Mike Licona lectures on new insights into the resurrection of Jesus

This lecture is from March 15, 2012, but it was only posted last November. I haven’t seen anyone else blog it. It’s a quick overview of his latest BIG BOOK on the resurrection.

60 minutes of lecture, 20 minutes of Q&A.


  • Dr. Licona’s background and education
  • The definition of history and philosophy of history
  • Postmodern approaches to history
  • Historical bedrock: facts that are historically demonstrable
  • Historical criterion 1: Explanatory scope
  • Historical criterion 2: Explanatory power
  • Historical criterion 3: Plausibility
  • Historical criterion 4: Ad Hoc / Speculation / non-evidenced assumptions
  • Inference to the best explanation
  • Investigating miracle claims: is it possible? How?
  • Objection of James D.G. Dunn
  • Objection of Bart Ehrman
  • New Testament sources: Gospels and Paul’s letters
  • The Gnostic gospels: are they good sources?
  • The minimal facts
  • The hallucination hypothesis
  • The best explanation

While watching this lecture, it struck what good preparation it was for understanding debates. And I have a new Mike Licona debate to post next week, too.

If you’re interested in Mike’s minimal facts case for the resurrection, here’s a video on that:

Lee Strobel and Mike discuss the minimal facts approach to the resurrection, as well as the views of skeptical scholar Bart Ehrman, whom Mike has debated several times.

You can donate to Mike Licona’s ministry here: Risen Jesus. I do recommend his ministry.

If you are looking for a good book to read on this topic, the best introductory book on the resurrection is “The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus” and the best comprehensive book is “The Resurrection of Jesus“.

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