Republicans introduce Obamacare alternative: American Health Care Reform Act

Endorsements for the American Healthcare Reform Act
Endorsements for the American Healthcare Reform Act

The Daily Caller has an overview of what the bill would do.

There are 6 main sections:

  1. Repeal of Obamacare
  2. Increasing Access to Portable, Affordable Health Insurance
  3. Improving Access to Insurance for Vulnerable Americans
  4. Encouraging a More Competitive Health Care Market
  5. Reforming Medical Liability Law
  6. Respecting Human Life

I am a big supporter of making healthcare more consumer driven and less expensive, and of not violating conscience rights of medical workers. Does this bill do any of these things?

Section 4 addresses the need to make health  care consumer-driven:

Our bill would take steps toward creating a competitive health care marketplace. This legislation would take steps to address this problem by, most notably, allowing Americans to purchase health insurance products across state lines and by permitting small businesses to pool together to negotiate better rates.

Other pro-patient reforms include amending the McCarran-Ferguson Act to ensure that federal anti-trust law applies to health insurance, making Medicare claims and payment data publicly available so that patients and taxpayers alike can better understand what they are being charged, helping states develop transparency portals with useful information on insurance plans, and stopping the federal government from denying coverage for health care services based upon comparative effectiveness data.

Just like with any area of the free market, increasing competition among sellers reduces prices and increases quality.

Section 5 caps non-economic damages in medical liability lawsuits at $250,000:

This bill attempts to address the medical liability crisis that has played a role in the escalating cost of health care by implementing meaningful legal reforms that include caps on non- economic damages and limits to attorneys’ fees. These provisions set no caps on economic damages, which are often the largest component of liability awards, thus patients will continue to have their rights to economic damages protected.

Why didn’t Obamacare take that step? Because trial lawyers pressured them not to do it.

Section 6 should be of interest to anyone who believes in protecting the unborn:

Provides that nothing in this act requires health plans to provide coverage of abortion services, or permits any government official to require coverage of abortion. Prohibits federal funds authorized or appropriated by this act from covering abortion, except in the case of rape, incest, or when the life of the mother is jeopardized. Ensures that no state pro-life or conscience protection laws will be preempted.

Pro-abortion groups made sure that Obamacare would offer free condoms and free abortion-causing drugs. That needs to be fixed.

So that’s what health care reform would look like if Republicans did it. You can click here to find out more about the bill.

Where I found out about this

I found out about this bill from the Family Research Council Washington Watch Weekly podcast.


On this week’s edition of Washington Watch Weekly, I will be joined by veteran sportscaster, Craig James, who will tell us why he was sacked by Fox Sports and why he is fighting back, not only for himself, but for all Christians. The media continues to say that Republicans and Conservatives who are against Obamacare are ignoring the problems in our health care system and really don’t care about the uninsured. Short response: they’re wrong. Rep. Phil Roe (R-Tenn.) tells us why. Also, Tom Fitton with Judicial Watch tells us about the latest lawsuit against the Obama administration, who tries to say they are transparent. Well, this time, Tom and his team are suing the Pentagon over their relationship with the anti-Christian crusader, Mikey Weinstein.

Here is my full list of favorite podcasts.

3 thoughts on “Republicans introduce Obamacare alternative: American Health Care Reform Act”

  1. OK, I own a business, and here’s what I know to be true: billing and account receivable is the biggest part of my job and cuts my productivity at least in half When adding the other red tape, about 75% of my time is administrative. That means that my rates have to be about 4 times as much as they would if I were using 100% of my work time to produce.

    Let’s apply that to health care. If doctors didn’t have to employ huge work staffs just to file insurance red tape and keep from being sued, they would be under a lot less pressure and be able to have much lower rates. Same applies for the hospitals that they work in and all the “ologists” that support them. A recent case in point of a man who negotiated a medical procedure for $3000 for which the insurance company had agreed to pay $27,000, a substantial portion of which would be owed by the patient. By sidestepping the insurance red tape, all medical parties involved were will to work for a fraction of the cost and no one felt cheated–except, of course, the insurance companies if this secret ever catches on.


      1. Yes, a little money goes to frivolous lawsuits. And the majority of the money goes to backroom deals between big Pharma, AMA and Insurance companies. Te big loser is the consumer. And now with the Affordable Care Act we are permanently legalizing and institutionalizing this unholy trinity alliance. Considering that most people probably have an ax to grind, the law suits should probably be a lot more widespread in reality. Enough of them would cripple the system and force REAL systemic reform, instead of more bait and switch and a money grab free-for-all.


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