Only 74,000 jobs added in December, lowest in 3 years

Labor Force Participation down to 62.8%
Labor Force Participation down to 62.8%

CNS News reports on the disappointing job numbers.


The economy added only 74,000 non-farm jobs in December, the fewest in three years. Yet the unemployment rate dropped 0.3 points to 6.7 percent — the first time in 60 months it has dropped below 7 percent, the Labor Department announced on Friday.

With so few jobs added, the jobless rate still went down because people stopped looking for work.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the number of unemployed persons declined by 490,000 to 10.4 million in December, indicating that many of them dropped out of the labor force.

The government counts people as unemployed only if they are actively searching for work.

[…]In 2013, job growth averaged 182,000 per month, about the same as in 2012, when it averaged 183,000 a month.

I am thinking about whether the Obama administration has done anything in the last 5 years to create any jobs. I know they could have suspended the employer portion of payroll taxes. They didn’t do that. They could have allowed the Keystone XL pipeline. They didn’t do that. They could have repealed Obamacare so that employers didn’t have to reduce worker hours to avoid having to pay penalties. They didn’t do that. They could have stopped borrowing over a trillion dollars a year. They didn’t do that.

So I am just wondering what exactly this government has done to create jobs. I know the economy is resilient, and some jobs get created every month, no matter what. But I would like someone to tell me how this government has encouraged the private sector to hire more workers. I think if they had done anything to specifically address jobs, then I would know about it.

3 thoughts on “Only 74,000 jobs added in December, lowest in 3 years”

  1. We are not post recession. Your job numbers show that we are falling deeper into recession, maybe depression. I noticed the gas price is slightly down. Did we get new supply? I doubt it. It’s down because no one can afford gasoline, and they are cutting back. Everything this president has done has made the economy worse. That should have been a short six month correction at the end of the Bush Administration, but the Obama Administration did everything possible to destroy this economy. I guess they are trying to put as many people as possible on the government dole so they can get the majority to vote Democrat to keep their benefits. No I have been aware during the entire Obama Administration that he is deliberately destroying our economy. Why? I guess for personal power. He is also dismantling our military. Why? How can you have power in a country that is overrun by a foreign power? Maybe he thinks it won’t come to that. In this case, I hope he’s right. God bless you. Susan Fox. I have a great new post on Atheists. By coincidence, their childhoods resemble that of Barack Obama’s and also mine, but in my case I didn’t turn out like them because I had a strong relationship with Jesus Christ since the age of 4:

  2. Millions of more people are in poverty now than when Bush was president. Millions more are also without jobs. Weird how I kept seeing lamestream media news stories every night in 2008 about how Bush had “wrecked the economy” due to the Iraq War, but I hear nothing but crickets chirping from the same folks now that things are much worse.

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