Convicted criminal commits burglary, murder and rape hours after early release from jail

Here’s a sad, graphic news story from the NY Daily News that should make us all pause and reconsider whether the left-wing compassion crowd is right about giving lighter sentences to criminals. (H/T Dennis Prager)


A 24-year-old man charged with killing an elderly couple and raping their 2-year-old great-grandchild had been released early from prison just hours before the attacks, state officials said on Tuesday.

Jerry Active was arrested on Saturday by police and has been charged in the murders of Sorn Sreap, 71, and her husband, Touch Chea, 73, and the rape of the toddler they were babysitting that night. Active is also charged with raping Sreap.

The elderly victims’ bodies had signs of blunt-force trauma, but autopsies will determine the cause of death, the Anchorage Police Department said in a statement.

[…]Active, who had pleaded guilty to breaking into a Dillingham, Alaska, home in 2009 and sexually assaulting a child and other residents, was released from prison on probation on Saturday morning after serving part of a seven-year sentence, said Kaci Schroeder, a spokeswoman for the Alaska Department of Corrections.

Do me, cases like this make it very clear that we need to be tougher on criminals. This would never have happened if this guy had been given the death penalty instead of early release for “good behavior”. What would the compassion crowd say to evidence like this? My guess is that they would say that the victims of the crime need to be more tolerant of criminals and not be so judgmental and vindictive. After all, the victims probably caused the attack and the attacker is the real victim. That’s how people on the left think.

4 thoughts on “Convicted criminal commits burglary, murder and rape hours after early release from jail”

  1. He sexually assaulted a child and other residents and gets out of jail that quickly? Ridiculous. He should get the death penalty for the murders, but even if he hadn’t killed them he should get it for raping the 71 yr. old and the 2 yr. old,


  2. It was this kind of evidence that converted me from a liberal to a conservative. Eventually, it also converted me from a staunch anti-Christian to a Christian, but, sadly, I had to go through a mountain of similar evidence beforehand. Moral relativists, after all, can hardly speak the word “evil” as description, and moreover “it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” Hebrews 10:31


    1. They don’t care, SlimJim. The important thing, in their minds, is that they successfully pushed their agenda and treated the criminal with “compassion.” The victims’ lives are not on the radar of the Left.

      It is the same for abortion: the woman’s lifestyle convenience is so incredibly important to them that they do not even consider the baby’s life. Not one bit – not one iota. Same thing for euthanasia and ObamaDoesntCare: the Left got their way and you didn’t. They won. And they were re-elected. Which, in their minds, proves that they were right, and you (and me!) are nothing but a bigoted, hateful, intolerant loser.

      Results don’t matter beyond that, by their thinking. There is absolutely no feedback loop in the mind of a liberal. Trust me on this: i was there – in the enemy’s camp – for far too long. I know the playbook inside and out.


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