China to end one-child policy that killed 336 million unborn children?

The UK Telegraph has bad news and good news.

First the bad news:

More than half a billion birth control procedures, including at least 336 million abortions, have been performed in the name of the one-child policy, China’s Health ministry revealed yesterday.

The figure illustrates the enormous impact that the one-child policy has had on China in the four decades since it began.

Official statistics showed that in addition to the terminations, Chinese doctors have sterilised 196 million men and women since 1971.

[…]There are more than 13 million abortions a year, or 1,500 an hour, in China, according to government researchers, who blame the high figure on a lack of sex education.

Fewer than ten per cent of sexually active couples regularly use condoms, according to the state-run Science and Technology Research Institute. By comparison, there are roughly 11 million abortions each year in India.

And now the good news:

China’s demographics have been dramatically skewed by strict family planning. Last year, the working age population shrank for the first time in 50 years, a serious threat in an economy built on a huge pool of cheap labour.

The incoming Chinese leadership has already moved to dismantle the Family Planning Commission, which has enforced the one-child policy, sometimes brutally.

[…]Wang Feng, a population expert and director of the Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy in Beijing, told the Wall Street Journal that the government had begun the process of bringing the policy to an end.

That’s incremental progress that I can support. But there are an awful lot of people who are going to face God on Judgment Day and have to answer for what they did. Not just the doctors, but the people who made the policies in the first place.

UPDATE: My friend Lydia is telling me to be skeptical of this report, because China has made similar statements before about this policy and nothing has changed.

10 thoughts on “China to end one-child policy that killed 336 million unborn children?”

  1. First, a question: It says “1971” in the first excerpted piece. Should that be “1981”?

    Second, the whole thing makes my stomach turn. We like to pat ourselves on the back and tell ourselves the pretty lies that we’re more humane, more advanced than the rubes who came before us – we wouldn’t enslave people, kill people, expose infants, or otherwise do things that future generations will look back on and go, “WTF were you thinking?”

    But China’s one-child policy belies that. Obviously, humanity is seriously screwed up and willing to put Gaia above the good of actual humans.

    It also irks me when people advance the non-falsifiable proposition that we can blame this all on lack of sex education. If only we had more sex ed, more access to condoms, people wouldn’t get accidentally pregnant. All of that is useless unless people understand that it’s sex, not unprotected sex, that causes pregnancy.


    1. Whenever sex education comes up, I ask people if they would support gun education in the schools, with practice trips to the firing range and gun safety courses. Would that make people more or less likely to use guns, if EVERYONE had to learn it? (Which would be fine with me) They know perfectly well what they are doing by telling kids about these things before they even know what they want to achieve.


      1. Sex ed used to tell kids not to do it and also dispelled myths (“You can’t get pregnant if you are standing up!”). It explained STDs, pregnancy, HIV, and other good reasons to avoid getting it on.

        These days, they are teaching kids to put condoms on bananas and how to pleasure each other. It’s revolting.


  2. Demographics is destiny.

    They have aborted themselves out of existence and the survivors of the womb are a generation of spoilt little emperors and empresses, the men with no chance of founding a family amidst the sheer lack of women and hypergamous sluts the surviving women have become.

    China’s workforce has peaked in youth, and will slowly circle the drain.

    Vox Day’s just reported on men going insane in India, but it seems like China’s exporting its population problem to west africa, only the africans have caught on and aren’t too happy about it.

    Sacrifice your children to Moloch and Tanit, to the Hobbesian Leviathian, and reap the whirlwind.

    I cannot wait for it to all come crashing down.


    1. Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! to what end [is] it for you? the day of the LORD [is] darkness, and not light.
      Amos 5:18
      My friend, the Day of the Lord will not be a pretty sight at all.


  3. The Chinese prefer males to females, so the larger number of infants who were disposed of pre or post birth are girl children as are the greater part of those adopted from China. That is bound to have a profound impact on the Chinese at some point as they are enforcing a population shift so far away from even that there will be millions of men without a woman to marry in the future.

    Also,the 336 million likely does not include the number of children (girls mostly) who were killed or abandoned post birth because they were not what the parents wanted. I did not witness this personally but I know those who have and I consider their testimony trustworthy.

    You know, my dad would have beat the tar out of me if I was in bed with a girl prior to marriage. He’s far larger than I am and probably was capable of doing so until my mid-20s. Even if I didn’t agree with him (and what teenage boy agrees with his dad on such things?) I steered clear so I wouldn’t incur punishment. Is it ideal? No, you want people to obey for the right reasons rather than fear. But the fear of consequences has to be real for when you don’t want to do the right thing.


    1. I don’t need any beatings to stay out of bed with girls. Sex makes no sense to me unless there is a commitment from both sides to stick together and work as a team. What does sex before marriage even mean? I have no idea why anyone would think that was morally permissible. For what purpose?


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