Jay Richards and Stephen C. Meyer discuss scientific consensus on the Michael Medved show

The Michael Medved show is a national radio show broadcast out of Seattle, Washington. According to Talkers magazine, he has the fifth largest radio audience. He has a regular weekly segment on science and culture featuring  scholars from the Discovery Institute.

Here is the fifth segment from this past week, courtesy of the Intelligent Design: The Future podcast.

The MP3 file is available for download. (35 minutes)

The description is:

On this episode of ID the Future, Jay Richards and Stephen Meyer join Michael Medved for a discussion of the phrase “scientific consensus” and how it is used in debates over controversial issues such as Darwinian evolution and climate change.

Each week, leading fellows from Discovery Institute will join Michael Medved to talk about the intersection of science and culture. Listen in live online or on your local Medved station, or stay tuned at ID the Future for the weekly podcast.


  • Does global warming cause more tornadoes?
  • Are we having more tornadoes now?
  • Is science decoded NY consensus?
  • Why would someone appeal to consensus
  • If a person defends their view by using sweeping rhetoric and insults is that am indicator of strength
  • Is there more extreme weather than before now?
  • When did the last warming begin?
  • Are we in a waking or cooling cycle now?
  • How are scientists who dissent from the consensus treated?
  • How much CO2 is needed in the atmosphere in order to create warming?

I subscribe to the ID the Future podcast, and I really recommend that you do as well!

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5 thoughts on “Jay Richards and Stephen C. Meyer discuss scientific consensus on the Michael Medved show”

  1. That WAS good – with a good dose of snarkiness! Human-caused global warming, IMO, is a cult religion that has alternated with the opposing cult religion of “impending doom by ice age” for almost 100 years now. Many of the groupies worshipping Al “Massage Therapist” Gore by following him around to his “conferences” are dope heads by admission. Now those are the sort of folks I look to for wisdom on science – folks who are destroying and turning off their brains!


  2. When it comes to ‘consensus’ bear in mind that many people go into various fields with a prejudice &/or an agenda. This is certainly true for atheists and other anti-Christians who not surprisingly will go into religion or science in order press their preconceived views. So i factor that in when i consider claims to ‘consensus’. ps: to I’ve listened to Medved for years, and also IDF, & recommend them both.


    1. Great point, Verily. Look how far ‘science’ has fallen, when the greatest scientists in past centuries (Newton, Kepler, Faraday, Maxwell, etc) included prayers to God in many of their scientific papers – giving glory to their Creator by realizing that what they had discovered was due to Him and through Him. It is hard to even name a scientist of such magnitude today. Many atheists worship Stephen Hawking, but he has spent a career trying to prove such nonsensical claims as “the universe created itself,” and “a model of the universe created the universe.” (Apologies to my atheist friends for not capitalizing ‘universe.’)


        1. Does that mean that theoretically he’s a physicist, but actually he’s not too rational? :-)


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