus, someone told him “they wanted to kill themselves.”

Cohen said he was especially “bothered by the idea that their conference is trying to create better ways to deliver [the pro-marriage] message. … The idea that they are learning how to deliver their message scares [me].”  Cohen suggested SAS cancel its conference and instead hold a joint event with GradQ in which gay activists would have a chance to promote their message too.

Ben Holston, chair of the undergraduate senate, also threw his weight behind the gay groups. “This is an event that hurts the Stanford community,” Holston said. “To express a belief that, for some reason this event is not discriminatory, is completely off-base. This event as it stands, given the speakers, and given that they have said the event is supposed to ‘promote one-man one-woman [marriage],’ which promotes stripping away rights of people in this room, is unacceptable on Stanford’s campus.”  He urged the GSC to withdraw its funding for the conference.

Now I’m chaste, and a virgin, so I was just imagining what it would be like for me at Yale during Sex Week, when my student fees (hypothetically) would be used to bring in sex addicts to instruct college students that my view is sick and twisted and that binge drinking and premarital promiscuity is morally praiseworthy. Does anyone here seriously think that I would threaten to commit suicide unless people who disagreed with my chastity and virginity stopped disagreeing with me? No. A sex addict’s disapproval of my chastity and virginity doesn’t make me want to commit suicide, because I am not insane. I’m also not engaged in immoral behavior by being chaste and remaining a virgin. Criticism of me for being moral doesn’t bother me – that’s your problem if you disagree with morality.

If you tell me that what I’m doing is wrong, I’ve got piles of papers in peer-reviewed journals showing me that for my plans – life-long married love and influential Christian children raised by a stay-at-home mom – chastity is the best plan. But it doesn’t bother me if you disagree with me, and I’m not going to attack your place of work with guns, vandalize your church, or force you to lose your job – because I’m not a gay activist. I don’t care that you disagree with me, because I believe that there is a right to free speech and no right to force you to celebrate and fund my sexual orientation.

That gay activist sounded insane, but I don’t think that most gay people agree with him.


Ben, a graduate student in neuroscience, told the GSC that even though he is homosexual, he believes the SAS should be able to access the same student funding as any other group.

“What bothers [me] the most is that in the name of tolerance, we are silencing and taking away support from a view that we don’t agree with,” Ben said. “These views are out there, we should listen to them. I totally disagree with these people, but we need to hear what they have to say.  We need to hear SAS.”

Now there is a gay person I can tolerate – because he tolerates me.

9 thoughts on “Leader of gay student group: disagreeing with us makes us kill ourselves”

  1. Good for you Wintery Knight! Stand up against garbled thinking! But I think most people who fight for this issue are living in denial. They really don’t understand how insane their thinking is. I did read an article that people who actively live a homosexual lifestyle suffer a dissonance within their own soul. They understand deep down it’s unnatural, but they suppress and deny that knowledge. It makes for very unhappy people, and so I suppose anything that corrected that fantasy would disturb them psychologically. God bless you. Susan Fox http://www.christsfaithfulwitness.com


  2. Well, yes. The reason that the rates of suicide are so high among the gay is… not as much their moral stance, as the consequences. They are at a much higher risk of trauma — all types.

    I really hate it when activists “quote science” — when I am fully aware of what they do when the research does not suit them.

    Demand the university sack the staff who did the work.


    1. The most influential hate-filled people out there are not the Westboro Baptist Church folks, but the Jeffrey Cohens out there. Such bigots have real influence and clout, unlike the WBCers.


  3. I really feel sorry for people like that, because they say such gobbledygook as that. Apparently he missed the recent studies out of Denmark and the Netherlands, two EXTREMELY tolerant and accepting nations, that are experiencing, I think it’s a 30%– i might be wrong, but it was alarmingly high–jump in the rate of suicide of homosexuals. So the problem isn’t acceptance, it’s the lifestyle.


  4. You gotta admit, it’s a clever strategy on their part… instead of having a discussion, just dismiss everyone who disagrees as bigoted, evil, homophobic, and “trying to take away your rights” (never bothering to explain why marriage is a “right”, of course). It’s disingenuous, childish, and anti-intellectual, but I can’t deny that it’s clever. Not to mention effective, because otherwise intelligent people are buying into it without batting an eye.

    But like Will says above, people like Jeffrey Cohen are scary, not because of what they believe or what they advocate, but because of how they go about advocating it. They are trying to shut down discussion and conversation and force people with an opposing point of view out of the public square. Very ironic strategy coming from a group that claims to advocate against oppression.


  5. I get a lot of heat when I maintain that homosexuals are “not like normal people”. Yeah, I say it like that just to jab at them. But I do believe it, and this nonsense about simple debate driving any of them to suicide helps to validate my position. They kill themselves at a far greater rate than heterosexuals, and their suicide/depression percentages are as high in areas of great tolerance for their lifestyles. How are they then like normal people?


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