Kindle edition of “Is God Just a Human Invention?” on sale for $2.99

Is God Just A Human Invention?
Is God Just A Human Invention?

Here’s the link to the Kindle edition of the book. I consider this book to be my favorite introduction to Christian apologetics. I give this book to everyone and one of my friends even started teaching it to a group of women in her church.

The thorough, chapter-by-chapter review of the book is here at Apologetics 315. The book is also a former read-along selection by Apologetics 315.


One of the brashest challenges that religious truth has experienced over the past several decades is the remarkable rise of the pugnacious New Atheists. Sean McDowell and Jonathan Marrow, new generation Christian apologists, have undertaken the task of contesting this anti-theistic upsurge. And in Is God Just a Human Invention? And Seventeen Other Questions Raised by the New Atheists the authors have pulled together a wide range of research that powerfully critiques the arguments from the combative non-theists.

[…]The authors deal with the scientific and philosophical challenges to Christian theism in a reasoned and respectful manner.

[…]Is God Just a Human Invention? is loaded with exceptional quotes from Christian and non-Christian thinkers. Additionally, the book furnishes very short essays at the back of each chapter from various erudite Christian scholars that augment the thesis of what was advanced by the authors.

This volume combines simplicity and applicability without forfeiting precision. The authors lead the reader into the full girth of the many contemporary discussions concerning the defense of Christianity. They offer several of the leading arguments for Christian theism while toppling some of the most belligerent of the objections promoted by the New Atheists. They have written, with abundant care, to attain a thoroughness that is not often established in popular books. The wisdom and excellence with which each chapter is written makes this a crucial volume for the budding apologist’s library.

Here are the 18 topics, and after each topic a Christian scholar discusses the relevance of each topic.

  1. Is Faith Irrational? (Commentary by: Gregory Koukl)
  2. Are Science and Christianity at Odds? (Commentary by: John Warwick Montgomery)
  3. Are Miracles Possible? (Commentary by: Gary R. Habermas)
  4. Is Darwinian Evolution the Only Game in Town? (Commentary by: William A. Dembski)
  5. How Did the Universe Begin? (Commentary by: R. Douglas Geivett)
  6. How Did Life Begin? (Commentary by: Fazale R. Rana)
  7. Why Is the Universe Just Right for Life? (Commentary by: Jay W. Richards)
  8. Has Science Shown There Is No Soul? (Commentary by: Dale Fincher and Jonalyn Fincher)
  9. Is God Just a Human Invention? (Commentary by: Garry DeWeese)
  10. Is Religion Dangerous? (Commentary by: Douglas Groothuis)
  11. Does God Intend for Us to Keep Slaves? (Commentary by: Paul Copan)
  12. Is Hell a Divine Torture Chamber? (Commentary by: Frank Turek)
  13. Is God a Genocidal Bully? (Commentary by: Clay Jones)
  14. Is Christianity the Cause of Dangerous Sexual Repression? (Commentary by: Kerby Anderson)
  15. Can People Be Good Without God? (Commentary by: Mark D. Linville)
  16. Is Evil Only a Problem for Christians? (Commentary by: Randy Alcorn)
  17. What Good Is Christianity? (Commentary by: Glenn S. Sunshine)
  18. Why Jesus Instead of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? (Commentary by: Darrell L. Bock)

If you’re looking for a good book on Christian apologetics for beginners, this is a great choice. My Dad read it and he liked it, and he’s not an expert in apologetics.

4 thoughts on “Kindle edition of “Is God Just a Human Invention?” on sale for $2.99”

  1. don’t have no kindle nor none such. So, would this work on another besides kindle? And if i downloaded it now would i be able to save it on my Mac, or have to download it to a Kindle? And ifn i wantd to give it as gifts, could i, and would it have to be downloaded to their kindle? – i’m Jos Axin

  2. I would love to hear this if it was on audio. I listen to great stuff (Apologetics 315 interviews, debates, Wm. Lane Craig’s podcast, etc.) when I travel and work in my woodshop.

    Any chance of this making it to an audio format?

    The book looks wonderful.


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