enrollments fall far short of Democrat Party estimates

Can a bunch of pot-smoking socialists do math? The Wall Street Journal says no.


Fewer than 50,000 people had successfully navigated the troubled federal health-care website and enrolled in private insurance plans as of last week, two people familiar with the matter said, citing internal government data.

The figure is a fraction of the Obama administration’s target of 500,000 enrollees for October. The early tally for the site, which launched Oct. 1, worries health insurers that are counting on higher enrollment to make their plans profitable.

The administration had estimated that nearly 500,000 people would enroll in October, according to internal memos cited last week by Rep. Dave Camp (R., Mich.). An estimated seven million people nationwide were expected to gain private coverage by the end of March, when the open-enrollment period is set to end.

[…]So far, private health plans have received enrollment data for 40,000 to 50,000 users of the federal marketplace, the people familiar with the figures said.

HHS spokeswoman Erin Shields Britt said Monday she couldn’t confirm the enrollment numbers.

Meanwhile, Breitbart is reporting that new web site is up that provides about 90% of the functionality:

Even as President Obama has issued a constant refrain of how upset he is that his Obamacare website doesn’t work and promises that he’s on top of the fix, three 20-year-old website designers in San Francisco made a working Obamacare website using’s own code. They did it in only three days.

The three web developers who created the site,, programmed it to do much of what, the Obamacare website, is supposed to do.

The enterprising young men whipped up their version of Obamacare in just days working in their off time.

Unlike the Obamacare website, Ning Liang, George Kalogeropoulous and Michael Wasser’s new site shows Americans the info they really want to see. Signing onto their site will show visitors healthcare plans and pricing that is available. All you do is enter your zipcode, and there it is.

The three are continuing to tweak their site to give visitors even more information, too. Just after their site went live, they added a section that will help visitors find out if they qualify for a tax subsidy.

[…]The only thing the site doesn’t do is connect visitors directly to the insurance companies so that visitors can actually buy a policy.


Taxpayers spent $500 million dollars on the web site. Maybe we should have just let the private sector handle health care, instead of letting government take it over and kicking thousands of people out of their health care plans, with many millions more to come in 2014. I guess I don’t see the point of politicians, who have no demonstrated capabilities in IT project management, software design or programming, take over a private sector health system that is the envy of the world.

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