What we learned from the Benghazi whistle-blowers

From the PJ Tatler, seven points:

  1. There were multiple stand-down orders, not just one.
  2. Ambassador Stevens’ reason for going to Benghazi has been cleared up.
  3. Clinton was briefed at 2 am on the night of the attack, was never told that a movie had anything to do with the attack by those on the ground in Libya, yet blamed the movie anyway.
  4. Whistleblowers were intimidated into silence.
  5. “The YouTube movie was a non-event in Libya.”
  6. Democrats were uninterested in getting at most of the facts, but were very interested in destroying Mark Thompson.
  7. House hearings are a poor way to determine who did what and why during and after the attack.

Here’s my favorite one:

5. “The YouTube movie was a non-event in Libya.” Hicks directly testified that the YouTube movie, for which a man remains in jail, was not in any way relevant to the attack in Benghazi. Why Obama, Clinton, Rice et al blamed that movie for the attack remains an unanswered question. Hicks said that no American on the ground in Libya that night believed the movie was to blame. He also testified that there was no protest prior to the attack. When the attack began, he was in Tripoli. He texted Stevens, who was in Benghazi, to advise him of the riot in Cairo at the U.S. embassy. In that riot, jihadists had stormed the walls and replaced the American flag with the black flag of Islam. Stevens had not been aware of the Cairo situation at all, but shortly after Hnicks texted him about it, Stevens called and told Hicks that the Benghazi consulate was under attack. He never mentioned a protest.

Hicks also testified that blaming the movie had strongly adverse real-world effects. According to him, it humiliated Libya’s president, who had correctly stated that Benghazi was a terrorist attack. Blaming the movie, Hicks said, did “immeasurable damage” to our relations with Libya and delayed the FBI investigation. On Sept. 12, Ambassador Susan Rice told the first of her many untruths, claiming in an email that the FBI investigation into the attack was already underway. It would not actually get underway for 17 days after the attack, by which time the scene of the attack had been compromised and contaminated.

We still do not know who decided to change the original CIA talking points and blame the movie, but the finger is pointing directly at Hillary Clinton. She was briefed by Hicks during the attack, the movie was never mentioned, but in her first public statement on September 12, she blamed the movie. Her subordinate, Ambassador Susan Rice, also blamed the movie the following weekend. The fact that Obama himself blamed the movie repeatedly, though, strongly suggests that he took part in the decision as well.

The Obama administration just flat out lied, because they didn’t want the American people to know that their policies of appeasement and moral equivalence make us less safe. Democrats aren’t serious about national security and foreign policy. Their goal with national security, as with anything, is to feel good about themselves. And they do that by pretending that our actual enemies are our allies, and that America is to blame for any attacks against us. Benghazi is the direct result of this attitude of apologizing, disarming and bowing to dictators. Weakness invites aggression. Strength deters aggression. That’s the way the world works, like it or not.

The Weekly Standard has an excellent podcast summarizing the findings, as well.

UPDATE: Guy Benson lists twelve findings from the Benghazi hearings on Townhall.com.

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3 thoughts on “What we learned from the Benghazi whistle-blowers”

  1. This is unacceptable. This administration flat out lied and fabricated what really happened. As a result of Hillary’s inability and not wanting to see this as a terrorist attack, men died unnecessarily with no follow up aide. People need to get impeached and go to prison for these terrible selfish political decisions.


    1. The biggest disappointment for me is how the media generally doesn’t cover stories like Fast & Furious, Gosnell, the national debt, and Benghazi. If people knew about these facts, they would not be electing wicked leaders.


  2. Wintery Night, this goes back to my previous post, someone overruled the European Cdr (EUCOM) to send in C 1/10. When an Ambassador sends out a distress call there a a whole host of agencies that are alerted and certain actions are standard procedure. For instance the CIIF (C 1/10 being the closest one, each theater 4 star commander has one) gets ready to deploy to that embassy. All commanders in the area are conferenced called and coordination is taking place between the branches. Country clearance from the state dept is not needed in a case like this, rules of engagement have been met. The only thing left is the order to execute by the EUCOM cdr…and he was obviously overruled. This is the big question, who ordered it? One nagging feeling I have (call me pessimistic) is that all of this will go for nought, no one will be held accountable and the media and the American public could care less about this. We don’t hold anyone accountable for dereliction of duty anymore. All that seems to matter in todays public at large is “Gimme my stuff.”


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